• Sunken Gardens: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planting Freshwater Aquariums

    The essential guide to creating your own underwater world.Sunken Gardens is packed with everything you need to plan, design, and maintain a planted freshwater aquarium. Karen Randall shares her years of expertise and makes this enchanting hobby accessible to everyone. You’ll learn everything from the biology of aquatic plants and basic aquarium chemistry to tank maintenance and troubleshooting. Plant profiles highlight the best options for a range of tank situations, and a chapter devoted to aquascaping styles provides basic design principles and inspiring examples. With hundreds of color photographs and clear, reliable advice, Sunken Gardens is an essential introduction to a fascinating pastime.  

    • Brand: Timber Press OR
    • ASIN: 1604695927

  • Aquatic Plants & Their Cultivation: A Complete Guide for Water Gardeners

    Nothing adds tranquillity, movement, interest, and style to a garden like a water feature. But without the proper plantings, a garden's pond becomes little more than an oversized puddle. Packed with superb full-color photographs of thriving water gardens, this detailed manual will help you select, cultivate, and care for aquatic plants in your garden. Learn the basics of planting, fertilizing, propagating, caring for plants year-round, and controlling pests and disease. Then choose the plants that suit your water garden and your tastes. Extensive fully illustrated directories list the commonly available submerged aquatic plants for ornamental ponds, floating aquatics and aquatics with floating leaves, hardy and tropical water lilies, lotuses, marginal aquatics, and water irises. For each plant you'll get its scientific and common names, a description of its appearance and habits, and important information on potting, growing, and propagation. This valuable resource will help ensure the success of your garden. The definitive book for water gardeners!

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    • ASIN: 0806999799

  • Aquascaping: Aquarium Landscaping Like a Pro, Second Edition: Aquarist's Guide to Planted Tank Aesthetics and Design

    Black and White Interior Aquascaping is a fascinating hobby that has evolved over centuries. The idea of making an environment that supports life and is aesthetically appealing is an exciting quest for many people. Technology has evolved to support more species, in cleaner and longer lasting environments. This book will give you the facts to start your own aquarium and learn aquascaping freshwater and salt water tanks, from styles and design to set up with planting, lighting, substrates, coral, and ornaments, including live rock. You will also gain the knowledge ofthe nitrogen cycle and water testing for aquarium maintenance.

    • ASIN: 1927870100

  • Aquarium Designs Inspired by Nature

    This lavishly photo-filled volume demonstrates that having an aquarium to be proud of means much more than keeping fish in a glass tank. The aquarium enthusiast who takes his hobby seriously reproduces a part of the aquatic natural environment in miniature inside his home. Author Peter Hiscock offers practical instructions on setting up a freshwater tropical aquarium. He describes substrate, aquarium plants, and appropriate combinations of fish. Much of this book focuses on fish and plant life in nature, and then offers details on replicating natural settings in the aquarium. Both plants and fish varieties are shown in vivid color photos and described in detail. More than 450 color photos and illustrations.

    • Brand: Barron's Publishing
    • ASIN: 0764155490
    • UPC: 027011055492

  • Ecology of the Planted Aquarium

    Book presents scientific information that hobbyists can use to set up and maintain successful planted freshwater aquaria. Book contains practical tips using a question-and-answer format in boxes scattered throughout the text. Hobbyists learn how to keep a healthy and inexpensive aquarium. Although the author prefers low-tech methods, she lays out the science that underlies all methods. The author shows that hobbyists can create thriving planted freshwater tanks WITHOUT CO2 injection, fertilizers, expensive lighting, and other high-tech gadgets.

    • ASIN: 0967377366

  • Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies

    Covers the latest aquarium gadgetsDesign a dazzling underwater environment with this bestsellingguide!Setting up your first freshwater aquarium can be a daunting task.This friendly guide answers all your questions, from setting upyour tank and selecting fish to the water, chemicals, plants, andmuch more. There's also expanded guidance on combining differentspecies of fish, maintaining a tank, cleaning gravel, and dealingwith common problems such as algae.Discover how to* Choose the right aquarium* Select the best fish* Get good deals on equipment* Maintain a clean, healthy environment* Handle tank pitfalls* Breed your fish

    • Brand: For Dummies
    • ASIN: 0470051035
    • UPC: 785555002371

  • Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants

    This heavily illustrated volume will prove a blessing to every aquarium hobbyist who has had to settle for superficial plant descriptions in general fish-keeping books. It presents a detailed A-to-Z directory covering hundreds of aquarium plants with high quality color photos and succinct profiles of each plant. Information includes the plant's common name, botanical designation, growth cycle, and general description. The book's additional sections offer details on how to grow and propagate aquatic plants, and how to protect them from parasites and other problems. This handsome volume features approximately 450 color photos and illustrations.

    • Brand: Barron's Publishing
    • ASIN: 0764155210

  • Planted Aquariums: Creation and Maintenance

    Planted Aquariums: Creation and Maintenance starts with a discussion of light, soil, and water requirements for keeping plants in aquariums. The next chapter gives the reader guidelines for choosing the right plants for their tanks. The major portion teaches how to plan for, purchase, and install plants in the aquarium. There is a detailed section that is useful for someone who just wants to put a few hardy plants into a small tank as well as for the serious hobbyist aiming to create a show tank. Sections on plant care, water quality, problem solving, and fish in planted aquariums round out the picture. A special section on Dutch and Japanese planted tanks provides a wider perspective. "Hands on" information is available for hobbyists who want their tanks to shine. Although the book is comprehensive, the beginner can learn how to create and maintain a simple tank or a more complex one.

    • ASIN: 1575242656

  • The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums (Second Edition)

    The key to becoming a dedicated aquarium hobbyist is to succeed with your first aquarium. The Simple Guide to® Freshwater Aquariums concentrates on providing you with a complete plan and all the information you need to choose and use the right-for-you aquarium equipment and the right-for-you fish and plants: it wants you to succeed. The information is presented in a completely straightforward text that's easy to read, easy to understand - and very definitely easy to put to good use.

    • Brand: TFH
    • ASIN: 0793821223