• SkaterTrainer 2.0 The Rubber Skateboarding Accessory for Perfecting Your Ollie and Kick Flip-Learn, Practice and Land Tricks in No Time, Black

    SkaterTrainer is one of those "why doesn't this already exist" inventions because it solves the biggest problem new skaters have always faced...Stop the wheels from rolling while you figure out the stepsWant a better Ollie? Struggling with your Kickflip? Grab your 4-pack of SkaterTrainer 2.0, skateboard, helmet and knee pads and head out the door. Simply pop the trainers around the skateboard wheels and they will stop the board from slipping while you learn balance and practice your tricks.Practicing difficult foot movements on a stabilized board improves confidence and speeds up progress. Then, once you've built the muscle memory for executing and landing the trick correctly, you can start increasing movement on the board. When you have it down, just pull the SkaterTrainers off and get the trick rolling.These trainers are perfect for young skaters who want to master tricks faster, or older skaters looking to re-learn old moves, keeping you safe while you learn to skate like a pro.Training wheels for your skateboard tricks...SkaterTrainers are made from a specialty selected rubber for a combination of stretch and durability. This means they can be installed and used for hundreds of skate sessions.They never need adjustment and stay in place until you are ready to take them off. W...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: SkaterTrainer
    • ASIN: B01F49C8NI
    • UPC: 868453000219

  • Skaters & Thieves

    • ASIN: B07BC6GLLN

  • Star Skater

    • Brand: Halfbrick Studios Pty Ltd
    • ASIN: B01KWFXX8S

  • Skater Girl: A Girl's Guide to Skateboarding

    Extreme sports are exploding in popularity and right smack in the middle of all those adrenaline junkies are a bunch of fearless girls flying down the slopes, riding the waves and, now, busting ollies over curbs. Skater Girl reveals the ins and outs of skateboarding to young women who know that sporting a little harmless road rash is one off-the-hook lifestyle statement.From lingo and board facts to fashion advice and flatout, including "The Top 10 Reasons Why Skateboarding Rocks," this book gives girls the lowdown on all the need-to-know stuff.Of course, the authors get serious with the riding. Step-by-step photos show new girls all the basics, including getting on the board, proper riding form, simple turns and safe stops. As readers advance, the authors teach tricks like ollies, grinds and flips, as well as advanced techniques for riding at a skate park on big ramps, hot wheel loops, full pipes, quarter pipes, boxes, and a rail.

    • ASIN: 1569755426

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 - Standard Edition - PlayStation 4

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 offers a fresh take on combo-driven skateboarding, the most advanced online multiplayer experience, and a state-of-the-art skatepark builder. Ride, build, and repeat!

    • Brand: Activision
    • UPC: 047875770669

  • PLEASE USE HAND RAIL Sign skater skateboarding signs

    PLEASE USE HAND RAIL Sign skater skateboarding signs

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: ZANYSIGNS
    • ASIN: B002SV76D8
    • UPC: 022099363408

  • Rhomby the Skater Zombie and Me: (hilarious adventure for kids aged 9-12)

    A hilarious, zombie-filled, fully illustrated, epic skateboarding adventure!The Nuclear Power Plant is located right next to the skatepark. Great. After the safety supervisor causes a meltdown at the power plant, a giant radioactive booger shoots out and lands--SPLAT!--right in the skatepark. Not great. All the toxic fumes turn all the regular skater jerks into powerful, gnarly, super skater jerks with some amazing skateboarding skills. All the skater zombies want to do is SKATE AND DESTROY! -- but mostly destroy.Can Rhomby and Me stop the skater zombies? They're ruining life and stuff, dude!This action-packed adventure combines text and black-and-white illustrations on every page. Get ready for a gnarly skateboard adventure!

    • ASIN: B01L0LU2Y6

  • BCoolBodysuit Retro Skater Skateboarding Baby Bodysuit Cute Baby Onesies Rompers Bodysuit For Boys and Girls

    The Retro Skater Skateboarding Bodysuit Is Made Of 100% Cotton,comfortable And Harmless To Baby's Skin.An Essential For Every New Mom And Great For Gift Giving.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: BCoolBodysuit
    • ASIN: B078J2V2H1