• MASTERCOOL 82375 Silver R134A Oil Injector

    Excellent method for adding refrigerant oil or large amounts of UV leak detection dye to the A/C system. Add oil by allowing vacuum to pull it in after the evacuation process, or use refrigerant to push it in using the recharge system. Rugged all metal 2 oz. canister. The standard models use a needle style valve attached between the manifold gauge set or charging equipment and A/C hose. 13mm-M x 13mm-F Low-Side Coupler (R134a).

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: MASTERCOOL
    • ASIN: B000IKADRW
    • UPC: 746927064069

  • FJC 2732 Hand Turn Oil and Dye Injector

    FJC R134a/R12 Oil and Dye Injector. 2 ounce refillable. Add or UV dye to system without adding refrigerant.

    • Brand: FJC
    • ASIN: B001T9AREK
    • UPC: 609989009938

  • Robinair 16355 UV Dye Injection System

    You already have a UV lamp and you want to have the best kit in UV leak detection...this dye injection kit is exactly what you’ll need to find auto leaks quickly. Simple to use just twist cartridges onto the injector gun, hook up to the service port, and pull the trigger to inject the dye into the A/C system. Put your old lamp to use to spot the leak and you’re done. The injection kit includes an Injection gun with R-134a hose & R-12 adapter, four universal A/C dye twist-on cartridges, enough dye for 20 applications and OEM-approved and SAE-certified dye, and service stickers.

    • Brand: Robinair
    • ASIN: B000HTLPOY
    • UPC: 637335015432


    This handy tool is used specifically for injecting UV dye in to R-134A A/C systems. The injector nozzle is compatible with all R-134A recharge hoses and refrigerant. Injects one application at a time. Finds leaks easily using UV light or high contrast ambient light surroundings.

    • Brand: Interdynamics
    • ASIN: B001DKP0ZG
    • UPC: 047876014335

  • MASTERCOOL 89661-UV Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set and Mini Dye Injector with Manual Coupler

    The Mastercool R134a Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set and 10 Application Mini Dye Injector features a solid extruded aluminum body, an extra access port for vacuum line and extra large sight glass for visual refrigerant check. The gauges can be easily recalibrated in the field to maintain accuracy.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: MASTERCOOL
    • ASIN: B007QV75G8
    • UPC: 700376108088

  • TSI Supercool 2375 R-134a and R-12 System Dye and Oil Injector

    Supercool oil injector is a dye and oil injector for R-134a and R-12 systems. Made specifically for use with manifold gauge sets and with a 2-ounce capacity, it's great for introducing UV dye, lubricants and leak stop to closed A/C systems. For best results, use the in-line on pressurized systems. The quick-connect style coupler makes switching tools a breeze. Supercool is a basic provider of A/C chemicals including PAG and POE lubricants, flush, ultraviolet leak detection dye and polymer free leak stops. Supercool offers one of the most complete A/C maintenance programs in the marketplace today. Supercool lubricants are formulated with the finest base stocks and additives available today resulting in highly sought after performance qualities. Outstanding oxidative and thermal stability, helping to extend fluid life. High viscosity index resulting in decreased volatility and enhanced protection. Excellent protection against wear, rust, corrosion, carbon build-up, and varnish. Enhanced resistance against water contamination compared to competing products. Supercool customers receive industry's leading technology in all fluids with lubricants and UV dye's formulated to meet or exceed OEM performance specifications. In addition, all lubricants are top-off compatible with their corre...

    • Brand: TSI Supercool
    • ASIN: B008PKV5VK
    • UPC: 672264005840

  • Large:2 oz Compressor oil, Flourescent UV Dye Syringe Injector Charger Screw-in type Reuse Reload HVAC Service Tool with Car AC low Side Quick Coupler

    The Large Injector: 2 oz capacity; Good for compressor oil or fluorescent dye; One shot may be it all takes to cure and save a sickened compressor caused by low oil; Compatible with fluorescent dyes for leak monitoring, too Compatible with all oil types(POE, or mineral oil) Compatible with all refrigerant types; Screw-in type, or push-in type, does NOT require a working compressor to get the injection power Re-loadable, re-usable, keep it in tool box for decades to come. Aluminum alloy body, with brass connector on a piece of high pressure hose 1/4" female connector, make it compatible with most AC systems(if not, use CV23p for some 5/16" R410a systems). 45 degree turn at the connection, easy to access port. 5 inch flexible high pressure hose. Hand operated(Screw-down), NOT in-line injector, do not need other power. The Low Side Port Coupler: Low Side 14 mm Quick coupler 14 mm female connector to R134a manifold gauges/service tools and adapter to 1/4"inch male flare to R22 manifold gauge or other HVAC service tools like this oil injector with a control valve, of high quality 6 quick ball action

    • Brand: VIOT
    • ASIN: B01N6FHP2W
    • UPC: 702082993774

  • Mastercool (53909) Green Master Leak Shield/Dye Injector

    Master leak shield specially formulated micro burst formula to stop small AC leaks and will not clog or damage AC components. Mixed with universal AC dye. Complete injection system.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: MASTERCOOL
    • ASIN: B00I51VLCM
    • UPC: 700376539097

  • MASTERCOOL 53500-C Black UV Leak Dye Kit

    This kit includes a high Intensity mini light (12V/50 watt) with cartridge type dye injector, 2 oz. replaceable dye cartridge (25 applications), 4 oz. dye remover, 25 service information labels and UV enhancing safety glasses.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: MASTERCOOL
    • ASIN: B000H6MPQ4
    • UPC: 700376100761