• Victoria Bitter - Stories from an Australian Winter

    Beer as chief nourishment and replacment currency, lentil soup spread on bread, and an English that is still incomprehensible after four months. The reality of life in the Australian Outback surpassed all clichés. Berliner Alex Tannen worked for four months in a construction company in the Bush, with affectionate, crude, one-of-a-kind builders, whose chief activity after dark is drinking. Alcohol is the recurring theme in these stories about his maverick colleagues and their day-to-day life on the geographical fringes of Australian society. Tannen landed in Australia in June... and was in for a surprise. It is a myth, sustained by shrewd marketing, that it is always hot Down Under. He didn't freeze, but only thanks to an improvised stove made from the drum of a washing machine. A field study of Australia's white natives, the Bushies, in 15 chapters.

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    • ASIN: 1492866482

  • WuLion Snowflakes Come From Bitter Cold Men's Classic Silk Wide Tie Necktie (8 CM)

    WuLion Snowflakes Come From Bitter Cold Men's Classic Silk Wide Tie Necktie (8 CM), Can Be Used For Formal Or Casual Events Or Spruce Up Your Every Day, Fashion Look For Casual Or Office Activities!

    • Color: White
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  • A Darker Road (Tales of the Automazombs) (Volume 2)

    Tales of the Automazombs: A Darker Road is a collection of short stories, set in a steampunk world. Each story gives a glimpse of the larger world and the dread monsters created in a desperate attempt to save it. ----- The Inventors Guild and the Teraltian Government have declared victory over the terrible plague that spread across the lands. The countries of Shunnira, Aadobur, and Teraltis were all affected by the illness, but are — purportedly — now being cleansed. The Guild’s fearsome creatures lumber through quarantined cities, reclaiming the plagued lands for the living. Still, the people of Eyso remain wary. Dark rumors follow in the wake of these metal men. It is said that those who stray too close to the Automazombs are rarely seen again. Leaflets flutter down from airships across the continent. They urge calm, but many see the message as a warning: the Automazombs are coming. Wise travelers keep their distance from the wandering monsters. Then there are the brave, if foolish, few who confront what others fear. The Tales of the Automazombs continue in A Darker Road.

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  • BH Cool Designs got Rhubarb? - Men's V Neck Graphic Tee, Red, Small

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    • Color: Red
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  • QQYONG Victoria Bitter Logo Mens DIY Crew Neck Tee Black

    • Color: Medium,black
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  • The Bitter Tea of General Yen: Vintage Movie Classics

    The groundbreaking novel that was the basis for Frank Capra’s strange, shocking drama starring Barbara Stanwyck and Nils Asther.   Traveling to Shanghai to marry her medical missionary fiancé, the beautiful Megan Davis finds herself caught in the toils of civil war between Republican and Communist forces. Determined to save the inhabitants of an orphanage in a Communist-occupied city nearby, Megan joins a nighttime rescue mission that ends up under attack by a mob. She avoids death only thanks to the intervention of General Yen, who brings her to his palace, where they come to form an unlikely trust and companionship in one another. As the political climate sours and violence outside the palace walls escalates, the motives behind various associates of the General are called into suspicion, leading to an unexpected and irreparable betrayal.   Originally published in 1930, this absorbing novel of war-torn China was adapted into a film in 1933. With a new foreword by Victoria Wilson.Vintage Movie Classics spotlights classic films that have stood the test of time, now rediscovered through the publication of the novels on which they were based.

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  • BH Cool Designs #Rhubarb - Cute Women's Graphic Tee, Aqua, XX-Large

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    • Color: Aqua
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  • A Desperate Plan (Tales of the Automazombs Book 1)

    Can a desperate plan stop an unkillable plague?Tales of the Automazombs is a collection of novelettes and short stories set in a steampunk world. In A Desperate Plan, plague casts a dire shadow across the continent. The terrible disease preserves its victims even after death. Every attempt to cure or neutralize the plague only spreads it further. Only the Inventors Guild has a plan to destroy the sickness - with science. They will graft mechanical enhancements onto the recently deceased and use these Automazombs to cleanse the land of infected bodies.Desperate citizens do what they must to pick up the pieces of uprooted lives. A brave few search for solutions, while others seek to use this ghastly situation for personal gain. How long can the people of Eysan survive the horrors of the plague, the Automazombs, and one another?

    • ASIN: B075QP846L