• Trac-Grabber - The "Get Unstuck" Traction Solution for Trucks/SUV's - Emergency Rescue Device, Prevents Slipping in Snow, Sand & Mud - Chain or Snow Tire Alternative (Set of 4 Blocks & Straps)

    The Trac-Grabber is a new revolutionary and inexpensive device which is quickly and easily strapped to the drive wheels of a vehicle which is stuck in the sand, mud, or snow, and enables the vehicle to get unstuck quickly under its own power. With the Trac-Grabbers secured to the wheels, the wheels spin to the point where the Trac-Grabbers engage, lift, grab, and move the vehicle back to stable terrain. Trac-Grabbers provide a quick, simple, and effective solution to being stranded and disabled in all types of terrain and adverse conditions. The Trac-Grabber block dimensions for Car/Truck Trac-Grabber are 9in block length, 3.5in block width, and 1.5in block depth. Just strap on a pair of Trac-Grabbers and rescue yourself! Trac-Grabber... Don't get stuck without it!

    • Brand: Trac-Grabber
    • ASIN: B01N35BHKS
    • UPC: 869816000044

  • Due North Everyday G3 Ice and Snow Traction Aid, Large/X-Large

    We've designed the due North everyday g-3 winter traction products to be even more functional and easy to use than the everyday. The versatile everyday g-3 is ideal for outdoor winter activities that require Urban and light-duty casual, dress and athletic footwear. Whether you're shoveling the Sidewalk, walking the Dog or just running errands, the lightweight yet durable design of the g-3 will give you the confidence you need when walking or running on icy and snowy conditions. With similar features to the due North everyday winter traction, the everyday g-3 is designed with an enhanced shape that allows it to more easily Adapt to the shape of your shoe to provide a more secure fit. Its Tungsten carbide ice Diamond Spikes, which are 10x stronger than steel, provide increased traction that help with preventing slips and falls on ice and snow, which will help reduce the risk of pulled muscles, fractured bones or even back problems caused by a quick slip or fall. When not in use, the compact design makes them easy to store in small places such as, your coat pocket, handbag, briefcase or the glove box in your work vehicle.

    • Color: Multicoloured
    • Brand: Due North
    • ASIN: B00DBR632I
    • UPC: 017166983368

  • ShurTrax SHULW0036 LW-0036 All Weather Traction Aid for Auto/SUV

    The ShurTrax All Weather Traction Aid safely and efficiently gives your automobile or SUV the extra weight it needs for added traction. Simply add up to 100 pounds of water to the dual-chambered vinyl ShurTrax unit (use additional units if more weight is needed). A siphon pump for easy, no spill filling and draining, and a universal fit garden hose connector are included. Unlike other items placed in the trunk for traction, ShurTrax isn't messy, thanks to several helpful design features: a continuous outer seal to eliminate split-able seams, a heavy vinyl exterior reinforced with woven nylon mesh, and brass grommets allowing the unit to be tied down/stabilized to decrease wear. ShurTrax is also made to freeze, and has been tested to minus 40 degrees without bursting. A three year warranty is included against any defects in material or workmanship.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Shurtrax
    • ASIN: B000BV9M9S
    • UPC: 896250000033

  • BOAR OFFROAD New Recovery Traction Tracks Sand Mud Snow Track Tire Ladder 4WD

    With this unbreakable sand track recovery track, user will never get stuck alone Color:Olive Material:reinforced strong nylon Specification 10 ton load capacity on flat ground Easy to clean 10 tons capacity on flat ground Mounting points to provide extra stability Comfortable side-handles for easy portability Double ramp design provides maximum convenience Simply place the traction mats under your vehicle's wheels Special teeth pattern surface guarantees effective performance Prevent your vehicle's tires from spinning when stuck in snow, mud or sand Resilient design to fit for wide range of terrains such as Sand, Mud, Snow, Grass etc

    • Color: Olive
    • Brand: OFFROAD BOAR
    • ASIN: B07BGVNV5Y
    • UPC: 602191409183

  • Due North Golf Traction Aid, Small

    Meet your go-to solution for getting high performing, effective traction on the golf course without having to pay for or travel with expensive shoes that take up space! Introducing the Due North Golf Traction Aid - slip-on natural rubber golf spikes (nylon Turf Talons) that turn any pair of shoes into golf shoes! Features: Strong Durable Stretchy - fits most sizes of shoes and sneakers Lightweight Easy to Pack - take up much less room than golf shoes! Easy to slip on and off Fits orthopedic, custom, and diabetic shoes Fit men, women, and youth sizes 3-14 The Due North Traction Aid gives a firm solid foothold to maximize your swing, and keeps you from slipping in the wet morning grass. Keep in your car or briefcase for spontaneous golf games when you don't have your shoes with you. Use for travel so you don't have to pack your bulky shoes! These traction aids fit over custom, orthopedic, and diabetic shoes so you can still play golf without giving up the shoe support you need! Also great for youth who will outgrow expensive golf shoes quickly - these will stretch to fit them as they grow! Sizing Small/Medium fits men/youth size 3-7.5 and women/youth size 5-9.5 Large/XLarge fits men's size 8-14 and women's size 10+ Purchase today to get high quality performance on the golf cour...

    • Color: black and green
    • Brand: Due North
    • UPC: 017166983412

  • Maxsa Park Right Black Parking Mat 37358

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Maxsa
    • ASIN: B000F6DNMQ
    • UPC: 899419000639

  • WawaAuto All-weather Foldable Auto Traction Mat Tire Grip Aid, Car Escaper Buddy Non-Slip Mats, Ideal to Unstuck Your Car From Snow, Ice, Mud, and Sand -2 Pack

    The Best Choice For Your Car * As the weather gets worse and we approaching the heavy snow storm season, you need to prepare yourself for the unexpected with the anti slip Snow Traction Mat. * The mats are all year, all weather use, can be used winter in the snow, and Summer in the mud, If you use it once, you'll never travel without it. * This car escaper provides emergency traction for your auto tires, gets the car out of snow, ice, mud or sand. It is designed with hexagonal honeycomb for superior traction and increasing friction.   Product instruction 1. Effective usage, please clear the snow, sand, clay and other obstructions near the tires. 2. When using, please make sure to clamp the product between the tire and ground. 3. Adjust the product towards direction of the rolling tires.   Specification Dimensions (Each): 22 inches (L) x 7 inches (W) x 1/2 inches (H). Pack of 2

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: WawaAuto
    • ASIN: B00S0CZZD2
    • UPC: 701160199909

  • ShurTrax CLW0056 LW-0056 All Weather Traction Aid for Full Size Pickup Trucks/SUVs

    The ShurTrax All Weather Traction Aid for Full Size Pickup Trucks and SUVs safely and cleanly adds handling, traction control and traction weight over the rear axle, preventing axle hop and wheel hop. Simply add up to 400 pounds of water using a simple garden hose along with the included fill fitting. Four brass grommet tie-downs allow for safe, secure weight that improves vehicle balance, handling, cornering and traction on wet, slippery roads. ShurTrax answers the safety concerns of alternative sources of weight such as sandbags, concrete blocks, cord wood and other potential projectiles. Baffles are die-electrically welded into place to prevent surging during cornering. No need to worry about carrying cargo on top of ShurTrax, it has been tested to support 500 pounds. ShurTrax integrity is protected by a tough 25 millimeter vinyl outer chamber. This outer chamber vinyl is UV resistant and reinforced with woven nylon mesh for long service. The inner chamber is also 25 millimeters thick and flexes, enabling a smooth ride and improved handling. Included is a three year, "no-hassle" warranty against any defects in material and workmanship.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Shurtrax
    • ASIN: B000BVCW2M
    • UPC: 896250000019

  • MAXSA Escaper Buddy Traction Mat (Set of 2) for Off-Road Mud, Sand, & Snow Vehicle Extraction Orange 20333

    Be ready for anything mother nature can throw at your vehicle with your new MAXSA Innovations Escaper Buddy heavy duty traction mats. Whether on paved roads or off-roading in your 4x4, these mats are designed with every nasty surface condition in mind. Whether it's snow or ice getting you stuck or driving through mud on the farm or fishing or surfing on the beach, we will get you unstuck. Simply place these mats as far under your vehicle's drive wheels as possible and the heavy duty construction and large surface area spreads the weight of your vehicle out. This will ensure you get out of the most dire of circumstances. Once the mats are in place, you only need to press lightly on your accelerator to get the vehicle moving again. The superior traction tread of the Escaper Buddy grabs onto your tires so they don't slip and thus prevents your vehicle from digging into whatever ground condition is affecting you. In case of a non-traction related emergency, the Escaper Buddy's high visibility day-glo orange color allows them to be used as an emergency signaling device to attract the attention of passing vehicles. Built for functionality, durability and storability, the low profile Escaper Buddy cleans up easily after each use and is designed to fit comfortably in most trunk spaces.

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Maxsa Innovations
    • ASIN: B00AV2HONS
    • UPC: 527436698019