• Stock Tour Swing: Use Golf Science To Uncover Your Version Of The Tour Swing

    Very few golfers naturally find the elite golf swing--but it does exist. Golf science has helped reveal the Stock Tour Swing--the swing that exhibits the movement patterns common to all elite golfers. This book presents a problem-solving method to evolve your swing into the Stock Tour Swing, using a key framework that asks: What should the club do? How can the body do that? What are the best ways to train that? This program will teach you to understand the elite swing. It will teach you to understand your own swing. By the end of this program, you will be able to self-coach--to participate in your own improvement and manage your game. You will have a true understanding of what makes your swing work, why you struggle with certain areas, and what you can do to train for long-term improvement.

    • ASIN: 0999243705

  • Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid

    Finally, an ultra-light and portable way to sequence your arms and body as you develop your ball striking skills. This inflatable, flocked "beach ball," connects to an ADJUSTABLE lanyard to meet the fit of anyone. It is the best BODY CONNECTION training aid on the market and can be used flat, under either armpit or inflated between the forearms. The Tour Striker Smart Ball will help you understand HOW the arms and body work during an effective golf swing. Few people put in quality practice working on the sequence of arms and body. Be one of the few who own the rhythm and timing required to become a high-level ball striker. Take control of your swing NOW so you can have Effortless Power rather than Powerless Effort.

    • Brand: Tour Striker
    • ASIN: B00II5RSR2
    • UPC: 859510002369

  • Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing Training Aid (Right Handed Golfer)

    The Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing Training Aid - As Seen on The Golf Channel, CBS, TNT, Direct TV and ESPN. The Tour Angle 144 is a seemingly simple device, that has fundamentally improved the golf swings of thousands of amateurs and professional golfers throughout the country...and the world! IF YOU WOULD RATHER NOT USE THE ENCLOSED DVD: Full Training DVD video available to stream online. Direct Message us with your Order# and we will send you the video link. The Tour Angle 144 teaches you to set a consistent shaft to forearm angle for every club in your bag. The shaft to forearm angle of amateurs can vary greatly, versus professional golfers who average 144 degrees. This natural address position is what makes a professional look so comfortable in their address position, and is what you can learn to feel every time you setup to the golf ball. By setting this fundamental angle, your body automatically achieves a proper position in terms of spine, arm and club orientation. Golfers at any skill level can learn, or fine tune the following elements of their swing: Natural and Powerful Address Position - One Piece Takeaway - Delayed Wrist Break - Proper Impact Position - Eliminate Unnecessary Wrist Action- Whether your on the course, range, or in your living room, just keep the Red Arm to...

    • Brand: Tour Angle 144
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  • Tour Tempo: Golf's Last Secret Finally Revealed (Book & CD-ROM)

    The original Tour Tempo's subtitle proclaimed: Golf's Last Secret Finally Revealed. At the time, it was a pretty bold claim.  Today, however, Tour Tempo's premises have been backed up and validated by an independent scientific study performed by the Departments of Physics and Biomechanics at Yale University. To test the provocative thesis of Tour Tempo, Yale professors Robert Grober and Jacek Cholewicki had enlisted the cooperation (and students) of three prominent golf instructors: Bill Greenleaf, PGA Master Professional; Michael Hebron, PGA Master Professional and former National PGA Teacher of the Year; and David Leadbetter, founder and chief instructor of the worldwide David Leadbetter Golf Academy network.  The students ranged in golfing ability from "tour professionals" and "teaching professionals" to "average weekend golfers, " and their swings were timed with "motion sensing accelerometers and wireless communications electronics mounted in the shaft" with sampling rates "of order 250 Hz, yielding eight times more detail than that obtained from conventional video. "  Armed with this new data from the study, the Yale professors found that the data for playing professionals was consistent with the data that was reported in Tour Tempo. Additionally, Tour Pros exhibited ver...

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  • Tour Striker Educator Golf Swing Trainer

    Tour Striker Educator Swing Aid Educated hands are the key to great golf. The Tour Striker Educator Swing Aid will help you understand how the hands work with the club for power and precision during the golf swing. While few people put emphasis on training the hands, the Educator Swing Aid takes away the guesswork from feel vs. real so you know if your hand action is helping or hurting your golf swing. Take control of your game now and learn how to use your hands so you can create power and control effortlessly. Ensure your hands are transmitting your power. Additional features: Learn the difference between feel vs. real Know what your hands are actually doing during your swing Learn clubface control - the key to accuracy and distance Drills addressing unwanted curves - hooks and slices Scoring shots - develop the skills to be deadly around the green

    • Brand: Tour Striker
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  • (KaleidoScope) Golf Alignment Sticks Swing Tour Training Aid Practice Rods Trainer Aids 2pcs

    Features: Two smooth fiberglass rods measuring 122(L) x 2.5(Diameter)cm / 48"x 0.98" Rubber cap on one end; pointed on the other end to easily stick into the ground Instructional flyer with multiple drills Portable and lightweight holding tube included UV-coated to prevent fading Available in 8 stylish colors Weight: 150g per pair Color: Red/ Yellow/ Orange/ Blue/ White/ Green/ Black/ Pink (Please leave message for color,if not,we send it by random.) Package Included: 1 pair of Golf Alignment Sticks

    • Brand: KaleidoScope
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  • Swing Away

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  • EyeLine Golf Metronome Tour Edition Tempo Trainer

    You have an ideal tempo to your putting, your swing, and even your setup to the ball. Keeping it exactly the same is the challenge. The Golf Metronome Tour Edition will put you in your perfect tempo every day regardless of stress, energy, or caffeine. Use the new tap feature to find and set your tempo. Adjust the volume or plug in your earphones. Maybe the flashing light will best jive with your senses. Perfect tempo lets you play your best right now.

    • Brand: EyeLine Golf
    • ASIN: B0059S7UR4
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