• Staying Healthy (TIME FOR KIDS Nonfiction Readers)

    From eating healthy foods to getting enough sleep, this nonfiction book introduces early readers to the basics of staying healthy. The vivid photos and informational text will encourage even the most reluctant reader to learn about the benefits of cleanliness, exercise, healthy foods, and medical checkups!About Shell Education Rachelle Cracchiolo started the company with a friend and fellow teacher. Both were eager to share their ideas and passion for education with other classroom leaders. What began as a hobby, selling lesson plans to local stores, became a part-time job after a full day of teaching, and eventually blossomed into Teacher Created Materials. The story continued in 2004 with the launch of Shell Education and the introduction of professional resources and classroom application books designed to support Teacher Created Materials curriculum resources. Today, Teacher Created Materials and Shell Education are two of the most recognized names in educational publishing around the world.

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  • Staying Healthy with the Seasons: 21st-Century Edition

    Nature's cycles affect not only the external climate, but also our internal health and mental well-being. With this as its primary tenet, STAYING HEALTHY WITH THE SEASONS revolutionized the fields of preventive and integrated medicine when it was first published in 1981, and introduced a seasonal approach to nutrition, disease prevention, and mind-and-body fitness. A leading practitioner of the season-based lifestyle theory, Dr. Elson Haas provides simple, logical advice for achieving glowing good health: Bring the mind and body into balance with the earth, and consume a diet that emphasizes in-season, chemical-free foods. Joining Western and Eastern medicines with seasonal nutrition, herbology, and exercise practices, this timeless classic, revised for the 21st century, provides the keys to staying healthy from spring right on through winter.   •  A landmark text in mind/body health and seasonal nutrition, revised for the new millennium, with a new introduction, updated resources, and extended appendices.   •  Makes seasonal recommendations for detoxification, diet, and exercise programs.   •  Previous edition has sold over 125,000 copies.

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  • Staying Healthy with Nutrition, rev: The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine

    The 21st-century edition of this groundbreaking work by Dr. Elson Haas with Dr. Buck Levin presents the most current health and nutrition information available in an easy-to-use format with a friendly, engaging tone. Decades of practical experience and scientific research are compiled into one encyclopedic volume that features newly expanded chapters on special supplements, lifestage programs, and breakthrough medical treatment protocals for conditions including fatigue, viral illnesses, weight management, and mental and mood disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, and depression.PART ONE gives a detailed analysis of The Building Blocks of nutrition: water, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.PART TWO evaluates Foods and Diets, discussing every food group and most diets around the world. A special chapter on the environment and nutrition raises awareness and offers guidance about food additives, industrial chemicals, food irradiation, electropollution, and other health and ecological issues.PART THREE brings all of this nutritional information together, showing readers how to make wise and commonsense choices while Building a Healthy Diet. A personalized eating plan for the year, The Ideal Diet is both seasonally and naturally based, and a hea...

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  • Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine: Integrating Natural, Eastern and Western Approaches for Optimal Health

    Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine - Integrating Natural, Eastern and Western Approaches for Optimal Health - provides the basis for health with a deep understanding of what creates disease in the body-mind. The integration of Natural, Eastern, and Western medicines offers a clearer insight into many crucial factors that affect health and healing rather than just one particular system. Dr. Haas’s approach is to move people into the positive aspects of the ‘Disease-Health Continuum’ with better energy, vitality and creativity, helping to create positive actions for our planet and for human beings in general. Many years in the making, this book completes the Staying Healthy trilogy that began with Staying Healthy with the Seasons (1981, 2003) and continued with Staying Healthy with Nutrition (1992, 2006).

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  • The Instant Pot Cookbook.: 101 Recipes. Best Vegan Recipes. Instant Recipes for Staying Healthy.

    The Instant Pot Cookbook. 101 Recipes. Best Vegan Recipes. Instant Recipes for Staying Healthy. Discover food's best healthy recipes for vegans, including healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, dishes from grains and beans, soups and desserts. Moreover, a vegan diet is one of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, potentially some cancers and type 2 diabetes. When you follow a vegan diet, it is important to ensure that you are getting all the right nutrients. In this book, you will find dishes which provides nourishment essential for staying healthy, fit, and happy. Additionally, by getting this book you are not only preventing diseases but do it in the most delicious way possible. Why this book? Best 101 recipes thoroughly collected and tested All major vegan food areas are included: grains, beans, vegetables, soups and stews, main dishes, and desserts Easy and delicious recipes will save your time, as well as please your family, friends, and guests Health improvement, which is led by changing your eating habits low-fat recipes of well-balanced meals can help you feel your best Healthy and fast cooking methods Start enjoying the food and cooking process right now

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  • Staying Healthy w/ Diabetes: Nutrition & Meal Planning

    We are pleased to announce the publication of a book that will tell you everything that is important about nutrition and meal planning for those with diabetes. Written by well-known Joslin nutritionist Amy Campbell and the staff of Joslin Diabetes Center, this book offers guidance and tips on what a meal plan should look like, carb counting, tips for cooking and baking, meal replacements and much more. Managing your diabetes is all about making choices -- and choosing what foods you will eat is one of the most important. Staying Healthy with Diabetes - "Nutrition & Meal Planning" will help you understand which of the foods you're currently eating may help keep your blood glucose levels as close to your target range as possible. It will explain which foods you may need to eat more of -- or perhaps less of if they are negatively affecting your body weight, cholesterol or blood glucose levels. You'll also find information on the glycemic index, eating out, alcohol, vitamins, and grocery shopping tips, as well as Joslin's Food Lists -- 32 pages which provide serving sizes (each containing 15 grams of carb) for carbohydrates (breads, cereals, vegetables, cookies, crackers, fruit, favorite breakfast items and deserts); proteins (meats, cheeses, eggs); fats; "free" foods; combinat...

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  • Staying Healthy with G6PD Deficiency: A valuable reference guide for eating safely

    A one-of-a-kind guide book with tips and recipes to help people and their families minimize the negative effects of G6PD Deficiency. This book includes food and vitamin recommendations to help build red blood cells. It also includes an extensive list of foods and food additives to avoid (which are known to cause oxidative stress). There are instructions on how to make your favorite recipes safe, as well as tips on feeding infants and children with G6PDD. There are over 100 recipes included in the book which we think may just become some of your family's favorites.

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  • The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy (The Muscle for Life Series Book 3)

    MICHAEL MATTHEWS' BESTSELLING FLEXIBLE DIETING COOKBOOK WITH OVER 200,000 COPIES SOLD.If you want to build a body you can be proud of without having to starve or deprive yourself of all the foods you actually like...eating meals that you look forward to and savor every single day...then you want to read this book.What if I told you that just about everything magazines and trainers teach you about dieting is wrong? What if it's far simpler than you've been led to believe?What if you could build lean muscle and lose stubborn fat eating delicious foods that never make you feel like you’re “on a diet”?What if you didn’t have to obsess over “eating clean” to get lean and healthy?In fact, what if you could transform your body eating “naughty” foods you love each and every week?In short, what if I told you that using food to build your best body ever is much simpler and more enjoyable than you’ve been led to believe?Well, I have good news.You don’t need to follow a bland, boring, "bodybuilder diet" to build your best body ever. You can eat your favorite foods while transforming your physique faster than you ever thought possible.This book will show you the way. Here’s a “sneak peek” of what you’ll find inside:The paint-by-numbers formula for creating effectiv...

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