• Newhaven Display M0216SD-162SDAR2-1 Vacuum Fluorescent Display

    VFD Character Display 16Char x 2Line 14-Pin

    • ASIN: B005T9GJFM


    Radionics D1255 Alpha Command Center Series Security Alarm Panel Keypad

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Bosch
    • ASIN: B003HS6BIC
    • UPC: 782695011645

  • Bixolon BCD-1100 Vacuum Fluorescent Customer Pole Display with USB Interface, 5-24 VDC, Black

    The Bixolon BCD-1100 vacuum fluorescent customer pole display is black in color, can adjust in height, has a USB cable to connect to the host system, and can be used at a checkout to display prices or other messages to customers. The BCD-1100's dot-matrix display panel can show up to two lines of text, with up to 20 characters per line, including commas and decimal points. Messages can be programmed and set to scroll automatically to provide information to customers. The display panel can be rotated and the viewing angle can be adjusted up to 52 degrees to any of five positions for readability. A telescopic pole allows the display to be adjusted in height from 158 to 511 mm. The USB cable can be connected to the USB port of a computer, printer, or host system (sold separately) to transmit data. A switch on the bottom of the display panel can be used to turn the display on or off. Mounting holes enable the base to be mounted to a counter or desk. The 5-24V DC power supply can be plugged into an electrical outlet to power the display. This product measures 218 x 105 mm (W x D). (W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; L is length, the horizontal distance from front to back.) It can adjust in height from 158 to 511 mm (the vertical distance from lowest to highest poi...

    • Color: black
    • Brand: BIXOLON
    • ASIN: B002VCX8I6
    • UPC: 777787367946

  • Silverstone Aluminum VFD Module Bay Device FP54S (Silver)

    With the wonderful ability to display text in bright colors and in great detail, VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) is a must have item for enthusiasts looking to personalize their computer. Unfortunately many VFD solutions require time consuming modifications that leave only the most experienced to enjoy this technology. But thanks to the introduction of FP54, VFD is now as easy to add as any ordinary CD-ROM drive!

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: SilverStone Technology
    • ASIN: B002TLST92
    • UPC: 844761000714

  • Bematech LTX9000UP-GY Tabletop Display, USB PORT-POWERED, REPLACES ALL TD3000UP-XX and LT9000XX Models, 9.5 mm, Gray

    The LD9200 series is a two line twenty character pole display. Bright blue-green vacuum fluorescent characters are enhanced with an optical filter for better contrast and easier viewing. All standard displays support moving sign advertisements with smart scrolling during periods of inactivity with a single message download eliminating constant application software refreshing. Double side models available. Each side displays the same or different messages.

    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Bematech
    • ASIN: B01CLLODK8

  • Newhaven Display M0220SD-202SDAR1 Vacuum Fluorescent Display

    VFD Character Display 20Char x 2Line


  • ULTRARARE matrix dot nixie vfd indicator display ITM1A ITM-1A NEW, unmounted

    I have connected it randomly with low power supply of 220V AC just to make photos, so when it glows orange, I dont know if that can be drives, but its mean that you can glow only neon gas without luminophore green coating. That is not direct use of indicator, the main use is green dots with neon glowing on subcathodes! Take it to mind, before buying. When I will research it fully - I will say for sure if it can indicate orange without harming of tube!

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Vannamore
    • ASIN: B076XPQ3RN
    • UPC: 784321238976

  • Newhaven Display M0216MD-162MDBR2-J Vacuum Fluorescent Display

    VFD Character Display 16Char x 2Line 14-Pin

    • ASIN: B00Q7VAY1G

  • Newhaven Display M0220MD-202MDAR1-1 Vacuum Fluorescent Display

    VFD Character Display 20Char x 2Line 30-Pin

    • ASIN: B00Q7V512S