• Dried Chipotle Chiles 4 oz Meco For Mexican Recipes, Tamales, Salsa, Chili, Meats, Soups, Stews And Grill By Ole Mission

    The name of Chipotle Chile is derived from a Nahuatl word i.e. chilpoctli (that translates to "smoked chile pepper"). The Aztecs commonly used the smoking process in order to preserve different types of food (that subsequently allowed the food to be stored for a significantly longer period of time). And, it's speculated that the thick-fleshed jalapenos were smoke-dried to prepare Chipotle Chile. Note, it has an intriguing and intense smoky flavor. Chipotle peppers are dried and smoked jalapenos. This unique combination of delectable smoky flavor with a medium peppery heat makes them ideal for so many culinary uses. For example, you can use them in preparing sauces, soups, and beans. Alternatively, you can even ground into fine powder and sprinkle over your vegetables or add to spice rubs.

    • Brand: Ole Mission
    • ASIN: B078RTWFG2
    • UPC: 655295101699

  • McCormick Gourmet Collection Chipotle Chile Pepper, 2 oz

    Chipotle chiles are smoke dried jalapenos. Essential to Mexican cuisine, add to chili, salsas, soups, stews, rubs and marinades.

    • Brand: McCormick
    • ASIN: B000V89GO2
    • UPC: 052100840079

  • shirtloco Men's Got Peppers T-Shirt, Smoke Gray Large

    Ask the question "Got Peppers?" with one of our men's short sleeve t-shirts that asks exactly that. Shirts are high quality, tagless 100% preshrunk ComfortSoft cotton with double-needle coverseamed neck taped shoulder-to-shoulder. Graphics are on front only with a blank back.

    • Color: Smoke Gray
    • Brand: shirtloco
    • ASIN: B07D1SJKRM

  • Spice Jungle Chipotle Chili Powder, Brown - 4 oz.

    Brown, wrinkled, and looking like a discarded cigar, the brown (aka: meco) chipotle isn't one that'll win any beauty contests. Looking like old tobacco and smelling like it with a mix of smoke, black powder, and aged leather this pepper is one for those who want powerful flavor from their chiles. These chipotles have been dried and smoked for days longer than their younger siblings, the morita chipotles. Brown chipotles can be used anywhere you use a morita chipotle, this one just offers a huskier flavor with a lot more smoke. Outside of its usual culinary rigmaroles, this chile powder should be mixed with salt, cumin powder, and ground coffee to make what may well be the most amazing rub for pork ribs ever.

    • Brand: SpiceJungle
    • ASIN: B00QGCXWU6

  • Dried Peppers Chile Pequin/Piquin 1oz Chili Pods Whole

    DRIED PEQUIN-PIQUIN PEPPERS You're getting 1 oz SPICY HOT - Chile Piquins Are 5 Times Hotter Than Jalapeno Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 40,000 - 60,000 GREAT FOR SAUCES - Makes Great Hot Sauce Chili Pequin, also known as "little chile" can be used to make salsas, sauces, soups and vinegars. They're hotter than jalapeños.

    • Brand: Unknown
    • ASIN: B07DGHBJ1C

  • Dave's Temporary Insanity Ultra Hot Sauce Same Heat Faster Fade Now You Can Enjoy That Insanity Level Face Melting Torture Knowing That Relief Will Be Quicker to Come. Don't Be Scared This is the Best Way to Get Started on the Insane Level Hot Sauce Trail!

    This sauce has the same great flavor as Insanity Sauce. The heat level is crazy, but not insane plus level. The formulation lets you enjoy the pain of Insanity Sauce with a faster fade. It spares you the long term torture of its evil predecessor!

    • Brand: Unknown
    • ASIN: B000BWI6V2

  • Renfro Fine Foods Salsa, Roasted, 16-Ounce (Pack of 6)

    Mrs Renfros Roasted Salsa, 16 Ounce -- 6 per case. This smoky salsa has a great mesquite "barbeque" flavor - use it in your next chili or meatloaf. Ingredients: Tomatoes, Water, onions, Green Chile Peppers, Sweet Green Peppers, Fire Roasted Red Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Jalapeno Peppers, Corn Starch, Salt, Spices, Garlic, Natural Smoke Flavor, Cilantro. Shelf Life: 545

    • Brand: Renfro Fine Foods
    • ASIN: B001SB1A8Q
    • UPC: 041235000731

  • Chipotle Morita, Whole - 16 oz.

    Chipotles are smoke-dried jalapeño peppers, with the morita variety being the most well-known (the meco/brown variety being the other). The morita variety of chipotle is smoked for just a few days until a leathery consistency is achieved. The chilies are then lightly toasted over an open flame or a flat grill top, reconstituted in water, and added to dishes to add a medium-level of heat and a desired smokey flavor that just screams Tex-Mex barbeque. Indeed, no barbecue sauce is complete without a morita.

    • Brand: SpiceJungle
    • ASIN: B01DI0OK5O

  • Spice Jungle Chipotle Powder, Morita - 4 oz.

    Chipotles are smoke-dried jalapeño peppers, with the morita variety being the most well-known (the meco/Brown Chipotle variety being the other). The morita variety of chipotle is smoked for just a few days until a leathery consistency is achieved. When whole, their leathery exterior can be difficult to work with and rather daunting to grind into powder. We've taken on that task to create a brick red powder that's smoky and bold. We like to add a sprinkle of it to corn or black bean dishes. For a fresh summer snack add a dash to watermelon or papaya along with a spritz of fresh lime juice.

    • Brand: SpiceJungle
    • ASIN: B00QGCY246