• DC 12V Delay Relay Board Delay Turn On/Turn Off Switch Module with Timer

    12V delay relay Turn on / Turn off module Description : 12V delay turn on or delay off module 1. With 8 time ranges selected shortest 0.1s most up to 1 hour 2. Protection against power reversal protection diode, better protection module 3. Can be accessed by a large current load (250V ac 10A or 30V dc 10A) 4. With delay adjustment potentiometer clockwise adjustment time longer Function: Plug On S6 ,delay turn off plug on s7, delay turn on Electrical parameter: Input voltage: 12V Quiescent dissipation: 5.5mA Maximum power consumption:42mA Relay load capacity: 250V 10A AC (2500W ideal power AC) 30V 10A DC (300W ideal power DC Package: 1*12V delay relay Turn on/ Turn off module

    • Color: A
    • ASIN: B00VFUG3KK

  • cici store 6-30V Adjustable Relay Timer Cycle Module Switch Trigger Time Delay Circuit Board

    Description: Product introduction:see the picture.   Operation mode: P1: After triggered signal, power relay on time OP, then turn off; within the OP period following operation: 1) P1.1: signal being triggered again is not effective 2) P1.2: signal being triggered again, start time again 3) P1.3: signal being triggered again, reset; disconnect relay, stop timing P2: giving the trigger signal, the time after shutdown relay CL power relay OP time; then timing, turn off the relay P3.1: give the trigger signal after the power relay on time OP, CL shutdown time relay; then operating cycle above cycle gaive signal again, shutdown relay stop timing; cycle times (LOP) can be set P3.2: after connecting. no need to trigger signal, power relay on time OP, CL shutdown time relay; then the operating cycle above timea cycle (LOP) can be set Q4: keeping the function of the signal; if there is no trigger signal, the time will be canceled, relay stay connected; when the signal disappears, timing OP turn off the relay; over time, if no signal again, the time is cleared   Expansion Function Key STOP: Activate Relay mode:as the picture showed. Sleep Mode: C-P Sleep mode: within 5 minutes, no operation; nixie tube will close auto display, and a function program well The d-Normal M...

    • Brand: cici store
    • ASIN: B073TRD4NL
    • UPC: 751801664150

  • 12V DC Relay Module, DROK Multifunctional DC 12 Volt 1 Channel Relay Board Programmable Cycle Relay Module 10A Portable Timer Switch Board Power Switch Circuit 18 Modes

    Parameters: Input voltage: DC 12V Control voltage: AC 0~250V / max.10A; DC 0~30V / max. 10A Size: 2.59x1.57x0.67 inches Module Functions: The 18 functions include: close or disconnect upon a certain set time; limitless cycle timing mode 1 and 2 (cycle time 0.1 seconds to 270 hours adjustable); self-lock relay mode; trigger relay mode; limited cycle timing mode 1 and 2(0.1seconds to 9999 seconds adjustable.). Note: Functions 1-8 automatically start at power on; functions 9-18 require high pulse signal (duration time no less than 20ms) trigger to start. Timing pull Timing disconnect Timing pull then disconnect Timing disconnect then pull Limitless cycle timing mode 1 and 2 Limited cycle timing mode 1 and 2 Self-lock relay mode Trigger relay mode Trigger timing pull Trigger timing disconnect Trigger timing pull then disconnect Trigger timing disconnect then pull Limitless cycle timing mode 1 and 2 Limited cycle timing mode 1 and 2 Package includes: 1 x 1 Channel Relay Module

    • Brand: DROK
    • ASIN: B018XAZRZ6

  • DC 6-30V Digital LED Relay Board Cycle Timing Circuit Switch Timer Delay Trigger Module Micro USB 5V

    This is a timer delay trigger module with LED display. The module has 6~30V wide voltage, and it supports micro USB 5.0V power supply. The time adjustable range is from 0.1s to 999 minutes, so you can easily adjust the time according to your need. Besides, you can set different OP, CL, LOP parameters, and these parameters were independent of each other and saved respectively. Even when there is a power failure, all set parameters can be automatically saved. Specifications: Voltage: 6V~30V(support micro USB 5.0V) Trigger Signal Source: High voltage level trigger(3.0V~24V), signal ground and system ground are not connected to improve system anti-interference ability(or you can connect them). Load Capacity: DC 30V 5A, AC 220V 5A Quiescent Current: 20mA Operating Current: 50mA Operating Temperature: -40℃~85℃ Size: 6.2×3.8×1.7cm / 2.44×1.49×0.67" Timing Range: 0.1seconds to 999 minutes(continuously adjustable) Package Includes: 1×Timer Switch Module

    • Brand: Walfront
    • ASIN: B074TBRRTY
    • UPC: 736691436698

  • DZS Elec 5V-30V 1 Channel Wilde Voltage 0-24s Adjustable Delay Internal/External Trigger Relay Board with Timer Delay Conduction Delay Circuit Switch with USB to Micro USB Power Line

    Feature: Size: 5.4*1.9*1.8cm Work Voltage: Wide voltage 5-30V Output Load: AC 0-220V 10A, DC 0-30V 10A Input Mode: Micro USB interface and solder terminal, two power supply modes. Signal terminal block has a pull-up and filter circuit designed, strong ability of anti-jamming, suitable for common circuit control or industrial control, can be applied to security alarm delay, building electric light on/off, on-board equipment delay conduction to prevent the excessive current burning out the on-board equipment when the car start, and the occasions that need to be started orderly to prevent the over current burning out the equipment when they start at one time. Operating Mode: After powering up the module, the output status: normally open (NO) and the common interface (COM) disconnected, normally closed (NC) and the common terminal (COM) connected. Providing a low pulse signal to external trigger, or light touch trigger, at that moment, relay pull and indicator lights up, the output state is: normally open (NO) and Common interface (COM) connected, normally closed (NC) and the common interface(COM) is disconnected. After 0-24 seconds (this time can be adjusted according to your needs) relay disconnecting, back to the state before triggering. Package Include: 1pcs 1 Channel Adjustable...

    • Brand: DZS Elec
    • ASIN: B0721M35KH
    • UPC: 746860363496

  • Lysignal 400w Trigger Cycle Timer Dual MOS Tube Control Board Time Delay Switch Circuit Replace Relay Module for Motor, Light Bulbs, LED Lights, DC Motors, Micro Pumps, Solenoid Valves

    Module features: 1.Can achieve fast and frequent turn-on and off the circuit, an unlimited times of switching. 2.The on-off process does not produce noise, no spark, no electromagnetic interference. 3.Longer life than conventional electromagnetic relays. 4.Using dual MOS parallel active output, lower internal resistance, more current, power is strong, to meet the use of most equipment. 5.Emergency stop function (STOP key), with reverse protection, reverse does not burn. 6.Sleep mode, if there is no operation within 5 minutes, the display will be turned off automatically, press any button will wake it up. 7.You can set different OP, CL, LOP parameters,these parameters are independent of each other and are saved separately. Application: Used to control the motor, light bulbs, LED lights, DC motors, micro pumps, solenoid valves and so on,through this module, you can easily control these devices Specification: 1.Operating voltage: DC 5V - 36V 2.Trigger signal source: High level trigger(DC 3.0V-24V) 3.Output voltage: DC 5V-36V 4.Output power: 400W 5.Output current: 15A (continuous, under room temperature.The max. current can up to 30A) 6.Quiescent Current: 15mA 7.Working temperature: -40-85 ℃ 8.Size: 6.0×3.4×1.2cm Note: 1. The module is an active output, the output voltage is ...

    • Brand: Lysignal
    • ASIN: B073W7Q5FY

  • Mini Timer Time Delay Relay .2 Sec to 1000 Hours. 12V 5A. Power on or Off Delay, Cycling and More

    Universal Timer delay module allows delaying power or disconnecting power after a preset period of time. It could also be configured to cycle power ON and OFF. The time delay can be set from .1 second to 400 days. The circuit is utilizing embedded microcontroller so the time delay is precisely repeated every time. The time delay is configured by two configuration wires. The circuit can support up to 5 amps. Current capacity can be extended by connecting external relay. Timer delay module can be configured to delay power, supply power for a period of time or cycle power with preset delay. There are 25 different timer modes so we sure it will fit your project needs. With external relay control any current or voltage. Great for automotive application, car amplifier control delay, industrial controls, and hobby. Delay from .1 sec to 400 days 6 - 20 Vdc 5 amp 10 amp version is also availableSmall and waterproof. Made in USA Lifetime Warranty We are confident timer will fit your project needs. We have a number of YouTube videos to help with connection and configurations. Optional configuration board: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0711M25K9Manual can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/timer22doc

    • Brand: XDP
    • ASIN: B00PD65UGA
    • UPC: 720825334684

  • AC100V~250V Infinite Cycle Delay Timer Timing Switch Relay Turn On Off Module 0.5s ~ 1000min Adjustable

    This timer relay on off cycle module is designed with high precision. It has a 0.5s~1000min wide adjustable time range, and you can adjust the delay time according to your need both at "RUN" time and "STOP" time, which will surely bring great convenience to you. And the module supports start/stop function, so the relay works according to the setting run and stop time. Besides, you can use this module on timer operating equipment, machine repetitive test circuit and fish tank intermittent pump. Specifications: Voltage: AC100V~250V Power:

    • Brand: Walfront
    • ASIN: B074V863MR
    • UPC: 736691438913

  • KNACRO 8-32V DC Relay Module, KNACRO Multifunctional DC 8-32 Volt 4 Channel Relay Board Programmable Cycle Relay Module 10A Portable Timer Switch Board Power Switch Circuit 18 Modes

    FRM04 multifunction relay control module, designed specifically for a variety of users with different needs, the use of micro-controller as the primary Control unit, preset 18 kinds of functions. Dimensions:110mm * 76MM*20MM(L*W*H); Screw size:4*3mm(diameter); Screw holes center distance:102mm*66MM Function: 1.Timing pull in 2.Timing disconnected 3.Timing pull in and disconnected. 4.Timing off then pull in 5.Infinite loop timing mode 1 6.Infinite loop timing mode 2 7.Finite loop timing mode 1 8.Finite loop timing mode 2 9.Self-lock relay mode 10.Trigger relay mode 11.Trigger timing pull in 12.Trigger timing disconnected 13.Trigger timing pull in and disconnected. 14.Trigger timing disconnected and pull in 15.Infinite loop timing mode 1 16.Infinite loop timing mode 2 17.Finite loop timing mode 1 18.Finite loop timing mode 2 Module Interface: Module control terminal: 3-wire port, all interfaces are terminal,very easy to use. DC +:DC positive power(with 8-32V) DC-:DC negative power. CH1:input detected port, high level effective. CH2:input detected port, high level effective. CH3:input detected port, high level effective. CH4:input detected port, high level effective. Relay outputs: 3-wire port(channel), all interfaces are terminals NO:relay normally open po...

    • Brand: KNACRO
    • ASIN: B07H1BD5X1
    • UPC: 724873025433