• Daniel Donato - The New Master of the Telecaster: Pathways to Dynamic Solos

    (Guitar Educational). This exclusive instructional book with video includes guitar lessons taught by young Nashville phenom Daniel Donato. The "New Master of the Telecaster" shows you his unique "pathways" concept, opening your mind and fingers to uninhibited fretboard freedom, increased music theory comprehension, and more dynamic solos! The video features Daniel Donato himself providing full-band performances and a full hour of guitar lessons. The book includes guitar tab for all the lessons and performances. Topics covered include: using chromatic notes * application of bends * double stops * analyzing different styles * and more.

    • ASIN: B00KVFM86S

  • Arlen Roth's Masters of the Telecaster

    The Telecaster is the only guitar to have ever spawned its own cult following of "Teleplayers." The Tele's raw, penetrating sound, combined with unique physical characteristics such as a deeply scooped headstock and placement of its volume and tone controls, enables Teleplayers to exploit techniques and sounds not available on other guitars. In this video, Telemaster Arlen Roth teaches you all the classic licks and riffs of the great Telemasters, as well as techniques such as PEDAL STEEL BENDS, BEHIND-THE-NUT BENDS, CHICKIN PICKIN', CLASSIC ROCKABILLY, RHYTHM STYLES, BLUES TECHNIQUES, SHUFFLE PATTERNS, FULL CHORD BENDS, BANJO ROLLS, and much more. Plus, Arlen review the styles of all the Tele greats, like ALBERT LEE, DANNY GATTON, KEITH RICHARDS, STEVE CROPPER, and JAMES BURTON. You'll see lots of actual footage of the Telemasters like DANNY GATTON, ALBERT LEE, JAMES BURTON, ALBERT COLLINS, and many more!

    • ASIN: B0002T2QZG
    • UPC: 654979077572

  • Soliton STC Iphone Android WiFi Telecaster

    Soliton Live video and audio transmission system .oliton STC Iphone Android WiFi Telecaster Price includes 10 Apps and STC Multiview "Smart-telecaster (STC) for iPhone" transmits live video from iPhone video cameras via the iPhone's data carrier (3G, 4G-LTE, Wi-Fi). Its proprietary "Receiving viewer" simultaneously manages up to 12 live video feeds from iPhones. The STC for iPhone consists of an App "STC CAM for iPhone" now available on Apple's App Store and Receiving & Viewing software "STC Multi-View 1. Proprietary Protocol A proprietary protocol developed to ensure stable, high-quality image transmission over mobile-access networks. 2. Dynamic Adjust Compression ratios and frame rates are dynamically adjusted according to the bit rate, to ensure a smooth, lag-free transmission. (A self-sustaining recovery is made at the time of network restoration.) 3. Audio Highest Priority 4. Stable Transmissions ARQ QoS network optimization methods are used to keep the transmission stable, even under data-loss conditions. Pre-eminent Portability Smart-telecaster is portable video encoder. Video is compressed in real-time and transmitted over mobile network. Specially designed bag is ideal to carry and operate.

    • Brand: STC Smart Telecaster
    • ASIN: B00O7TEBF0
    • UPC: 088057296898

  • PlayStation 3 Rock Band 3 Wireless Fender Telecaster Player's Edition - Gunmetal

    The Rock Band 3 Fender Telecaster Player's Edition is the must-have guitar for every Rock Band enthusiast. The custom metallic finish and strap both ensure your axe will look as though you have been rocking the crowd on tour for years. The Player's Telecaster also features the addition of Fast Action SHREDDERZ fret buttons, the action on these buttons is unique to the Telecaster and give that extra edge to blow through the fastest solos and chord progression in the game. Overdrive action has never been easier with the new touch sense button, no more missed notes from tilting your guitar! The upgraded Strum Bar lets you feel each notes like never before, while the new Bigsby whammy plate will allow you to bend notes at will and in style.

    • Brand: Mad Catz
    • ASIN: B0045FPV7S
    • UPC: 728658024000

  • Telecasters & Stratocasters: Klassic Kotzen

    A must have collection from the world renowned singer/songwriter and musician Richie Kotzen. The 3 CD box set contains the albums, 'Break It All Down', Something To Say', and 'What Is' plus bonus tracks from the album Wave Of Emotion. Kotzen has used Fender electric guitars for most of his career, most notably his signature model Telecasters and Stratocasters, as well as other custom-made models.

    • Brand: The Store For Music
    • ASIN: B077Y63H2R

  • Masters of the Telecaster [VHS]

    Masters of the Telecaster [VHS] [VHS Tape] (2000)

    • ASIN: B00005AQ6V
    • UPC: 029156998368