• CURT 45820 Sway Tab Ball Mount

    CURT specialty ball mounts are a group of exceptional towing products, built to succeed where others fear to tread. From the back roads of overrun forests to the muddy fields of small town farms, towing looks a little different, and that means different demands on your towing equipment. CURT offers a full lineup of unique ball mounts that are made to tackle the rougher side of towing while still being able to fit a standard 2" x 2" receiver tube.This sway control ball mount is perfect for adding a sway control unit to your vehicle-trailer combination without using a weight distribution hitch. It features a standard ball mount design for towing a trailer but also comes with a welded sway control tab to attach the CURT sway control unit #17200. While the trailer ball platform is equipped with a 1" hole to accept a standard trailer ball, the sway control tab offers a 5/8" diameter to mount the CURT sway control ball #40093.This specialty ball mount has a gross trailer weight capacity of 7,500 lbs. and a tongue weight capacity of 750 lbs., making it an excellent choice for larger trailers that may require sway control. For long-lasting reliability, it comes finished in our gloss black powder coating to provide the corrosion, scratch and UV resistance needed to survive anything you th...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Curt Manufacturing
    • ASIN: B003AT6EYO
    • UPC: 612314013203

  • Pro Series 83660 Value Friction Sway Control

    Friction Sway Control uses friction to resist pivotal movement and thereby works against the effects of induced sway. It operates on the principle of "stiffening" the coupling between the tow vehicle and trailer. The degree of "stiffening" or friction is adjusted to suit various trailer weights and towing conditions. Its operation is simple and uncomplicated. It doesn't prevent the generation of sway; it simply works to resist the forces once they have started.

    • Brand: Pro Series
    • ASIN: B0016KJ5MC
    • UPC: 016118052671

  • Husky 30849 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

    Weight distribution hitches evenly distribute weight over the entire length of tow vehicle and trailer, resulting in a more level ride with more control and stability, better braking, less strain on vehicle and increased towing capacity. It comes with Bolt-Together ball mount and shank assembly 1200 pounds max tongue. Raised ball platform for greater coupler clearance.

    • Brand: Husky
    • ASIN: B004RCSKPO
    • UPC: 088805308491

  • Fastway e2 2-Point Sway Control Round Bar Hitch, 94-00-1000, 10,000 Lbs Trailer Weight Rating, 1,000 Lbs Tongue Weight Rating, Weight Distribution Kit Includes Standard Hitch Shank, Ball NOT Included

    For the best and safest towing experience, you need the e2 hitch, providing you with faster and easier weight distribution and sway control. Old chain-style hitches don’t provide built-in sway control and add-ons are a hassle to remove when backing-up and making tight turns. The e2 hitch’s rigid brackets give you permanent sway control, so you can get on the road faster and enjoy your drive, without having to worry about extra add-ons to connect and remove for backing or making tight turns. With the e2 hitch there’s nothing extra to buy and install, store, remove before you can back into your campsite, or to make a u-turn. For a faster, easier and safer towing experience, get a Fastway e2 hitch today. The e2 hitches have the convenience of Integrated Sway Control built into the hitch; so you have sway control engaged whenever you are hitched up and towing. The e2 utilizes unique sway control brackets instead of old ‘add-on’ sway bars or cam type attachments that are added to chain style hitches. Integrated sway control offers many benefits including no backing or turning restrictions, and simple and easy to understand adjustments. Built with sway control in mind, the e2 hitch is better than a chain style hitch with add-on sway control devices. The unique rigid sway cont...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Fastway
    • ASIN: B0071L3IFK
    • UPC: 856301002232

  • Reese 26003 Reese Sway Control Adapter

    This Reese sway control adapter bracket is for Class III and IV two-inch square ball mounts. Simply remove hitch ball, place adapter bracket on ball shank and reinstall hitch ball. Bracket is reversible for use on road or curbside of trailer. The ball mount platform must be 2-1/2" wide and have a 1" ball hole. The adapter is made of 3/8" thick material and mounts under the hitch ball. When installed, the shank length of the hitch ball must be long enough to allow at least two threads to be visible when the hitch ball is installed and the nut is completely tightened. A hitch ball with an extra long shank may be required.

    • Brand: Reese
    • ASIN: B0008F68MG
    • UPC: 016118031508

  • Pro Series Reese 49902 Complete Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit - 750 lbs. TW

    The innovative Complete Round Bar weight distribution is engineered to provide the features you expect in a weight distribution kit at an economical price. Gross Trailer Weight: 10,000 lbs. Tongue Weight: 750 lbs.

    • Brand: Pro Series
    • ASIN: B007HGGD1K
    • UPC: 016118107586

  • Husky 32217 Center Line TS with Spring Bars - 600 lb. to 800 lb. Tongue Weight Capacity (2-5/16" Ball)

    The Center Line TS provides Sway Control, superior performance and value Center Line TS is a new, advanced, lighter, and more compact design based on the award winning Center Line HD. Lift brackets, head and spring bars all work together to deliver a very smooth and highly responsive ride - a ride that is noticeably quieter than other products on the market. Trunnion style spring bars are matched to popular weight ranges, delivering unmatched integrated weight distribution and sway control, superior performance, more ground clearance, and an unmatched value. The Center Line TS has been in development by Husky's engineering team for nearly three years. We brought advanced design, the latest in technology and materials science to a product that greatly improves the towing experience. Center Line TS replaces products that have been relatively unchanged for more than two decades. The result is the most dramatic new weight distribution system on the market today. Integrating weight distribution and sway control, the Center Line TS delivers superior performance, and resolves many of the shortcomings of older technology products. Weight Distribution and Sway Control Engineered to Perform! The Center Line TS top plate is forged 1035 steel. Forged 1035 produces a much stronger hitch with ...

    • Brand: Husky
    • ASIN: B00W919F4K
    • UPC: 088805322176

  • Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch, 90-00-1000, 10,000 Lbs Trailer Weight Rating, 1,000 Lbs Tongue Weight Rating, Weight Distribution Kit Includes Standard Hitch Shank, Ball NOT Included

    The Equal-i-zer hitch's integrated 4-Point Sway Control resists more sway than any hitch on the market, making it the best performing weight distribution hitch. Trailer owners across the country have voted the Equal-i-zer hitch the #1 hitch on the road for six consecutive years.The 90-00-1000 Equal-i-zer hitch offers a 1,000 lb. maximum tongue weight and a 10,000 lb. maximum trailer weight. The shank allows a 3" drop and a 7" rise, measures 12" long, and fits 2" trailer hitch receivers.Why Should You Purchase an Equal-i-zer Hitch?For over 70 years we have been keeping families safe on the road. The Equal-i-zer hitch's integrated 4-Point Sway Control technology provides the safest towing possible and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Over 99% of our customers recommend the Equal-i-zer hitch to their friends, and our hitch has received national recognition for superior sway control and weight distribution. Every hitch is built from the highest-quality American steel, by people who care about your safety and take pride in their work.Whether you pass a semi-truck, experience gusty winds, or have to make a quick maneuver, our hitch will ensure your trailer stays right behind you, protecting both your trailer and your family.The Equal-i-zer hitch eliminates the need for add-on sway con...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Equal-i-zer
    • ASIN: B004TR8F5C
    • UPC: 700115607711