• Provo Craft & Novelty/ yudu Yudu Toddler/Baby Platen

    The Toddler/Baby platen snugly fits onto the Yudu machine. By holding smaller clothing in place for better printing and more accurate registration, you can do multicolored designs without worry. This durable platen is designed to easily fit baby apparel and pet items as well as other small clothing. Use the Yudu Personal Screen Printer to unsilence yourself with apparel, home decor, art prints, posters, cards, schoolwork, and more.

    • Color: Black/White
    • Brand: Provo Craft & Novelty/ yudu
    • ASIN: B00314KKI4
    • UPC: 093573350467

  • Merchmakr HotSwap Ready Screen Printing Screen 110 Mesh 17"x17"

    Merchmakr HotSwap-ready screens use professional grade aluminum frames and high-tension nylon screen mesh to ensure the best quality prints. Each screen is equipped with a HotSwap tab ready-for use with the Merchmakr All-in-One Screen Printing Shop. The biggest image you can comfortably print is 12" x 12". WHEN SHOULD I USE THIS MESH? Artwork: No lines thinner than 1 point (or about the thickness of a pencil lead). Gradations not recommended unless using a very large-dot halftone pattern. Great for large fields of ink. Inks: Great choice for many white ink prints. Thick, tough to print inks can be used a little easier through 110 mesh. Used For: White ink on dark fabrics.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Merchmakr
    • ASIN: B00WIFW8EG
    • UPC: 639767478816

  • Yudu Registration Panels, 2 Pack

    The Yudu screen-printing system is the easiest, cleanest way to let everyone know who you are—and how you see the world. These transparent registration panels fit the Yudu machine for simple, yet precise registration. The printed grid makes lining up multiple screens for multicolored designs a snap. The registration panel also helps protect the light table from scratches, ink, and tape residue. Use the Yudu Personal Screen Printer to unsilence yourself with apparel, home decor, art prints, posters, cards, schoolwork, and more.

    • Brand: yudu
    • ASIN: B0025T3GYQ
    • UPC: 093573350375

  • Yudu Personal Screen Printer

    The Yudu screen-printing system is the easiest, cleanest way to let everyone know who you are—and how you see the world. Don’t settle for what everyone else is wearing or spend hours futilely trying to find a t-shirt that expresses the real you. With access to a computer and an ink-jet printer, you’ll be able to create and print your own designs not only for t-shirts or other apparel, but also for home décor, art prints, posters, cards, schoolwork, and much more. With this revolutionary personal screen printer, you can let your voice be heard today, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Unsilence yourself today with the Yudu Personal Screen Printer. Includes printing machine, mesh screen, emulsion sheet, squeegee, adult t-shirt platen, platen adhesive sheet, blank ink-jet transparency, and 2-ounce bottle of black ink. Features easy-to-use control panel that operates printer's light, exposure, and fan operations. Kit provides instructional DVD and user manual. Ideal for use on cotton and poly-cotton blends. Unplug printer before wiping clean with damp rag, or when not in use. Measures 32 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 11 inches high.

    • Color: White, Blue
    • Brand: Provo Craft & Novelty/ yudu
    • ASIN: B0025T6V5C
    • UPC: 093573790003

  • Get Going with the Yudu (Includes Hack the Yudu Screen Liquid Emulsion kit [emulsion, scoop coater, emulsion remover, tutorial], 11" Professional Squeegee, 5 Pints of Ink, Transparencies)

    If you have the Yudu basic package, you know it comes with a very sparse amount of supplies: a couple of emulsion sheets, a transparency, and 2 oz of black ink. Our Get Going with the Yudu Package sets you up for T-shirt production with lots of new materials!

    • Brand: diyTeeShirts
    • ASIN: B004YWNB9M
    • UPC: 609728620967

  • Yudu CardShop Personal Card Screen-Printer

    Screen-print your own cards, invitations, stationery, gift tags, and more in just minutes with the Yudu CardShop Personal Card Screen-Printer. This portable machine makes it fun and easy to screen-print your own creations using beautiful, elegant designs and patterns. The Yudu CardShop machine comes with everything you need to finish your first project, including a pre-burned screen, squeegee, adhesive mat, black ink, three-color ink pad, dabber pencil, and quick start guide. Creating beautiful, handmade cards is easier than ever with the Yudu CardShop machine.

    • Color: Blue/White
    • Brand: yudu
    • ASIN: B004S7EYB2
    • UPC: 798804764708

  • diyTeeShirts Hack The Yudu Screen Liquid Emulsion Kit

    If you're tired of spending $10 to make a Yudu screen, this is for you. If you're tired of spending $10 to screw up a Yudu screen, this is really for you. Coating your screen with liquid emulsion is easy and costs less than $1 per screen. Once you've coated your screen with liquid emulsion, you just treat it the same way you would if you used the Yudu emulsion sheets. Burn the screen for the same amount of time. Dry the screen in the Yudu screen rack. The emulsion uses the very same emulsion remover too, and the kit includes enough concentrate to mix a whole gallon of emulsion remover. The diyTeeShirts Hack the Yudu screen kit includes 1 quantity of graphic dual-cure emulsion (coats 50 screens, and is good for use with water based and plastisol inks.), 1 scoop coater sized just right for applying the emulsion to the screen. Yudu screens not included.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: diyTeeShirts
    • ASIN: B004DAV2UA
    • UPC: 609728620936

  • Yudu 3 Ounce Ink, Silver

    Yudu inks are water based, nontoxic, and easy to clean up, so you can spend your time creating, not cleaning. They are perfect for apparel and other fabric items and offer excellent coverage for opaque images. Apparel with Yudu inks can be washed once the inks have been properly heat set, and the inks are long lasting. With over twenty colors to choose from, you can pick the perfect color for your project.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: yudu
    • ASIN: B0025TAWT8
    • UPC: 093573350214

  • Emulsion Sheets - 2 Pack - 11"x14" DIY Yudu Style Screen Printing - 30 Microns

    2 Pack of 11"x14" emulsion sheets for screen printing. Works with Yudu machines and other screen printing applications. Replaces liquid emulsion.

    • Brand: CUSTOM
    • ASIN: B01MSAKDX3