• Tulasi Incense Cones - 15 Cones (Green Apple)

    Bright and luscious, the crisp aroma of Tulasi Green Apple Incense Cones instantly lifts the mood in any home. This stimulating scent expertly refreshes your tired mood, lifting you to a new height of calm. Ranging from Aloe Vera to Yellow Rose there is sure to be some Tulasi Incense Cones for you. These expertly manufacturered Tulasi Incense Cones capture the real essense of this fragrance to make your home a beautifully scented and welcoming place.

    • Brand: Tulasi
    • ASIN: B001AYG2WA

  • Tulasi Sandalwood | Sandalwood Temptation | Scented Incense Sticks 60

    Sandalwood is a kind wood growing in Asia and East India. Sandalwood has a very sturdy fragrance of its own. And sandalwood was one of those due to its strong fragrance. it is also used for ceremonial and spiritual purposes like for the decoration of deities and even the priests or the devotees apply sandal (chandana) or sandal to cover their forehead and neck. Sandalwood incense sticks are the most selling incenses internationally too. The incenses appear to be very thin in size and are black coated above the raw sticks. The raw sticks are dipped into the essential oil that is extracted out of the sandalwoods from the natural trees. The tip of the incenses are lighted up and the flames are blown out and the end of the bamboo sticks is placed into the incense holder. The fragrance that it emits after being lighted up is the fragrance that is very soothing and very serene. It reaches the core of the senses in our body and awakens each and every part to work efficiently. The fragrance that comes out is genuinely a very woody fragrance and the surface of the incense sticks is quite smooth. The incenses are not made up with any toxicated and alcoholic substances. The employement of child labour is avoided by the company for producing the incense.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tulasi
    • ASIN: B01G53Z9L0

  • Frankincense Incense Sticks 50 by Ikshvaku

    Incense sticks, also known as agarbathi (or agarbatti) and joss sticks, are sticks in which incense paste is rolled or moulded around is one of the main forms of incense in India. The bamboo method originated in India and is distinct from the Nepal, Tibet and Japanese methods of stick making which don't use a bamboo core. Though the method is also used in the west, particularly in America, it is strongly associated with India. Ikshvaku incenses are hand-rolled blend of flowers, spices, and resins, and each stick burns for about 40 minutes. The natural ingredients, herbs, resins and masala are blended to perfection to create a soothing aroma. This aromatic incense with its sweet, yet earthy fragrance will enhance any mood or environment.

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Ikshvaku
    • ASIN: B00H5NCOZ4

  • 3 Packs of Tulasi Incense Cones - Jasmine

    3 Packs of Tulasi Incense Cones in any one fragrance from the full range available at a special price. Tulasi Incense Cones (height 3.5cm approx) are known for their superior quality. Only the finest scented oils and incense resins are used in the preparation of all Tulasi cones. Here you can try 3 packs of incense cones of one fragrance in the following beautiful scents: Cannabis, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Moon, Musk, Night Queen, Opium, Patchouli, Red Rose, Sandalwood, Strawberry, Sun, Vanilla and White Rose. Each pack contains a small incense holder along with 15 Tulasi Incense Cones.

    • Brand: Tulasi

  • Coconut, Tulasi Incense Cones, Two Boxes Of 15 Cones Each

    Coconut, Tulasi Incense Cones, Two Boxes Of 15 Cones Each

    • Brand: Unknown
    • ASIN: B07F6SRQQ3

  • Tulasi Champa | Nag Champa Exotica | Scented Incense Sticks 80

    Nag Champa Exotica Incense Sticks are the sticks, as the name says ,is made up from the real champa flowers. The smooth surface of the black colour of the stick is dipped into the essential oils. The essential oils have been extracted from the essence of the flowers of champa i.e the fragrance of champa flowers. champa derives its scent from the Ailanthus Tree. Sometimes, the flower which is native to India i.e. Champa or plumeria is also used as a constituent for the generation of Champa incense to give it an essence of the Indian land. This is reason behind its so recognised odour. The fragrance that champa comprises is very heavy and also earthly. The name acquired by this incense has its tinges back to the flower of plumeria or champa which are grown in Indian houses. It has holy orientations to it and is extensively used as an offering to our ultimate power. So, the usage of this incense in the temples is very obvious. It greets the atmosphere of a place with spirituality which inculcates the willingness to do meditation, morning prayers, religious ceremonies, etc. Captivating fragrance of the incense leaves its prolonged impressions in the sensory organs of an individual. It is also helpful in generation of positive moods and also purgation of the air.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tulasi
    • ASIN: B01G53ZAXW

  • Group Holy Land Adventure Frankincense 15pk

    Fill your VBS with a beautiful fragrance from Jesus world: frankincense! At Hometown Nazareth, these aromatic incense cones are used in Marys House when she tells about the visit of the wise men from the East. Frankincense also adds to the full-senses experience in any of your Marketplace shops! See cautionary statements on package. Use under adult supervision only.

    • Brand: Tulasi Cones
    • ASIN: B001BO861O

  • Tulasi Tristar | Three Worlds | Scented Incense Sticks

    The incense three worlds is prepared by dipping the incense sticks into the essential oils of the metallic characteristics of Gold, Silver and platinum. The pack consists of three different packets of incense. The platinum, gold and silver packets have 5 incenses in each packet. The incense sticks are covered with a coating of black colour coated over the raw bamboo sticks. The tip of the incense stick is lighted, then the flames are blown out and the bamboo end of the stick is placed into the incense holder. The fragrance that it emits out is the fragrance which gives us a wonderful delight by the wondrous aromas of three metals. All these fragrances are pretty certain in driving out the negative energy. This fragrance also brings into account a very satisfactory level. The incenses are very smooth when a hand touches them. The sticks are sized 9 inches. The industry avoids using child labour as manufacturers of incense. The incense doesn't consist of any alcoholic or toxic substances.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tulasi
    • ASIN: B01JI09AZI

  • Tulasi Real Rose | Rose Temptation | Scented Incense Sticks 100

    The rose is known as the "Queen of flowers" in aromatherapy and "The emperor of flowers". These rose incense sticks are prepared from the essential oils that have been extracted from the rose flower. It has a coating of reddish-brown colour wrapped over the raw bamboo stick which is obtained from the dipping into the authenticated essential oils. To catch the fragrance of the incense, light the tip of it, blow the flames out and place it in the incense holder. The fragrance that it emits feels that we are standing in front if the rose orchard. Its fragrance is one of the most preferred one. Rose fragrances are very sweet and confident. It directly establishes a connection with out emotions. Its fragrance also work wonders when it contributes in the sleep of an individual and also drives away stress and sadness. Alcoholic and toxic substances are avoided while the preparation of Rose Incense. The company tends to avoid the employment of children as labourers.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tulasi
    • ASIN: B01G5405VS