• VocoPro Mobileman 2 Battery Powered P.A. System with Subwoofer

    Vocopro Mobile Man 2 

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: VocoPro
    • ASIN: B007OWPLSS
    • UPC: 692868872822

  • Vocopro Mobile Man 1 Battery Powered Portable PA Audio System And Subwoofer High Powered Amplifier For Big Sounds Even Outdoors, With Wireless Microphone,SD Card Recorder, Battery Powered For Portability, And Multiple Inputs

    Most portable P.A. systems out there are good for only one thing: speech. But when in comes to handling music, they drop the ball. This is because they are seriously lacking in the bass department. We solved this problem by adding a subwoofer. In fact, the MOBILEMAN is the world?s first battery-powered, portable P.A. system with a subwoofer. Because it is a VocoPro, singers will appreciate the on-board DSP effects that are designed especially for singing. Whether your next event is a school auditorium, coffee shop, or hotel ball room, take along a MOBILEMAN and get the job done right! Features: High-power amplifier for big sound, even outdoors Includes One Wireless Microphone And Wireless Module Includes SD Card Recorder Take anywhere with the portable battery-powered design Enjoy full-range tone and low-end punch with the subwoofer DSP effects designed especially for singing and spoken word Phantom power support for condenser microphones Wide array of inputs/outputs for microphones, MP3 players, and recorders Main unit can be daisy chained to other MOBILEMANs for even bigger sound One Included Subwoofer with every MOBILEMAN Weight: HEAD 22 lbs Weight: SUB 20 lbs

    • Brand: VOCOPRO
    • ASIN: B00IB48JGY
    • UPC: 823951102094

  • VocoPro 600W Vocal Speaker w/ 15 Sub Woofer & Stands

    The SSP-600 Vocal Speaker & Subwoofer Kit from VocoPro includes a pair of SV-600 2-Way Vocal Speaker, one SUB-1500 15 200W Powered Subwoofer, two SS-88 Speaker Stands, and two BNB-30 Banana-to-Banana Cables. The SV-600 2-Way Vocal Speaker features a 12" woofer with high temperature and dual 3" cone midrange drivers that together offer enhanced fidelity. The SUB-1500 Powered Subwoofer ensures solid karaoke and club arena performances and its small footprint design and recessed side-handles makes placement and relocation convenient. The SS-88 Speaker Stand features tripod spreading legs that allow you to get the height you need for your 15 speaker while still being stable. The mounting pole has two sizes on either end for compatibility with most speakers. The BNB-30 Banana-to-Banana Speaker Cable is 30 long. If you are a vocalist using standard speakers, try these out and see what's been missing from your sound. Features: Warranty: 1 year Shipped insured Brand new

    • Brand: VocoPro
    • ASIN: B01BLWKG4U
    • UPC: 823951102902

  • VocoPro MOBILEMANSUB Battery Powered Subwoofer

    VocoPro's MOBILEMAN two piece system is unique because of its battery powered subwoofer, which provides rich deep bass. We decided to make the subwoofer available separately so that users can add what is probably lacking from their existing PA systems; a rich deep bass sound.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: VocoPro
    • ASIN: B00CEQ68DG
    • UPC: 692868872808

  • VocoPro SSP600 600W 15-Inch Vocal Speaker with 15-Inch Subwoofer

    Package Includes:. 1(pair) SV-600 3-Way Vocal Speakers. 1 SUB-1500 15" 200W Powered Sub Woofer. 2 SS-88 Speaker Stands. 2 BNB-30 Thirty Foot “Banana" to “Banana" Cables. Shipping Weight: 163 lbs (3 boxes)

    • Brand: VocoPro
    • ASIN: B003XTOBBO
    • UPC: 692868854699

  • VocoPro STAGEMANBASIC -Channel Monitor Speaker & Subwoofer Part

    200W 3-Channel Active Vocal Monitor with DSP Effects and SD Recorder/without wireless microphones. The Stage-Man is a heavy duty 200W powered wedge monitor that can double time as a practice amp at home. We were able to achieve this by placing a heavy duty 200W amplifier and matched full-range speakers into the smallest wedge possible. When the show is over, the wedge fits perfectly in the practice room at home where it will help you fine-tune your craft. Singers will love the DSP effects that are designed especially for vocals, including reverb and hiss filtering.

    • Brand: VocoPro
    • ASIN: B00CEQ66MO
    • UPC: 692868227479

  • VocoPro MOBILEMAN-BT PA System with Subwoofer & Bluetooth Battery Powered

    Vocopro Mobileman BT Battery Powered Portable PA Speaker System With Subwoofer, High Powered Amplifier, and Bluetooth For Big Sound and Wireless Music Streaming

    • Brand: VOCOPRO
    • ASIN: B00OS9JTH4
    • UPC: 793936916049

  • VocoPro Battery-Powered PA System w/ Sub & Bluetooth

    Playing a venue that has no power outlets?... No Problem!! The MOBILEMAN BT Battery-Powered PA System from VocoPro is a portable PA system with a subwoofer and a BT-1 Bluetooth receiver module to play music wirelessly from Bluetooth compatible devices. It offers on-board DSP effects that are designed specifically for singing, and a convenient battery-powered option. The system features a side-mounted locking mechanism that safely secures the two units during use and transport, and top-mounted handles for lifting and carrying. The MOBILEMAN BT includes a subwoofer, a Bluetooth module, two power cables, a 1/4" subwoofer cable, and a 1GB SD Card. The battery has a run time of about 4 hours. Features: Wide array of inputs/outputs for microphones, MP3 players, laptops, and recorders Power, low-battery, and charge LED indicators Main unit can be daisy chained to additional Mobileman main units for bigger sound Side-mounted locking mechanism safely secures the two units during use and transport External Bluetooth antenna combats cut-outs and provides superior signal reception Bluetooth 92dB dynamic range and 16-bit resolution maintain CD quality sound Bluetooth 4:1 compression for superior rendering of lossless audio files such as FLAC, Apple Lossless, or PCM Head Dim: 14.0 x 11.0 x 1...

    • Brand: VocoPro
    • ASIN: B01BCUO4MQ
    • UPC: 823951102087

  • Vocopro Digital-1 900MHZ Wireless Rechargable Karaoke Microphone Mic System

    VocoPro is introducing the Digital-1, a fully digital wireless microphone system. With all the comparable features of a top name brand, this digital microphone system is at an unheard of price point.  The Digital-1 is an entirely digital wireless microphone system that utilizes mic-on-chip technology to package the audio for transmission, which produces crystal clear sound while delivering extreme value. It operates in the future-proof 900 MHz frequency band which is far outside the TV broadcast station and is the primary cause for wireless microphone interference. Unlike most of the digital wireless microphone sets on the market using the 2.4GHz band, the 900MHz provides superior range and does not conflict with Wi-Fi networks. The Digital-1 receiver has a high-resolution color LCD display showing crucial information such as radio and audio signal strength, group & channel, and even microphone battery status so the operator can monitor the battery right from the receiver; this feature is normally included on systems that cost hundreds of dollars more. A built-in frequency spectrum analyzer with a graphic readout will provide an idea of the RF environment you?re performing at, allowing you avoid any potential problems when setting the frequency. Its dual diversity antenna will...

    • Brand: VocoPro
    • ASIN: B07BTKW7FJ
    • UPC: 613815850960