• Kotobukiya Star Wars Bounty Hunters: Dengar Artfx+ Statue

    From Kotobukiya. Star Wars ARTFX+ statues bring you all of the quality and detailing that you expect from an ARTFX release in a great smaller scale perfect for collecting! the series has already brought you amazing heroes, villains, and troopers from the classic trilogy and beyond, and now you can collect the bounty hunters summoned by Darth Vader to track down the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars Episode V: the empire strikes back. The final bounty hunter to join the lineup is Dengar! a human from the Planet of Corellia, Dengar is a seasoned bounty hunter who prefers to take down his targets directly with destructive force. Artfx+ statues are fun-to-assemble pre-painted snap-fit kits that can be put together easily in seconds without glue or modeling skill. The magnets in Dengar's feet provide perfect stability on the included metal display base. Collect all five classic bounty hunters (4-loom, Dengar, IG-88, Bossk, and Zuckuss) to assemble a complete statue of Boba Fett with included bonus parts!

    • Color: Not Applicable
    • Brand: Kotobukiya
    • ASIN: B07FX5NJML
    • UPC: 190526010673

  • Kotobukiya Star Wars Bounty Hunter Zuckuss Artfx+ Statue


    • Brand: Kotobukiya
    • ASIN: B07D8PHJBZ
    • UPC: 190526010680

  • Kotobukiya Star Wars Bossk Bounty Hunter Artfx+,

    Collectible statue

    • Color: Na
    • Brand: Kotobukiya
    • ASIN: B07F2G1YHF
    • UPC: 190526010697


    11 ó" tall. Kotobukiya is expanding its line of statues with a series of six popular bounty hunters from the Star Wars saga. First to be released is Boba Fett, the Mandalorian Menace, who is the most popular of all the Star Wars killers for hire. Kotobukiya will release a new bounty hunter each month. Following Boba Fett's release are Dengar, 4-LOM, Zuckass, Bossk, and IG-88. Each of the Bounty Hunters will come with a special bonus part-collect all six bounty hunters and create a 00 full-size Darth Vader statue from the bonus parts!

    • Brand: Kotobukiya
    • ASIN: B00193T0KI
    • UPC: 699788821428

  • Star Wars: IG-88 ArtFX Statue

    11 ó" tall. Kotobukiya is expanding its line of statues with a series of six popular bounty hunters from the Star Wars saga. Second in the series is the highly sought after IG-88. IG-88 is a tall, spindly humanoid droid completely loaded with a deadly gas dispenser, a flamethrower, a sonic stunner, a pulse cannon and a neural inhibitor projectile launcher. IG-88 became a bounty hunter and achieved legendary notoriety having killed over 150 beings. He had "dismantle-on-sight" warrants in over 40 systems before he answered Darth Vader's call to capture the Millennium Falcon.Each of the Bounty Hunters will come with a special bonus part-collect all six bounty hunters and create a $100 full-size Darth Vader statue from the bonus parts!The bonus piece included with IG-88 is unknown at time of solicitation.With its large scale this statue is a snap-fit kit that can be easily put together in seconds without glue or modeling skill.

    • Color: Multi-colored
    • Brand: Kotobukiya
    • ASIN: B001135JL0
    • UPC: 699788821466

  • Kotobukiya - Star Wars ARTFX+ PVC Statue 1/10 Boba Fett 19 cm

    Kotobukiya proudly presents a new version of the infamous bounty hunter from Star Wars: Boba Fett Return of the Jedi ver ARTFX+ Statue.Featuring an all-new sculpt and paint scheme that updates Boba Fett's armor with the changes made for his appearance in Return of the Jedi, this new ARTFX+ also incorporates a new stance as well as alternate arm pieces to create different action poses!Like other Star Wars ARTFX+ statues, Boba Fett includes magnets in the feet of the statue for extra stability when placed on the included display base.With easy snap-together assembly and pre-painted pieces, this Boba Fett ARTFX+ statue will be ready for display within minutes of opening the box.Boba Fett is impressive on his own, but looks great with other Star Wars ARTFX+ scale statues from Kotobukiya!This highly detailed statue stands approximately 19 cm tall and comes in a closed box packaging.

    • Brand: Kotobukiya
    • ASIN: B0085J3GFE

  • Kotobukiya Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Boba Fett Artfx+ Statue

    Boba Fett was a Mangalorean warrior and bounty hunter. He was a clone of the famed Jango Fett, created in 32 BBY as the first of many Fett replicas designed to become part of the Grand Army of the Republic, and was raised as Jango's son. Jango taught Boba much, training him to become as skilled bounty hunter as his father-figure was before him. In 22 BBY, Jango was killed at the Battle of Geonosis, which opened the Clone Wars. Just a boy, Boba was forced to grow up and took to traveling the galaxy. Later, he became a bounty hunter and took assignments from beings such as Jabba the Hutt, and achieved notoriety despite his young age.

    • Brand: Kotobukiya
    • ASIN: B01M27TCUI
    • UPC: 076934649240

  • Star Wars Bounty Hunter Series Boba Fett Ver 2 Pre Paint Figure 1/7 Scale

    What's Included? (1) The Kotobukiya Star Wars Boba Fett Version 2 1/7 Scale Pre-painted Model Kit Specs: Brand: Kotobukiya Type: Pre-painted collectible model kit Series: The Bounty Hunter Series Approximate Size: 1:7 Scale Condition: New - This model is still sealed in its original box. It has not been displayed nor assembled and has been stored in its original box. The box does have considerable shelf-wear such as scuffing, frayed edges, blunted corners, and/or small indentations.

    • Brand: Kotobukiya
    • ASIN: B000ZGJQ8G

  • Kotobukiya Star Wars: Boba Fett ArtFX+ Statue (Return of The Jedi Version)

    SW BOBA FETT ARTFX+ STATUE ROTJ VER (C: 1-1-4) A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! The galaxy's most feared bounty hunter returns to the hit line of smaller scale Star Wars Saga Collection ARTFX+ Statues! A clone of Jango Fett and one of the freelancers chosen to hunt down Luke Skywalker for Darth Vader, the armored jetpack-toting mystery man joins the ARTFX+ line in a new version representing his appearance in the final film: BOBA FETT RETURN OF THE JEDI VER.! With an all-new sculpt and paint scheme this is a great successor to the previously offered Empire Strikes Back Fett. Cold and calculating, Boba Fett is never encountered without his full suit of Mandalorian armor and trusty blaster rifle. The armor plating over a full-length bodysuit clearly shows the wear and tear of a life of crime, along with all of the personal touches added by Fett over the years like the cape and unique built in weaponry. The bounty hunter is a perfect likeness of the character specifically from Return of the Jedi, down to the correct colors on his armor and cape. Boba is posed in a new fighting stance and comes with interchangeable parts so you can display him wielding his iconic blaster or preparing to fire his wrist-mounted gauntlet weapons! Like all of the Star Wars ARTFX+ statues, Boba Fett ha...

    • Color: Multi-colored
    • Brand: Kotobukiya
    • ASIN: B0084EI5ZG
    • UPC: 792158666879