• QuickTrophy 9" Star Spinner Trophies

    Something different! Star really spins! Flashy multi-star trim with colored column (4") on a Solid marble base. Includes 3 lines of engraving, 25 characters each.

    • Brand: QuickTrophy

  • Mepp's B2 C Aglia - Plain Treble, 1/6-Ounce, Copper

    The Mepps Aglia spinner is the original French spinner. It is the World's #1 Lure; more trophy fish have been caught on the Mepps Aglia than any other lure. Its classic French blade provides continuous flash and vibration. Either will attract fish, but together they become a deadly combination game fish can't resist. The plain treble hook Aglia features extra sharp hooks with brightly colored strike-attractor sleeves. The Aglia's "backbone" is its heavy duty stainless steel shaft. Attached to this shaft is a concave oval blade, spinner body and, of course, the hook. The blade can be silver or gold plated, polished brass, copper, or painted with computer age Epoxy.

    • Color: Copper
    • Brand: Mepp's
    • ASIN: B0000AUWQT
    • UPC: 022141003719

  • Yakima Rooster Tail Trophy Bait Pack - Six assorted colors (1/16-Ounce)

    Yakima Baits famous Rooster Tail is now offered in six pack versions. This six pack will add variety to any tackle box arsenal and are proven fish catchers. Rooster Tails have caught millions of fish with it pulsating hackle tail and vibrant blade. These nickel blade versions will help bring home limits of any gamefish.

    • Color: WH white, FRT fire tiger, BL black, CHR chartreuse, YL yellow and RBOW rainbow
    • Brand: Yakima Bait
    • ASIN: B004P8HU6U
    • UPC: 042965509044

  • Soccer Trophy 7.5" Spinning Ball with Motion Graphics, Soccer Trophies Spinner Trophy

    This is a 7 1/2" tall trophy with a spinning soccer ball on top. This trophy also has motion graphics on it that move when you tip it from top to bottom. Engraving is included in the price with as many letters as will fit on the name plate. Please send your personalization request within 24 hours through Amazon messaging, otherwise the item will ship blank.

    • Brand: Premier Awards
    • ASIN: B002CEI9RS

  • Yakima Bait Rooster Tail Trophy Pak 1/16oz Spinner Assortment, 3 Pack- BRTR, FRT, RBOW

    The name "Worden" is synonymous with fishing in America. From the Worden family has sprung a litany of iconic fishing brands that have changed the face of fishing in the United States and worldwide. It was 1934 when R.B. Worden founded Worden's Floating Spinner Company, which was later renamed Yakima Bait Company in 1941. Although his earlier business had produced cast aluminum water wheels designed to produce electricity, Mr. Worden now made and sold handmade fishing flies and two and three inch bass wooden plugs with deer hair wings that caused them to spin. In the years that have followed, Yakima Bait Company has purchased several companies and has added additional products to their offering including the Hawg Boss lure in 1986, the Helin FlatFish Company in 1988, Schoff's Triple Teazer in 1993, Poe's in 1994, Hildebrandt lures in 2006, Lee Sisson in 2007, Mag Lip in 2010 and Big Al's Fish Flash in 2011. Today, Yakima Bait Company is one of the top fishing lure manufacturers in the world, producing products under the Worden's , Poe's and Hildebrandt brand names. The values that established Yakima Bait Company in its early years continue on with an unwavering commitment to producing the world's finest and most effective fishing lures.

    • Color: Fire Tiger/Rainbow/Brown Trout
    • Brand: Yakima Bait
    • ASIN: B01MDRF3J8
    • UPC: 042965549835

  • 9" Bowling Spinner Trophies

    Something different! Bowling Ball really spins! Flashy multi-star trim with colored column (4") on a Solid marble base. Includes 3 lines of engraving, 25 characters each.

    • Brand: QuickTrophy
    • ASIN: B00D44XYQG

  • South Bend Trophy Tail Spinners, Silver/Black

    Trophy Tail muskie bucktails are the triple threat for lunker fish. Designed to improve your odds against the kings of fresh water these spinners feature a pulsating spinner blade, breathing marabou and a lifelike squid tail. Available in the most proven muskie catching colors.

    • Color: Silver/Black
    • Brand: South Bend
    • ASIN: B003OBJNMI
    • UPC: 039364054244

  • South Bend Trophy Tail Spinners, 2-Pack

    The South Bend Trophy Tail Spinners are 7-1/2" with size 6 blades. Feature a life like tube tail. Great addition to any tackle box.

    • Brand: South Bend
    • ASIN: B00GI9XAGS
    • UPC: 039364141418

  • 5" Basketball Spinner Trophies

    Basketball Really Spins! Exciting new trophy top sits on a Solid marble base for a very attarctive look. Includes 3 lines of engraving, 25 characters each.

    • Brand: QuickTrophy
    • ASIN: B00D44W3IG