• Zumba Fitness Tone Up DVD System

    TONE UP WHILE YOU GET DOWN ARMS, BACK AND CORE SCULPTING SYSTEM Zumba Fitness brings the party home with the Tone Up DVD System featuring 5 DVDs, Toning Sticks, a Program guide, and a Nutrition Guide. Redefine your upper body workout with this ultimate arm party! The Zumba Tone Up DVD System will strengthen your shoulders, back, arms and core while you get lost in amazingly fun dance-fitness workouts. Easy-to-follow moves set to Latin and World rhythms will have you burning calories and seeing a more defined upper body in no time. INCLUDES DVD-1 TONING 101- Learn the basic Zumba Toning steps needed to get you geared up and headed towards some serious fun and results. AMAZING ABS- Enjoy Zumba Sentao chair techniques paired with awesome dance-fitness steps for a quick ab-blasting, core-shaping workout! DVD 2- TARGET AND TONE- Two targeted dance-fitness workouts designed to pump you (and that upper body!) up. SHOULDERS/BACK- Bring sexy (to your) back and shoulders with this dance-fitness workout. Lift, sculp and work those muscles! BICEPS/TRICEPS- Target your tri’s and bi’s as you sculpt, dance, sweat and shake-shake-shake! Rock result-driven moves and have some fun. DVD 3- ZUMBA SENTAO- In a fat-burning, total-body Zumba Sentao workout using the chair as your dance partner, t...

    • Brand: Zumba
    • ASIN: B016ANWXW8
    • UPC: 888562067279

  • Real SWIX Nordic Walking Poles. 32 Lengths. Ideal For Fitness Walking, Trekking, Rehab/PT. Free DVD. Made In Lillehammer, Norway. Safer, Lighter, More Durable Than Cheap Collapsible Poles From China.

    #1 Selling Nordic Walking Fitness Poles in the USA! Real Nordic Walking Poles! ALL 32 sizes in stock and ready to ship-FAST shipping. Quality 1-piece construction designed for every day use - dependable, user friendly(unlike cheap/flimsy collapsible poles). The Scandinavians recommend one-piece poles. The athletes I coach only use one-piece poles. Avoid cheap/flimsy twist-locking 2-piece and 3-piece adjustable length/telescoping/collapsible poles. All sizes in stock and ready to ship. Free DVD and printed instructions included with every order. Please send us an Amazon email with the height of the person that these fancy new poles are for. According to Nick Mahood, SWIX Nordic Walking Director, "I have no doubt that Pete Edwards (SKIWALKING.COM) is the #1 retailer of Nordic Walking Poles in the US! You can quote me on that! We are generally an inactive and increasingly overweight country. Nordic Walking is just what we need, it is simple, effective and gives people who have difficulty moving the ability to get out and walk! Through his nationwide efforts to spread the message about Nordic Walking Pete Edwards has given thousands of people the means to improve their health and well being! Pete Edwards has single handedly introduced Nordic Walking to thousands of Americans through ...

    • Brand: American Nordic Walking System
    • ASIN: B0016688JM

  • Slim Exercise Waist Thigh Massage Belt Vibration Electronic Fitness System for Weight Loss Body Shaper K-1003 US Plug

    Descriptions:Assists in detaching fat which is then removed via the lymphatic system.Assists in slimming, digestion and relaxationPromote good digestion and a clear complexing through improving the body's ability to absorb nutrientsTones your arm, shoulders, thighs, calves, waist and moreEach session combines oscillating massage with mild heatHeat diffusion to ease blood circulation.Specification:Power input: 100V-240V 50HZPower Output: DC 12VPower consumption: 55WPlug Type: USColor: BlackBag size:470*210*100mmPacking Content:1 x Vibro shape belt1 x Hand-held control1 x AC adaptorNOTE: 1. The Manual included is a general instructions, "Power Output: DC 24V" in it does not reflect this product.2. If you have special requirements, please mark in the eBay orders; otherwise, we are not responsible for this.

    • Brand: Dooret
    • ASIN: B07GH5K5S3
    • UPC: 193288232710

  • SuperSpeed Golf Men's Training System (3 Piece Set)

    We believe that every player deserves and is capable of hitting the ball farther. Whether you are an accomplished competitive player or a weekend warrior, adding distance to your tee shots will help you lower your scores and have more fun on the golf course. Everyone wants to bomb it off the tee and take that walk to 30 yards ahead of your nearest playing companion. For many golfers this sounds far too good to be possible. With all of the gimmicks and false claims of many training aids on the market, we understand! That is one of the primary reasons that our team of expert coaches and fitness professionals at SuperSpeed Golf decided to launch this training system to the public. Our team has been working with the concepts of overspeed training for many years with our own private clients. We have found that using lighter weight clubs in specific training can help every golf increase swing speed, maximize biomechanical efficiency of the swing, improve consistency in ball striking, and reduce many common swing flaws caused by inefficient sequencing of the golf swing. We spent years determining the optimal weighting breakdown of our SuperSpeed Golf Clubs and the most effective training protocols to maximize our player’s progress. The result is the SuperSpeed Golf Men’s Tra...

    • Color: green, blue, and red
    • Brand: Superspeed
    • ASIN: B073SZXD2Q
    • UPC: 761994179539

  • Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD (Multi, Small)

    view larger Shed the Pounds. Feel the Thrill. Are you ready to party yourself into shape? Move it, shake it and rock it out with red hot dance steps and pulsating Latin and world rhythms. With the four-disc Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System, you won't want to stop. Crank up the music, torch the calories, and turn your at-home workout into a rockin' dance fitness party. Now you can own the Exhilarate Body Shaping System as a four-DVD set. You'll get five exhilarating workouts with varying levels of intensity: Step by Step – A basic guide to break down the steps Activate – A 45-minute, easy-to-follow class to get you started Ripped: Zumba Toning – The body sculpting workout using our exclusive maraca like Zumba Toning Sticks Mix – A rhythmic journey around the world Exhilarate – The original full-length fitness party experience Bonus 5th DVD: Rush – A 20-minute workout to amp you up The set also includes one pair of 1lb. Zumba Toning Sticks to help you shake, rattle and rock your way to sexy, leaner muscles, as well as the Exhilarate Program Guide featuring a 10-day weight loss plan and more. The fourth DVD has two workouts, "Mix" and "Ripped-Toning." "Ripped-Toning" only consists of a workout with Toning Sticks. What's in the Set Total DVD run time: 2:06...

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Zumba
    • ASIN: B008ZB4C50
    • UPC: 033586464560

  • Soma System Detachable Muscle Roller Stick for Relief from Muscle Pain, Soreness, Tightness, and Cramps

    Soma System Detachable Muscle Massage Roller Stick is a therapy stick designed for and used by athletes, runners, physical and massage therapists, as well as other massage enthusiasts to alleviate muscle pain and soreness pre-and-post workout, reduce the risk of injury during exercise, and boost tissue recovery after exercise. With the cost of massage therapy sessions increasing by the day and the risk of muscle injuries even greater due to common sedentary or mildly-active lifestyles, a self-massage tool capable of achieving results mirroring those achieved by massage therapists then becomes imperative. Why Use the Soma System Muscle Massage Roller Stick? - Improve the health of your muscle tissues by increasing the circulation of fresh blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to them while at the same time speeding up the removal of toxic waste and dead skin - Increase the energy, flexibility, mobility in your muscles by getting rid of tension and tightness in them - Decrease muscle stress, cramps , spasms, inflammation, adhessions, and consequently reduce pain, soreness, and the risk of muscular injuries - Improve your body's vital functions including posture, movement, sleep, breathing, balance, and athletic performance. The Soma System Muscle Massage Roller Stick is an effici...

    • Brand: SOMA SYSTEM
    • ASIN: B01MAY8JME
    • UPC: 640746585197

  • POUND® Rockout Results System

    Workout Amplified. Nutrition Simplified. Rockout Results. Burn calories, strengthen and sculpt muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique! The POUND Rockout Results System, our at-home fitness and nutrition product, comes complete with all the tools you need to rock your way to your best self! Inside you'll find 9 dynamic workouts, 50+ healthy and delicious recipes, and more! Using Ripstix, our lightly-weighted exercise drumsticks that "get you ripped," you'll sweat, sculpt and ROCK with a series of fun and effective workouts combining cardio and strength to tone your lower body, sculpt your upper body, and define your abs!

    • Brand: Pound Rockout Workout
    • ASIN: B01BIJWH8E
    • UPC: 853345005939

  • The Stick Original Body Stick Muscle Massager Designed for Individuals with Average Body Mass, 24 Inches, White/Blue (75560)

    Easy-to-use device is designed to massage muscle tissue. It encourages increased circulation to muscle fibers before exercise, and disperses lactic acid after workout, while diffuses muscle stiffness and knots. 3 sizes sold separately to accommodate all body types. Includes instruction sheet. 2 pounds each. 24 inches long with 15 rotating spindles designed for individuals with average body mass. Since 1986, Power Systems' passion for fitness has been fueled by our customers. Power Systems is committed to ensuring people have the tools to lead active lives with professional-grade products, cutting-edge educational materials, and elite customer service. “Power Your Potential” is the philosophy that guides everything Power Systems stands for.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: The Stick
    • ASIN: B000P7RSL2
    • UPC: 693741024000

  • TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles - 2 Packs With Antishock And Quick Lock System, Telescopic, Collapsible, Ultralight For Hiking, Camping, Mountaining, Backpacking, Walking, Trekking (Blue)

    BENEFIT: Enhance breathing Save 30% strength Prevent injuries Ensure safety of outdoor exercises Can enhance walking speed by 15% Reduce pains in joints & muscle SPECIFICATION: Function: Antishock System, Adjustable Length, Antiskid, Damping Handle Material: Rubber Strap Material: Polyester Shaft Material: Aluminum Alloy Tip Material: Rubber Telescopic: Yes Full Length: 53.1 Inch (135cm) Closed Length: 25.6 Inch (65cm) Sections: 3 Net Weight: 0.27 kg Q&A 1.Why use trekking poles? Keep balance and improve stability. Reduce energy consumption and increase speed. 2. I can get it to move very little when I trying closing or extending. What should I do? The pole is using a speed-lock to adjust and fix the length, if you haven't loosened it totally, the pole will be hard to move even a little. You need to loosen it by turning it anticlockwise till it can be moved easily. 3.How to use the quick lock? All 3 sections can be fasten by speed-lock. First you just pull the bottom section to the length you want, then hold the 2nd section with both hands and spin it quickly, until it tight, then do the same process again to the top section. When finished, spin it the opposite direction to loosen and then close. 4.How to use the wrist strap? Pick up the wrist strap, press the wrist strap in...

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: TheFitLife
    • UPC: 705615355308