• Fluke PV350 Pressure/Vacuum Transducer Module, 500 psi Pressure

    The PV350 pressure/vacuum transducer module (the module) measures gauge pressure; the difference between atmospheric (barometric) pressure and the pressure (or vacuum) applied to the pressure port on the transducer. It then converts that measurement to 1 mV dc per unit. A module and a high-performance digital multimeter (DMM) with min/max function become a data logger capable of measuring peak high and peak low. The PV350 is compatible with industrial gases and liquids that are compatible with 316 stainless steel. To determine the compatibility of a liquid or gas, refer to the manufacturer's specifications. When making measurements on more than one type of pressure system, make sure the fluids or gases in those systems are compatible. If they are not, contamination or damage to the system being measured may result. Battery: standard 9 V battery (NEDA #1604, 6F22, 006P). Battery life: 300 hours (typical) for carbon-zinc 400 hour (typical) for Alkaline. Vibration: 3 g at 55 Hz sinusoidal. Shock: 1 meter drop. Electrical cable: black PVC, will withstand up to 105 degree C. Cable length: 8'. Pressure port connection: 1/4" NPT. Connector: brass 1/4" male flare to 1/4" female pipe thread. Pressure range: 350 to 500 psig (2413 to 3447 kPa), accuracy: +/-5 percent of reading +/-1 psig ty...

    • Brand: Fluke
    • ASIN: B00937VLXQ
    • UPC: 784497702042

  • Fluke 919811 PV350 Pressure and Vacuum Module

    Fluke PV350 Pressure and Vacuum Module is compatible with all fluke and most popular DMMs. It has digital pressure and vacuum measurements in a single module and a transducer sealed in 316 stainless steel which is compatible with variety of liquids as well as gases. This module measures vacuum to 76 cm and displays results in English.

    • Brand: Fluke
    • ASIN: B000ODSDMA
    • UPC: 959690170602

  • JUMBO FILTER 1 pcs Bristle Brush, 1 pcs Flexible Beater and 1 pcs Side Brush 3 armed For iRobot Roomba 600 700 Series Brush Replacement Mini Kit for 770 760 650 585 595 790

    Clean brushes keep your home robot operating at peak performance. We recommend that you clean Roomba's brushes every 1-3 uses (depending upon the amount of dirt and debris in your home). FEATURES : Compatible with iRobot Roomba 700 600 S500 eries Vacuum Cleaning Robots Fully compatible with 500 Series Cleaning Head module Package Include: 1 x Bristle Brush for Roomba 1 x Flexible Beater for Roomba 1 x Side Brush 3 armed for Roomba

    • Color: multi-colored
    • Brand: JUMBO FILTER
    • UPC: 519665713106

  • Ignition Coil Module For Ryobi RY08420 Blower Vacuum Homelite RY08420A Backpack

    Compatible with: RY08420 Blower/Vacuum RY08420A Backpack Blower Homelite/ Ryobi 291424001

    • Brand: MOTOKU
    • ASIN: B0761ML5SL
    • UPC: 749029998560

  • Beam Central Vacuum Control Module 100630

    • ASIN: B07848T7DC
    • UPC: 653958209362

  • Pertronix D500709 PerTronix D500709 Module (replacement) Ignitor for PerTronix Flame-Thrower VW Cast Non-Vacuum Distributor Ignition Control Module PerTronix D500709 Ignition Control Module

    Pertronix D500709 Distributor Impulse Transmitter KitNo Core Charge RequiredParts Interchange D500709, D500709, 74154010942, 741 54010 942

    • Brand: Pertronix
    • ASIN: B004PL62JI
    • UPC: 694342015350

  • 250Design Natural Dehumidifier for Sports Shoes. Water Vacuum Silicagel Dual Module (Sky Blue)

    ● It is a dehumidifier that removes moisture in the air naturally using silica gel. ● It is a natural dehumidifier which can put a module in shoes or hang it with a strap. It is a product that can directly remove cold moisture, sweat, and smell from shoes. ● It is a reusable shoe dehumidifier that can be used with deodorant for about 10 times to deodorize shoes and bags. ● The dehumidifier can be used semi-permanently by drying with sunlight or a dryer. ● Please dry in the sun 1-2 days. You can dry it about once every two weeks. ● B type silica gel absorbs moisture up to 50% of its weight. ● The case is made of heat-resistant silicone material, so it does not damage the product when dropped or thrown. ● Replace the internal dehumidification pack only once a year, you can use the product for a long time. How to use Open the lid of the case body, put the dehumidification pack, and place it in the desired place. product composition Water Vacuum module 1 pack (2 cases, connecting strap, silicone) Size: 2.5X2.5X4 (inch) / 62X62X100 (mm) 1 set of dehumidifying pack (deodorant enclosed, silica gel 30g) Made in Korea

    • Color: Sky Blue
    • Brand: 250Design
    • ASIN: B07CSBNPZ9
    • UPC: 756225053627

  • BrandTech 699921 Vacuubrand Supplemental Module I, For PC3001 Basic Vacuum System

    The addition of this module I to the Vacuubrand PC3001 Basic adds a CVC3000 vacuum controller to provide all of the Vacuubrand VARIO control functions. Specifically, with the addition of this module, the system will be able find and follow boiling point curves, have single-point hysteresis-free vacuum, have up to ten user programs, interface with a computer via a bi-directional RS232 serial port, plug-and-play installation of peripheral valves via VACUU•BUS, and more. All functions are controlled with a large graphic display and the use of a “turn-and-push” jog wheel. An inlet catchpot is also included to preserve the performance of the pump from vacuum line condensate. Upgrade Version: Supplemental Module I. Per each. BrandTech #: 699921.

    • Brand: BrandTech
    • ASIN: B003UTUOAO

  • BrandTech 699922 Vacuubrand Supplemental Module II, For PC3001 Basic Vacuum System

    The addition of this module II to the PC3001 Basic adds an exhaust condenser and catchpot to allow the capture of solvent that passes through the pump. Condenser catchpot capacity is 500ml. Per each. BrandTech #: 699922.

    • Brand: BrandTech
    • ASIN: B003UTUOAY