• Star brite Inflatable Boat Cleaner - 32 oz.

    Specifically formulated for use on Hypalon, PVC and all other inflatable boat fabrics, plus fiberglass, rubber and plastic. Penetrates into stain to dissolve it; rinse or wipe clean. PTEF polymers bond to treated surface to help repel stains and damaging UV rays. Removes salt deposits, bird droppings and other assorted grime.

    • Brand: Star Brite
    • ASIN: B00TUNT54A
    • UPC: 071247972320

  • Star brite Inflatable Boat Cleaner - 16 oz

    Heavy duty formula removes dirt, grime, scuff marks and oxidation stains.

    • Brand: Star Brite
    • ASIN: B000XBJ0WA
    • UPC: 071247834178

  • Star Brite 083200N Xtreme Clean All Surface Cleaner/Degreaser - 1 gal

    Star brite's ULTIMATE Xtreme Clean is formulated with the latest technology ingredients to be the toughest crud-buster ever. The special chelating agents attack road grime, bug bits, bird deposits, greasy smears and more, breaking the bond that holds them to the surface so they can be wiped away without heavy scrubbing. However, unlike most all-surface cleaners that use cheap, harsh ingredients, Xtreme Clean does not contain caustic, dangerous chemicals that can damage the finish. Xtreme Clean is safe for use on all metal, fiberglass, plastic, chrome, stainless, wrapped, leather and rubber surfaces.

    • Brand: Star Brite
    • ASIN: B004B7WBWI
    • UPC: 071247832006

  • Star brite Sea Safe Non-Skid Deck Cleaner - 32 oz

    Sea Safe Non Skid Deck Cleaner is specifically formulated to quickly and effectively clean textured surfaces with minimal effort. It uses special chelating agents that break dirt loose from the surface of these otherwise difficult-to-clean areas. The formula contains no phosphates or harsh chemicals, yet is a powerful cleaning product that is ideal for cleaning all fiberglass and painted surfaces in addition to decks. It leaves a protective polymer barrier to help repel future stains as well as damaging UV rays.

    • Brand: Star Brite
    • ASIN: B001444T94
    • UPC: 071247897395

  • Star brite Ultimate Paddlesports Cleaner & Protectant With PTEF - 22 oz

    Star brite Ultimate Paddle sports Cleaner & Protectant with PTEF is the one-step way to make all kayaks, paddleboards and canoes look their best. The formula combines cleaning agents that strip away deposits and grime while the high-tech polymers bond to the surface to help repel damaging UV rays while also providing a non-slippery barrier to future stains. Paddle sports Cleaner & Protectant enhances the color and texture of all treated surfaces; it is safe for use on plastic, Kevlar, fiberglass, vinyl and rubber. It's also great for cleaning and protecting paddles.

    • Brand: Star Brite
    • ASIN: B00EVILL2S
    • UPC: 071247960228