• How the Bible Actually Works: In Which I Explain How An Ancient, Ambiguous, and Diverse Book Leads Us to Wisdom Rather Than Answers—and Why That’s Great News

    Controversial evangelical Bible scholar, blogger, podcast host, and author of The Bible Tells Me So and The Sin of Certainty explains that the Bible is not an instruction manual or rule book but a powerful learning tool that nurtures our spiritual growth by refusing to provide us with easy answers but instead forces us to acquire wisdom. For many Christians, the Bible is a how-to manual filled with literal truths about belief about God that must be strictly followed. But the Bible is not static, Peter Enns argues. It does not hold easy answers to the perplexing questions and issues that confront us in our daily lives. Rather, the Bible is a dynamic instrument for study that not only offers an abundance of insights but provokes us to find our own answers to spiritual questions, cultivating God’s wisdom within us. “The Bible becomes a confusing mess when we expect it to function as a rulebook for faith. But when we allow the Bible to determine our expectations, we see that Wisdom, not answers, is the Bible’s true subject matter,” writes Enns. This distinction, he points out, is important because when we come to the Bible expecting it to be a textbook intended by God to give us unwavering certainty about our faith, we are actually creating problems for ourselves. The Bible, ...

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  • The Red Door

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  • Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great—and Why We Need Them More Than Ever

    "Wake Up America is a HUGE book. It will help to Make America Great Again." —President Donald J. TrumpThe New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly Bestseller!Grit, merit, providence, individualism, thrift—and above all, pride in our country: These qualities, among others, are the reason that hundreds of millions of people worldwide look to America for hope, inspiration, and opportunity.But it’s precisely these virtues that now are under attack by the radical Left of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and their followers. America as we know it is eroding before our eyes and becoming what Fox News Channel personality and co-host of “The Five” Eric Bolling calls a “politically correct nanny state.” The rewards for individual achievement and hard work, our basic constitutional rights, religious faith, national identity, and capitalism itself, are being replaced by a dangerous socialistic ideology that is the polar opposite of what our Founding Fathers intended America to be. Wake Up America identifies the nine core virtues of our nation and demonstrates why each one is so important to our history and our future. It’s time for us to wake up and heed the clear-cut warning signs that America is heading in the wrong dir...

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  • 13 Ancient Things That Don't Make Sense in History

    IntroductionAre you a Historic Mushroom?The word ‘Mushroom’ is rarely used in historical connections. However, most of our history books are full of errors and incorrect assumptions. If you have never heard of this term before it is (in the kindest terms) used to describe a person or persons keep in the dark and feed with …………….. manure!So is our history a ‘cock-up’ or is it a ‘conspiracy’? "He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future." 1984George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four is a fictional account of the manipulation of the historical record for nationalist aims and manipulation of power. In the book, the creation of a "national story" by way of management of the historical record is at the heart of the debate about history as propaganda. To some degree, all nations are active in the promotion of such "state stories," with ethnicity, nationalism, gender, power, heroic figures, class considerations and important national events and trends all clashing and competing within the narrative.Such cleaver manipulation is almost impossible to identify if you have been indoctrinated into these ‘lies’ as you have no benchmark to judge them against. However, within those manipulations there will be facts that ju...

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  • How to promote yourself (for free) by writing media releases: Learn to write a press release that grabs attention and makes you look great

    Many people could profit by promoting themselves, or their organizations, through media releases. Here are a few examples:•Organizations who want to promote upcoming events•Candidates for public office•Authors who want to promote their bookThis book is also for writers or editors who want to expand their services by writing media releases.I’ve worked more than 25 years as a journalist and have read thousands of media releases. Furthermore, in 13 years as a professor I’ve taught hundreds of students how to write them. I know what works and what doesn’t. This book will teach you what works.Hands-on practice is crucial in learning to write media releases, and unlike many books, this one provides information from which to practice writing a release. You’ll see sample releases based on that information and compare them to well-written ones so you’ll learn how it’s done.I’ve also included examples of actual media releases I’ve received, both good and bad, and analyzed what works and what doesn’t.Most importantly, every other book or web site I’ve read about writing releases approaches the topic from the standpoint of the writer. This book approaches it from the standpoint of a reporter and editor. I’ll show you how to write a release from the viewpoint of th...

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  • Frost: That Was The Life That Was: The Authorised Biography

    Sir David Frost was the only person to have met and interviewed every British Prime Minister since Harold Wilson as well as seven Presidents of the United States. With unparalleled, authorised access to David’s family and friends, in this book Neil Hegarty documents how he became the most successful TV host in the world, his work defining the mood of the moment.Frost didn’t just report the news, he made the news.

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  • Real Hope for Special Needs Families: How the brain works and why that's great news for your kids

    There is more hope than ever before for families who have children with special needs. This book is an accessible, easy-to-follow guide that will help you understand the problem, identify the symptoms, and experience the hope for improvement offered by the latest brain research. You will learn: Why labels are not helpful and often counter-productive. How to assess your child’s nutrition, physical activity, and social/emotional development. The advances in neurological research and the hope these discoveries offer to parents. What the left and right hemispheres of the brain do and why it matters. What are Primitive Reflexes, how to identify them, and how this can transform your child. What you can start doing today to see improvement. by using individualized nutrition plans, activities, and resources.

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  • The Century that Made America Great ( Vol. 2 ): Wonders of the Century

    VHS The Century that Made America Great ( Vol. 2 ): Wonders of the Century

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