• The X-mas Files: True Tales of Claus Encounters, Elf Help, Angelic Interventions, and Holiday Spirits

    Everyone says that Christmas is a magic time, but could there be more to that saying than just a clever platitude for holiday greeting cards?The X-mas Files vows to find out if the truth really is out there. The book is a complete compendium of real Santa Claus sightings, holiday ghost stories, angel and magical creature encounters, and real Christmas miracles.From spotting Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve to receiving visits from ghosts during the holidays, from miraculous healings to angelic interventions, the witnesses in this book provide evidence and testimony that there really is something magical about Christmas.The book is divided into five sections. The first three cover Claus Encounters of the First, Second, and Third kinds. Claus encounters of the First Kind are cases that feature witnesses who have seen flying objects during Christmas. Second and third kinds are more up close and personal encounters with the Man in Red.Next, we'll hear tales about spirits and ghosts that haunt our houses, mansions, and castles during this festive time of year. Angels, we'll also discover, aren't just hanging out at the top branch of the Christmas tree, they are all around us during the holidays. Then, we'll be amazed by accounts of Christmas miracles and cases of holiday healings.Each...


  • The Xmas Files: Facts Behind the Myths and Magic of Christmas

    This is a treasure chest full of fascinating facts surrounding the myths and magic of Christmas. The traditional nativity story we all know and love conjures up images of the inn, the stable, shepherds and the three wise men. But there is more to the history of Christmas than most people are aware. Here, Patrick Harding delves deep into the background of the Christmas rituals we now take for granted: sending cards, singing carols, eating turkey - and of course the arrival of Santa Claus. This is a festive read for those who want to know more about our traditions and those intrigued by folklore and history.

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  • Homoerotic Christmas Color Therapy: A Gay Coloring Book Full Of Hunks, Men In Uniform, Bears, Twinks, Muscle Daddys And Other Beautiful Men In ... Bear, Hunk: Color Therapy and Coloring Books)

    Welcome to this Color Therapy book, by Colorful Coloring Books. Each page is filled with a unique piece of art based around homoerotic images of sexy men. Have you had a hard day at work and just want to unwind by coloring some hunks? Do you have anxiety or depression and need help relaxing? Are you attracted to bears, twinks, muscle daddys, pretty boys or other attractive men? If that is the case, this Color Therapy book is ideal for you! This Color Therapy book will allow you to take out your daily and sexual frustrations by coloring in 20 images of beautiful men. We hope you enjoy yourself coloring and feel the burdens of stress ebb away! This coloring book is the perfect stocking filler or secret Santa gift! The images are safe for work which also makes it perfect for the office Christmas party! "Homoerotic Christmas Color Therapy: A Gay Coloring Book Full Of Hunks, Men In Uniform, Bears, Twinks, Muscle Daddys And Other Beautiful Men In Christmas Hats," by Colorful Coloring Books. Product Details: - Printed single-sided on bright white paper - Premium glossy cover finish - Soothing seamless patterns on reverse pages - Perfect for all coloring mediums - High quality 60 pound paper stock - Large format 8.5" wide x 11.0" tall pages - Anti Stress - Anti Anxiety - Ant...

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  • The Xmas Files: The Philosophy of Christmas

    As we stuff ourselves with plumped-up turkeys, unwrap the latest useless gadget, and gather round the family tree, what real relevance does the festive season have and why do we perpetuate it? The Xmas Files is designed to be a fun book, but one underpinned by an exploration of some real issues. The way we celebrate Christmas says a lot about the way we relate to each other, our society, and our values. Stephen Law takes a look at such things as Bertrand Russell's turkey, the existential angst of Santa, and peace on earth to produce a humourous, varied, and thought-provoking collection.

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  • Lethbridge-Stewart: The Xmas Files

    A collection of festive short adventures from the Lethbridge-Stewart files. Based on the original fiction series from Candy Jar Books.

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  • The Xmas Files: The Truth Is over There on the Shelf (No, No, Next to the Bowling Trophy)

    Christmas comes but once a year, and no one knows that better than Agents Muddled and Sullen, as they investigate the phenomenon known only as "Christmas Spirit." What mysterious force compels otherwise rational adults to wrap objects in strange-looking paper? Join Muddled and Sullen on their quest into the unknown and the shopping malls, a quest for the truth that lies hidden in the X-Mas Files.

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  • The Xmas Files: The Philosophy of Christmas

    A philosophical but fun look at the meanings of Christmas myths and rituals, from carving the turkey to why Santa wears red.Picture the scene: Aunt Gertrude has just given you the most appalling Christmas tie, complete with snow-flecked kittens in a bowler hat. Do you smile, nod, and confine it to the bottom drawer? Or do you tell the truth and spare yourself future ties from hell? Kant would say that we must, at all costs, tell the truth - whilst Mill would insist that we should think of the consequences. THE XMAS FILES is a philosophical meander though the myths and rituals of Christmas today, asking such important questions as does Santa exist? What's wrong with Christmas kitsch? Is it all just a commercial racket? What was Augustine's attitude to 'peace on earth'? And what would David Hume have to say about the virgin birth? For underneath all the festive fun, the way we celebrate Christmas does raise serious questions about the beliefs that sustain us, and the ways in which we still value ritual and tradition as a means of coming together.

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  • The Xmas Files

    Book by Winder, Nicky

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