• Back Massage Cushion, ELEPAWL Shiatsu Massage Chair Seat Cushion with Heat and Vibration, Deep Kneading Rolling and Pinpoint - Full Back Shiatsu Massaging Cushion for Home Office Car Use

    Wouldn't it be nice to come home to a personal spa after an exhausting day of work? ELEPWAL CUSTOMIZED FULL BACK MASSAGER Cushion features four Shiatsu Massaging nodes that gives you a luxurious fully customized shiatsu massage in the comfort of your own home or office.✌ FEATURING FUNCTIONS:➢Back Spot Focus Node For the perfect massage,you need a device that is able to target certain areas control which specific areas in your back you need to massage. The moving shiatsu massage nodes can be set to pinpoint a specific spot on your back. Press the arrows up to move it higher up your back, or press the arrow down to move the massage lower down on your back.➢Four Shiatsu Deep 3D Massage Nodes Features four deep Kneading 3D massaging nodes. Select your desired shiatsu mode; full back, upper back, lower back or precise spot selection. Allows also to select high speed for a more vigorous massage workout, or low speed for a more calming and relaxed massage experience.➢Minics Real Massage Therapist Hands Specially designed 3D rotating balls deeply penetrate your tissues and muscles, mimicking the vigorous kneading and penetration of a real massage therapist hands.➢3 Levels of Vibration MassageThe seat cushion features double deep penetrating vibration nodes with three (3) levels...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: ELEPAWL
    • ASIN: B07CTQ1M6Q

  • AURUZA Vibration Massage Seat Cushion Back Heating Massage Chair Pad for Home Office Car use with 5 Vibrating Motors and Heating Relax Thigh and Back

    Features: ★5 vibration motor ★8 programme vibration modes ★3 intensity settings ★automatic shutdown function,15 min/30 min ★Heating funtion: Heating function promote blood circulation, make you feel warm and comfortable, and reduce pain. What kind of person is it suitable for? Adults who need to relax because of fatigue and soreness in the back, buttocks, thighs, neck and shoulders; How to use the product? The massage seat cushion can be placed in the office, home and in the seat on the car; (we recommend that you use it in the co-pilot position) It can also be tiled on a sofa, bed or rug, and you can enjoy it while lying down. Note: 1. This is not a Shiatsu massage cushion with rolling balls; this is a vibration massager only. 2. People who are pregnant, illness or under treatment should consult by physician first. 3. When using this product should drink plenty of water to help the body detoxification, massage time is recommended not to exceed 30 minutes. Specifications: Input: 100-230V AC Output: 12V / 1.5A DC (not suitable for 24V diesel car) Power: 7.2W Unit Size: 19.3*16.5*28.3 in Package included: 1×Massage Seat Cushion 1×AC Adapter 1×Car Adapter 1×User Manual Your 100% satisfaction is our ultimate goal, if you have any question,please don't hesitate...

    • Brand: AURUZA
    • ASIN: B07D9DHB17
    • UPC: 192125488129

  • Napio Back and Neck Massager Shiatsu Massage Chair with Heat for Seat Cushion Pad Full Body Kneading Vibration – 8 Roller Rotate Relieve Pain - Office Car Home Use

    Description The convenience, variability, and performance of this back massager makes it a must buy. If you work long hours, accumulate tension quickly, or simply need a new habit to incorporate in your wellness routine, buy this massager. You won't regret it. Features ★Lots of function to cover whole body ★Slick design that fits anywhere ★Adjustable nodes to set the right pressure ★Heating function is great for lower back and release pressure ★Strong build ★Remote pouch for ease of access Excellent Performance 1.Neck massage The neck cushion on this back massager is not only soft, but adjustable as well. It makes it easier for almost anyone to have a completely personalized massage experience. 2.Back massage It has three kinds of massage: full back, upper back, lower back massage. I can adjusted where I needed. It also can set a target place. 3.Seat vibration Seat vibration with 3-level intensity adjustable for different level of hip relaxation.  4. Heated massage head The heated function is mild but noticeable enough. Advanced heating function perfect to enhance the massage effects. 5. Spot function You will be pleased with the positioning of the balls. Use it with the spot function, and you can feel your muscle fatigue getting treated. 6. Timer Function 15 minut...

    • Color: Cream White
    • Brand: Naipo
    • ASIN: B07BT4KVJ7
    • UPC: 720355411565

  • SNAILAX Vibration Massage Seat Cushion with heat 6 Vibrating Motors and 3 Therapy Heating Pad, Back Massager, Massage Chair Pad for Home Office Car use

    PRECISE SPOT VIBRATION MASSAGE-This massage cushion with 6 powerful vibrating massage motors target upper back, mid back, lower back, and thighs to help relieve muscle pain, tension, stress.You can even select all 4 zones at once or individually to your liking. 5 programmed modes and 4 variable vibration intensities brings you a customizable best massage as desired.

    • Brand: SNAILAX
    • ASIN: B0798LJDV3
    • UPC: 728619907335

  • Naipo Back Massager Massage Chair Vibrating Car Seat Cushion for Back, Neck, and Thigh with 8 Motor Vibrations 4 Modes 3 Speed Heating at Home Office Car (Thickened Type)

    Product Description This new Massage Cushion allows you to easily and efficiently relieve stress, soreness and pain without disrupting your everyday life.It helps you to drag all your tiredness and tension away by effectively vibrating your backs waist thighs etc. Product Features 1. Pin-Point Relaxation Knead the entire back or select one of four zones: M1: Neck/shoulders; M2: Middle back; M3: Lumbar/Lower back; and M4: Thighs. 2. Multifarious Massage Modes You can select one of four massage modes include pulse, tapping, percussion, and wave. Each mode can match the type of massage you want no matter if it's for relaxation or recovery. 3. Heat Therapy The heat function that can be independently be turned on or off. This is an awesome way to keep your body warm during the cold winter. 4. Thicker Cushion Thicker cushion helps you to relieve fatigue and the Unique EVA material with soft sponge cushion makes the massage seat more comfortable while still being breathable after long hours of use. 5. Ergonomic Design The Cushion has an ergonomic convex design that fits the natural curvature of the spine, allowing you to sit up straight while enjoying a therapeutic massage. 6. Protable & Easy Use Convenient and corded hand controller let you operate the massage seat cushion. You will be...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Naipo
    • ASIN: B07G73WH7X
    • UPC: 608119551200

  • Naipo Shiatsu Back Neck Massager Chair Seat Cushion with Heat Rolling Deep Tissue Kneading Vibration for Pin-Point Spot Full Body Massage Pain Relieve

    Description Convenience, versatility, and high performance are what make this Naipo Back Massager a must for enhanced well-being. After working for hours, accumulated tension and fatigue would inevitably haunt you, and that's why this massager is designed, ideal for your wellness routine. Features A variety of functions are available for full-body relief. Sleek and ergonomic design well fits body contours. Adjustable massage nodes that apply proper pressure. Heating function for stress relief on lower back. Elastic mesh fabric and sturdy PU leather for great durability. Excellent Performance 1. Neck Massage The neck massage nodes on this massage cushion are not only soft, but adjustable as well, making it easier for almost anyone to enjoy a completely personalized massage experience. 2. Back Massage Three kinds of massage modes are available: full back, upper back, lower back massage; Can massage on target areas where it's needed. 3. Seat Vibration Seat vibration with 3 optional intensity levels is designed for different relaxation experiences. 4. Heated Massage Nodes The heat is gentle but noticeable enough for enhance the massage effects. 5. Spot Function Use this function to direct the massage balls to where you want on back to enjoy stress-relieving massage to relieve musc...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Naipo
    • ASIN: B07D7XKRHD
    • UPC: 720355424190

  • Back Shiatsu Massage with Heat Rolling 3D Kneading Vibration Back Massager Chair for Full Body Muscle Pain Relieve Therapy for Home Office Car Seat Use AMEISEYE

    Ease Away Tension in Your BackUnlike those conventional 2D massage rollers, our back massager features 14 advanced 3D rotating nodes that dig deep into your muscles while targeting vital pressure points for a deep massage experience. Even better, the massage nodes alternate direction after each minute, thus further enhancing massage of muscles for greater relief. Selectable Heat for Further Relaxation Combine the pleasure of a therapeutic massage with gentle heat for the full benefit of a professional massage. The heat function adds soothing warmth to your massage, relieving aching back muscles and easing away built-up tension.Easy One-Button Control Push the button once to turn on the massage and heat therapy functions. Simply push a second time to turn off the heat. When you're done massaging, just hold down the button for 3 seconds until the device shuts off.Cautions:1. Wipe the massager with dry cloth to keep it clean. Keep away from water. 2. Don't massage the same area of your body for over half an hour otherwise rotate friction will hurt your skin. 3. The massager has overheat protection system, it will shut off automatically if it is overheated. Please wait to use again until the massager roller is cooled down.4. Please don't use the massager while driving.5. If you have ...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: AMEISEYE
    • UPC: 689749487305

  • Back and Neck Massager Shiatsu Massage Chair Seat Cushion with Heat, Kneading Rolling Vibration for a Full Relaxing Massage on Upper and Lower Back, Perfect Gift Idea,

    Experience a Luxury Massaging Tailored to You The Belmint's seat cushion massager is the ultimate massaging accessory designed with customer's needs in mind. After a long day hard day, you want to sit on the cushion to unwind and relax, and help your back and muscles feel less tight. and this is what we built it for. It's equipped with 10 vibrating points that penetrate deep into your back to release tension, tightness, knots, stress and other aches. Also, it comes with heat therapy and rolling massage function to target your full back, lower or upper back.User-Friendly Hand Control The integrated corded control allows you to fully select and control all the functions of your massager cushion. You can adjust this massager on any chair and the unique strapping system attaches easily to any seat, thus keeping the massager in place. Use it in your office, at home or in your car.Package Includes✔ 1 x Seat Massager Cushion✔ 1 x AC Power Cord✔ 1 x DC Power Cord✔ 1 x Instruction ManualGuaranteed!What more could you ask for? Still, we're here to hear your massaging experience with Belmint's massaging cushion. If any one of those things isn't happening, let us know and we promise to work hard and make it right. Belmint is drive by our core values of creating massagers that exceeds...

    • Brand: Belmint
    • ASIN: B07659JHQ4
    • UPC: 019962866364

  • Naipo Back and Neck Massager Shiatsu Massage Chair Seat Cushion with Heat Rolling Kneading Vibration for Pin-Point Full Body Pain Relieve - Office, Home & Car

    Description: Enjoy a premium-grade Shiatsu Massage Therapy at home or in the office, indulge in a stress reliving deep-tissue massage to keep you relaxing all day. Features: 1. Shiatsu Massage The deep-kneading shiatsu massager provides strong in-depth massage to relive muscle fatigue and sooth away your tension. 2. Rolling Massage 8 rolling massage nodes freely travel up and down and also could target at specific areas for your personalize sellection. 3. Seat Vibration Seat vibration with 3-level intensity adjustable for different level of hip relaxation. 4. Heat Therapy Advanced heating function perfect to enhance the massage effects. 5. Timer Function 15 minutes shut-off automatically to guarantee your safety. 6. CUSTOMIZE SELECTION Handheld remote control allows you to customize your massage experience well. 7. Foldable & Easy Use This massage seat enables you to easily add these benefits to your daily routine. Attention: 1. The massage chair pad is a relaxing and wellness massage cushion product. If you are injured in the back or neck, it is recommended to consult the physician and use professional medical equipment. 2. If you want to use it in a car, we suggest you to install it on the co-pilot seat, but not the driver seat. It is very dangerous for the driver to use it wh...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Naipo
    • ASIN: B076DNS28K
    • UPC: 608119552252