• GEREE On/Off Delay Relay Module 12V Relay Board External Trigger Automotive Relay

    Function: Plug On S6 ,delay turn off plug on s7, delay turn on Electrical parameter: Input voltage: 12V Quiescent dissipation: 5.5mA Maximum power consumption:42mA Relay load capacity: 250V 10A AC (2500W ideal power AC) 30V 10A DC (300W ideal power DC) Package: 1*12V delay relay Turn on/ Turn off module

    • Color: 12V Timer Relay
    • Brand: GEREE
    • ASIN: B01DDCLA3M

  • John Deere Original Equipment Module #AM128906

    John Deere Original Equipment Module #AM128906

    • Brand: John Deere
    • ASIN: B009DMHY6O

  • DC 12V Delay Relay Board Delay Turn On/Turn Off Switch Module with Timer

    12V delay relay Turn on / Turn off module Description : 12V delay turn on or delay off module 1. With 8 time ranges selected shortest 0.1s most up to 1 hour 2. Protection against power reversal protection diode, better protection module 3. Can be accessed by a large current load (250V ac 10A or 30V dc 10A) 4. With delay adjustment potentiometer clockwise adjustment time longer Function: Plug On S6 ,delay turn off plug on s7, delay turn on Electrical parameter: Input voltage: 12V Quiescent dissipation: 5.5mA Maximum power consumption:42mA Relay load capacity: 250V 10A AC (2500W ideal power AC) 30V 10A DC (300W ideal power DC Package: 1*12V delay relay Turn on/ Turn off module

    • Color: A
    • ASIN: B00VFUG3KK

  • uniquegoods 5V DC Multifunction Self-lock Relay PLC Cycle Timer Module Delay Time Switch

    FRM01 multifunction relay control module, designed specifically for a variety of users with different needs, the use of micro-controller as the primary Control unit, preset 18 kinds of functions, and can be based on user needs,customize and add other specific functions.Dimensions:66mm * 40MM *20MM(L*W*H);Screw size:4*3mm(diameter);Screw holes center distance:59mm*33MM Function: 1.Timing pull in 2.Timing disconnected 3.Timing pull in and disconnected. 4.Timing off then pull in 5.Infinite loop timing mode 1 6.Infinite loop timing mode 2 7.Finite loop timing mode 1 8.Finite loop timing mode 2 9.Self-lock relay mode 10.Trigger relay mode 11.Trigger timing pull in 12.Trigger timing disconnected 13.Trigger timing pull in and disconnected. 14.Trigger timing disconnected and pull in 15.Infinite loop timing mode 1 16.Infinite loop timing mode 2 17.Finite loop timing mode 1 18.Finite loop timing mode 2 Module Interface: Module control terminal: 3-wire port, all interfaces are terminal,very easy to use. DC +:DC positive power(with 5V, 12V and 24V modules to choose from) DC-:DC negative power. CH1:input detected port, high level effective. Relay outputs: 3-wire port, all interfaces are terminals NO:relay normally open port, relay pull in before as the vacant,after pull in with the COM1 shor...

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: uniquegoods
    • ASIN: B019SIL012
    • UPC: 629093910586

  • UCTRONICS DC 12V Time Delay Relay Module for Smart Home, Tachograph, GPS, PLC Control, Industrial Control, Electronic Experiment, Arduino Robot

    Product description The DC 12V time delay relay module is versatile and adjustable. The delay time can be adjusted with potentiometer at shortest 0.1s up to 1h. User can delay time as needed, wildly used in Smart home, Tachograph, GPS, PLC control, industrial control, electronic experiment, Arduino robot etc. Features: Input voltage: 12V Quiescent dissipation: 5.5mA Maximum power consumption:42mA Relay load capacity: 250V 10A AC (2500W ideal power AC) 30V 10A DC (300W ideal power DC) Functions: Plug on S6 ,delay turn off Plug on S7, delay turn on Tips:When relay control the AC current 220V or other DC current voltage higher than VCC port, set S5 jumper off, or the high voltage will flow inversely to module and burn down the module. Package including 1pcs Time Relay module

    • Brand: UCTRONICS
    • ASIN: B07BT25J52

  • Anmbest DC 12V Timing Delay Relay Module Cycle Timer LED Time Dual Digital Display Temperature Switch Thermolator

    Technical Specifications: Temperature range: -20 ~ +100 °C Resolution: -9.9 °C ~ 99.9 °C 0.1 °C, other temperature 1 °C Temperature measurement accuracy: 1 °C Refresh frequency: about 0.5S Input power: DC12V Measurement input: 1 meter NTC (10K 0.5%) waterproof sensor Output: All the way 10A relay Environmental requirements: -10 °C ~ +60 °C Humidity 20% ~ 75% Appearance size: 79 * 43mm Hole size: 76 * 39mm LED status Description: Digital tube: display "- - -", 1, check the temperature sensor is missing or damaged 2, heating mode high temperature protection 3, cooling mode low temperature protection. In protection mode the relay is automatically disconnected. The use of buttons: Thermostat panel has three buttons, buttons + button - ,set the button SET Button +: to achieve rapid accumulation of values Button -: to achieve the rapid decline in value Restart: Restart the button Set the key SET: to achieve two-tier interface settings temperature setting interface parameter settings interface Set short press digital tube (down) to quickly set the temperature. SET long press to enter the parameter setting interface, P0-P5 is the corresponding parameter setting item. Under the parameter setting menu, P0-P5 can be switched by pressing the SET briefly. Want to modify a para...

    • Brand: Anmbest
    • ASIN: B07CQNKCG5

  • 154-006-276 Eq Time Delay Module for Raymond

    154-006-276 - Eq Time Delay Module for RaymondTruPar.com offers a wide variety of aftermarket Raymond forklift parts. You can rest assured that this 154-006-276 Eq Time Delay Module for Raymond will perform as well or better than the Raymond Eq Time Delay Module itself, at a fraction of the price.

    • Brand: A&I, TRU
    • ASIN: B075ZK1592

  • DROK 0.1s to 999min Adjustable Electric Timer Relay, DC 12V 50mA Digital Delay Relay, 4-Mode On-Off Delay Timer Switch, Multifunctional Automotive Relay Cycle Time Delay Module with LED Display

    Product Parameters: Working voltage: DC12V Delay timing range: 0.1 seconds(min.) to 999 minutes (max.), adjustable Signal source: Positive side of power supply triggering, Button, PNP sensor, PLC signal Output ability: Can control the devices within DC 30V 5A or AC 220V 5A Quiescent current: 20mA Working current: 50mA Service life: More than 100,000 times Working temperature: -40 to 85 ℃ Dimension: 64.2*34.8*18.5mm Product Features: Output adopts optocoupler isolation, which enhances the capacity of resisting disturbance power consumption. Industrial level circuit board The set parameters will be memorized forever even after power off. Note: The output of the relay is passive contact, which output without electricity and control on/off of one circuit. 4 Modes: ●P-1: Signal triggering, the relay connects. When time is over, the relay disconnects. During the delay time ●P-2: Signal triggering, start timing time T1. When T1 time is over, the relay connects. Then when T2 time is over, the relay disconnects (reset) ●P-3: Recycle: when T1 time is over, the relay connects and then when T2 time is over, the relay disconnects, infinite loop. The value of T1 and T2 is adjustable. If the value of pull in or disconnecting is 0, it can turn off the infinite loop of delayed connectin...

    • Brand: DROK
    • ASIN: B071XNY72Q

  • Generic 12V Delay Timer Switch Adjustable Module 0 to 10 Second NE555

    IAL is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of SODIAL can sell under SODIAL listings. Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration. Delay timer - SODIAL (R) Oscillator Delay Module delay timer switch-shotTime of long hours has minisecondsThe design of simple circuitsPrecision pulse generation / calendaradjustable capacitorApplications and countless information sourcesIncluding operation LED lights and switching LED shutterIt is the chronopotentiometry control, adjustable from 0 to 10 seconds, a larger or by changing the setting of the capacity Material: EpoxyPacking: 1 x delay timer oscillatorNote:Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/-1-3 cm.

    • Color: As Shown
    • Brand: Generic
    • ASIN: B01N3LQXTO
    • UPC: 190459592413