• Happy Weight: Unlocking Body Confidence Through Bioindividual Nutrition and Mindfulness

    Happy Weight changes the weight loss game! Set up as an "anti-diet" manifesto of mindfulness, self-love, body image, and real nutrition. The body positive movement is on the rise and women are listening. We have all grown tired of "the next best weight loss program" and need something more. We have moved passed the polluted media driven idea of beauty and have grown hungry for something to nourish our souls. In this wonderfully and carefully compiled guide to finding your Happy Weight- you will discover the deception of the weight loss industry, the food industry, and the horrid culture of body shaming in America. Through this journey, you will find out how to approach your body as an individual, find how it works uniquely for you and you alone. Caution, you may find yourself in the process! In addition to great tips and action steps, Happy Weight goes into full detail of how to continue your journey even after you have finished the book. This will become a wonderful reference guide and go-to for years to come.


  • Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale from Greater Goods, Black Glass with Backlit Shine Through Display and Weight Measurements (Black)

    DESIGNED FOR YOU: We designed this bathroom/physicians scale as an easy and elegant way to measure weight, so you can meet your health goals. It's designed for everyday use right out of the box, with no complicated set-up-just step on to view your results. The sleek tempered glass platform and large, backlit screen are both stylish and functional. PRODUCT DETAILS: Results are easy to read on an extra-large, backlit LCD screen. Scale calibrates itself automatically-just step on to weigh yourself, and the scale will turn off after you finish. Non-slip, scratch-resistant feet keep the scale in place without damaging your bathroom floor. 4 weighing sensors work together to give more precise readings, with a resolution of +/- 0.2 lb. Large, tempered glass weighing platform supports up to 400 pounds. 2 long-lasting CR2032 batteries included. GREATER SERVICE: We want you to have a great experience with our products. Like everything we make at Greater Goods, our scale is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A 5-year warranty covers damage and defects, and our team of product specialists here in St. Louis, Missouri are ready to respond to any questions or concerns you have. GREATER PURPOSE: We set aside a portion of all Greater Goods purchases to give back to our charity partners. Ba...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Greater Goods
    • ASIN: B077H86415
    • UPC: 875011003896

  • Sea Pearls Uncoated Lace Thru Style Hard Weights, 4Pounds

    These Weights by Sea Pearls are traditional uncoated lace through weights that offer great comfort while wearing and most economical price on the market. They feature curved inner surfaces and use the same inside radius for all sizes. All corners and edges are rounded as well. Thanks to this, the weights fit comfortably around the body. What's also important, the weights are built to last. Antimony Alloy resists deforming and is six times harder then plain lead. The strong, thick cross-section prevents the clamping of weights onto your belt when dropped.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Sea Pearls
    • ASIN: B0034ZM7L8
    • UPC: 110043433540

  • Waist Away: The Chantel Ray Way: The Inspirational Way to Lose Weight Through Intermittent Fasting

    Diets don’t work! Every day there’s a new fad screaming at you to eat this and not that! Get ready to throw out all of the rules and restrictions. I lost weight without counting calories and now I’m teaching you! With a Biblically-based plan backed by groundbreaking research, I’ll teach you to lose weight by -Listening to your body’s hunger -Changing WHEN you eat instead of WHAT you eat and -Never eating more than what you need Change everything you thought you knew about weight loss. Lose weight the Chantel Ray Way!

    • ASIN: 1983691925

  • PTFE Flow Through Tubing Weight for 3/16 to 1/4" ID Tubing.

    Choose from fittings, valves, dispensing nozzles, cables, switches and other remote control accessories. All designed and selected to enhance the functionality of your Master flex tubing pump system. View our Master flex pump tubing category for a complete selection of Master flex pump tubing for use in Master flex peristaltic pumps. Flow-through PTFE tubing weight anchors tubing in receiving vessel. Accepts tubing with ID of 3/16'' to 1/4''. fits Master flex pump tubing sizes L/s 15, L/s 16, and L/s 25. Securely anchor tubing in receiving vessel during dispensing or fluid transfer applications.

    • Brand: Cole-Parmer
    • ASIN: B00PQZYCJ4

  • JAM Paper Plastic Light Weight Two Pocket Presentation Folder - Clear - 12 Folders/Pack

    JAM Paper® Clear Plastic Regular Weight Two Pocket Presentation Folders are 9 x 12 inches in size and are made out of damage-resistant plastic. On the insides, these folders feature two pockets. The right side pockets contain convenient slots for keeping and displaying business cards, brochures, and other small paper items. These folders are sold in packs of 6. Each has the capacity to fit up to 20 standard sized sheets of paper and is fully transparent, allowing for the easy viewing of their contents from the outside. Use them to reliably carry, store, and organize all of your notes and important documents at work or at school. Size: 9in x 12in | Color: Clear | Quantity: 12

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: JAM Paper
    • ASIN: B00IDF7AAM
    • UPC: 799418496023

  • Annie By PBA02030 Light Weight Mesh Fabric, 18" by 54", Black

    By Annie mesh fabric lightweight 18 inch x 54 inch Black. Lightweight 18 inch x 54 inch Black. By Annie mesh fabric is perfect for bags, see through pockets, and more. This fabric is slightly stretchy for expandability, easy to sew, washer and dryer safe and won't add bulk.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Annie
    • ASIN: B01HBHB4RW
    • UPC: 815217020303

  • Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale from Greater Goods, Clean White Glass with Backlit Shine Through Display and Highly Accurate Weight Measurements

    FEATURES: Extra-large, backlit LCD screen. Scale calibrates itself automatically-just step on to weigh yourself, and the scale will turn off after you finish. Non-slip, scratch-resistant feet keep the scale in place without damaging your floors. 4 weighing sensors work together to ensure a resolution of +/- 0.2 lb/0.1 kg. Large, tempered glass weighing platform supports up to 400 lbs, with a minimum weight of 11 lbs. 2 long-lasting CR2032 batteries included.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Greater Goods
    • ASIN: B07B44CM3Z

  • Body Coaching: Losing Weight Through Positive Self-Talk

    What if you could lose weight just by talking to yourself?What we say to ourselves and about ourselves matters. Body coaching is a 30 day program of positive self-talk. Taking authority in our spirits over our bodies and giving ourselves the pep talks we’ve desperately needed.It’s not about will powering your way through another diet or exercise program, it’s about partnering your body, mind, and spirit together so that you can experience the breakthroughs you’ve been longing for.If you need to drop ten pounds by Saturday to fit into a dress, this is not the book for you. But you’ll want to keep reading if any of the following apply:You are done with insanity workouts (yes, they are actually named that)You are done excluding food groupsYou are done not being able to have a normal meal with peopleYou have a bit of patience for healingThe premise of our program is that, each day, you'll spend a few minutes speaking from your spirit to your body. Each day has a different topic with a short explanation of how and why it contributes to your weight, followed by an example of what you can say to your body to initiate healing. We don't give you any rules about food although as a result of speaking to your body, your eating will probably shift a bit. The people who have already...

    • ASIN: 1980424241