• Complete Whole Body Vibration Training Charts , 60 Exercises PLUS 3 Month Personal Vibration Training Programme tailored for YOU . Vibration Training for Strength , Tone, Stretch and Massage.

    How to receive your FREE 3 Month Personal Vibration Training Program : With the receipt of your charts you will also be receiving instructions on how to get in touch with us in order to receive your Free 3 Month Personal Vibration Training Program. We have a team of training experts waiting to help you get started and take the guess work out vibration training. Before designing your program we will try and make sure we have a thorough understanding of your current activity level, physical condition and personal health and fitness goals. When will you receive your charts : Our delivery time is usually between 8- 10 working days. What you can expect from the training charts : 2 superb quality, A2 convenient wall charts . Exercises will take you from a beginner to an advanced training level. A NEW INSERT with Training Recommendations for your vibration trainer/ whole body vibration plate will help you to understand how to choose the best HZ and Sec settings for your needs. Complete program contains 60specific exercises for strength, stretching and relaxing massage to help see fast results with your whole body vibration training platform. All exercises are illustrated with clear, concise instructions. All you need to progress and keep your training exciting. Simply place the wall cha...

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  • Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health

    In Whole Body Vibration, natural-health practitioner Becky Chambers gives us a comprehensive guide to WBV, including the effect of vibration on muscles, the myriad benefits of WBV, and a guide to WBV machines. See machines Becky recommends by searching Amazon for Becky Chambers Vibration Machines WBV boosts energy, mood, sleep, and libido, all while increasing muscle strength, bone density, balance, and flexibility. It helps you lose weight and offers dramatic physical therapy for many joint and mobility issues. With her engaging and accessible style, Chambers presents a well-documented book that includes additional resources for the reader. Whole Body Vibration provides the answers you have been seeking to achieve wellness on every level. Becky Chambers is a naturopath, teacher, author, and the president and owner of Vibrant Health where she specializing in the breakthrough body, mind and energy therapy of Whole Body Vibration. Vibrant Health is also now offering a Whole Body Vibration poster through Amazon and on her website, BCVibrantHealth.com. See on Amazon by searching for Vibrant Health Whole Body Vibration poster. Chambers latest book, Homeopathy Plus Whole Body Vibration, explores the powerful mind-body effects of whole body vibration, and the synergy of healing that res...

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  • iDeer Vibration Platform Fitness Vibration Plates, Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine w/Remote Control &Resistance Bands, Anti-Slip Fit Massage Workout Trainer Max User Weight 330lbs (Silver 09009)

    With today's busy life, it's difficult to find time to do exercise we need or spend expensive fee to be a gym member . . Built in powerful vibrating motor, ensure this Vibration Plate enable to make high frequency vibration which creates a stretch reflex within the body and the effects of exercise without the exertion of conventional exercises. This Vibration Machine Fitness Vibration Plates make it easy and economic for you do effective exercise, whole body fitness massage and burn some extra calories while watching television, reading a book at home or working at the office, etc. What's the benefits of do exercise with iDeer Whole Body Shaking Vibration Platform ? Burn calories ,cellulite reduction Muscle strength and building Improve your body health Promoting blood circulation and metabolism Economic ,saving money on gym or fit club Feature Powerful and Effective. Only use 10 to 15 minutes a day, allow you to exercise and massage your whole body, build up good body shape and improve your health Multiple Exercise Modes. Offering variety of exercise modes to satisfy you different need ,the speed levels range from 1-150 ,allow you to try different vibration exercises or combine the vibration exercise with normal workout, sit-up, push-up, yoga ,etc. High Stability. Equipped w...

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  • Whole Body Vibration. Professional vibration training with 250 Exercises.: Optimal training results for healing back pain, skin tightening, cellulite treatment, body shaping…

    In the English Version of this Ebook there are translation errors.Until we are making the new translation You have the advantage of this "Special reduced Price" for this excellent Book.Vibration Training the Professional Course has been written from the experiences gained by one of Germany's leading exponents of vibration training, who has successfully used it not just for his own recovery from injury, but also from the many students who train regularly in his studio. Use this book to enhance training for muscle building, body toning, skin tightening, strengthening bones, back pain, cellulite, stretch marks and much more.This professional course is intended for everybody regardless of sex and age, who wish to achieve peak physical and mental performance in the shortest time and with low training costs.The course includes both theoretical and practical applications; with over 250 vibration exercises clearly demonstrated (including pictures and instructions) and is therefore suitable for normal users as well as therapists and sport trainers.Since each exercise is clearly demonstrated and explained, this book will become an indispensable guide.All 250 VIBRATION EXERCISES are demonstrated with PHOTOS and clear instructions. The chosen exercises have been developed carefully by the au...

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  • LifePro Power Plate Exercise Machine - Whole Body Workout Vibration Fitness Platform w/Loop Bands - Home Training Equipment for Weight Loss & Toning - Remote, Balance Board Straps, Videos & Manual

    The Story of LifeProJoel and I are athletes that suffered from severe ACL injuries a few months apart. We purchased multiple pieces of exercise equipment for our in-home rehab but were left disappointed and frustrated by all that fitness gear that made big promises but gave no support, no well-thought-out plan to follow, and no results. And that's how LifePro was created - to change all of that.Getting fit and staying fit can seem overwhelming and disappointing without the right gear, guidance, and support needed. LifePro provides a system that works for you so you won't ever feel alone in your fitness journey ever again.With every purchase, you'll gain access to free online workout videos that offer instructions, support, and ideas from professional coaches at LifePro - who are here to help keep your workouts fun and effective, so you can take control and make that change in your life.Included in Bundle Vibration Platform comes with a range of options to customize and optimize every workout! (capacity of 330 lbs) 4 x Resistance Loops (Length - 10" Width - 2") (Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy Resistance) 2 x Yoga Straps Remote Console Usage & Benefits Sports and Fitness Training Health and Weight Loss Physical therapy & Injury rehabilitation Post Pregnancy Work Out for Women...

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  • Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine, Black

    The latest design from Confidence Fitness is the new Vibration Plate. This compact machine is the answer to low impact, easy exercise with fast results in your own home. With a user friendly display console and simple to navigate menu, will make even the most inexperienced gym goers comfortable in training immediately. The Vibration Plate enhances even the most casual of activities and maximises the potential of your normal fitness regime. Whether your aim is to reduce weight improving your fitness and flexibility, or build up your muscles the power plate trainer plus will help you reach your goals. Sitting, standing or even lying on the vibration plate while doing simple weight-bearing exercises allows the vibration to stimulate and amplify the exercise. The vibration plate creates a high frequency vibration which causes a stretch reflex within the body. This means that the muscles contract involuntarily so creating the effects of exercise without the exertion of conventional exercises. The Vibration Plate is fitted with yoga straps to enhance its potential for improving the upper body and arms. Extending the straps in different positions works different muscle groups, pulling against the resistance of the straps further the muscle fibres for growth and toning. Just 10 minutes o...

    • Color: Black
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  • Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine | Exercise Equipment For Home | Vibration Plate | Balance Your Weight Workout Equipment Includes, Remote Control & Balance Straps Included (HURVBTR30)

    The Hurtle Vibrating Fitness Platform provides you with a new and exciting way to train! Take your fitness to the next level with vibration-assisted workouts that target your entire body. The revolutionary design allows you to tone your abs, thighs, buttocks, calves and more -- you will have the ability to focus on more areas of your body while incorporating a wide-range of different workouts! Next-generation dynamic oscillating motion technology uses high-powered vibrations that do the hard work and help you feel the burn. The system is easy to operate and simply requires you to step on! Incorporate upper body, lower body and core workouts which also aid in reducing the appearance of cellulite and improve metabolic rates. It's perfect for athletes and sports training, or anyone looking to accelerate weight loss and burn fat. Improve muscle strength, flexibility and circulation with the Hurtle Vibrating Exercise & Fitness Platform.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Hurtle
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  • Whole Body Vibration And Your Health - MOVE TO LIVE

    "Just because you're not sick does not mean you're healthy" - The benefits of Vibration Technology are incredible. Almost any ailment you can think of may be improved by Vibration Technology in some way. This is because movement and exercise benefit almost every health issue in one way or another.

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  • VT High Frequency Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine, Deep Tissue Vibration 15-40 Hz, Fitness and Therapy, Model VT003F

    VT003F VIBRATION MECHANISM The vibration is created by a PMDC motor that drives three pairs of eccentric wheels attached on the motor shaft. The motor and eccentric wheel assembly is mounted beneath the upper platform, which is supported by four strong springs that are installed on the lower platform. The eccentric wheels rotation causes circular displacement of the upper platform. The movement is regulated by the supporting springs to create desired linear vibration. A programmable logic controller commends motor rotation speed and the number of eccentric wheel engaged. Vibration frequency is decided by the motor speed. The amplitude is decided by the number of eccentric wheels engaged. MANUAL CONTROL and PROGRAMMED PLAYS - Manual Control Mode Vibration frequency can be adjusted from 15Hz to 40Hz in 20 levels. Vibration amplitude can be switched between LOW and HIGH. At LOW mode, one pair of eccentric wheels is engaged. At HIGH mode, three pairs eccentric wheel are engaged. Machine running session time can be selected from 1 to 20 minutes. The default session time is 10 minutes. - Programmed Plays Programmed Plays are 10 minute running sessions of gradual increase and decrease of frequency, combined with amplitude switch. Three Programmed Plays are designed for different pur...

    • Brand: Vibration Therapeutic
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