• 6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle, Black/Black, 55cm

    People asked for a solid, affordable track bike, so we delivered. The urban track features riser bars in place of drop bars for quick navigation through your city's concrete jungles. The lightweight 6061 alloy frame coupled with a matching 1 and 1/8″ alloy fork will offer you the best of both worlds. Use this bike for recreational commuting, or as an everyday means of transportation. This bike is jam-packed with features such as replaceable stainless steel dropouts, smooth welds, and high-quality aluminum. What are you waiting for choose your color, size and get on one today.

    • Color: Black/Black
    • Brand: 6KU
    • ASIN: B018NVRCBM
    • UPC: 660845966918

  • Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike with Pursuit Bullhorn Bars, Matte Black, 57cm/Large

    Critical Cycles is about to make dreams come true. We've been listening and we've finally come out with a Pursuit fixie. Now equipped with bullhorn handlebars, every ride on this fixed-gear/single-speed bike is about to be the most comfortable ride of your life. The subtle forward Drop of these handlebars allows you to ride in a variety of positions. Cycle how you want to cycle with this timeless beaut. Like its predecessors, this bike comes with a protek crank, sun run freewheel, KMC chain, Pro max brakes, and wanda tires. It's optimized for city riding with 43mm stars super deep V rims, wanda tires, and a lightweight but durable hand built tig-welded steel frame. No Critical Cycles fixie would be complete without a flip-flop hub, obviously. The rear wheel has a flip-flop hub, which allows you to effortlessly and quickly transform your own bike into a fixed-gear or a single-speed with a freewheel. The bottom bracket is sealed to keep out moisture and dirt, extending the life of your bike. Life really is about the Pursuit of happiness.

    • Color: Matte Black
    • Brand: Critical Cycles
    • ASIN: B011BC9DB2
    • UPC: 817799018938

  • Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike; 43cm, Matte Black

    The harper is the single-speed bicycle you've been looking for-beautiful, lightweight, and affordable. It comes fully decked out with top shelf componentry including a flip-flop hub equipped with both, a fixed and a freewheel cog. Choose the fixed cog for a more aggressive riding style or the freewheel cog for effortless commuting. Single-speed/fixed-gear bikes are valued for their simplicity. With fewer moving parts they offer greater reliability and require less maintenance than bikes with multiple gears. Fewer parts also mean a lighter weight bike. The team at Critical Cycles takes quality very seriously. We sweat the details when designing our bikes, which is why we select brand name components to give you the best ride possible. Sleek, light, and agile, the harper will reward you with many miles of smooth reliable riding.

    • Color: Matte Black
    • Brand: Critical Cycles
    • ASIN: B07895QXXW
    • UPC: 815725025418

  • Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle, Juliet Matte Black, 58cm/Large

    Pure Cycles created the ultimate Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear single speed bicycle starting with the simplicity and elegance of an urban geometry frame and straight fork made from durable high tensile steel. A Neco threadless Headset holds pure Fix riser bars with Oury grips on a pure Fix stem. The v drome saddle provides a nice mix of comfort and raciness. Promax front brakes stop when asked and are easily removed for a purist ride. Hubs are custom Pure Fix lasered KT quandos. Wtb Thick Slick tires 700cc x 28 tires give you control and contact. Pressure retention is courtesy of 60mm Presta valves. Pure Fix pedals connect you to a three-piece sealed bearing crank set. The gear ratio is 44:16 with 74.25 gear inches using a KMC chain. All this joy comes out with a weight of 22-24 lbs., depending on size. Pure Cycles bicycles are built to live, ride and thrive right where you do. Includes a manufacturer's lifetime warranty on frames and a 1-year warranty on components (professional assembly is required to activate your warranty). Celebrating bicycling for all that it offers, Pure Cycles, built to live, ride, and thrive right where you do offers a variety of frame, geometry, and gearing options as well as a cornucopia of compatible accessories, including different styles of handlebar...

    • Color: Juliet Matte Black
    • Brand: Pure Cycles
    • ASIN: B006CFDKAY
    • UPC: 030955168029

  • Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike with Front & Rear Brakes

    Our builds come equipped with a flip flop hub with both, fixed gear cog and single speed sprocket. A collection built whether you're an experience rider or a regular commuter. With custom riser bars to tackle the urban city and ride comfortably as you explore your surrounding nature. Our Golden Cycles collection is a quality bicycle that all can enjoy.

    • Color: Benjamin
    • Brand: Golden Cycles
    • ASIN: B0746DS6GW
    • UPC: 646412978379

  • Retrospec Bicycles Mantra V2 Single Speed Fixed Gear Bicycle, Matte Black, 61cm/X-Large

    Listen up. This is the new and improved mantra from Retrospec Bicycles. It now comes standard with front and rear Pro max brakes to keep you safe on your ride (we know you've taken a page out of Mr. Toad's wild book). sealed cartridge bearing hubs keep your bike clean, strong, and healthy. If no ooey gooey stuff can get in to its nooks and crannies, your bike will lead a happier life. The three-piece crank set is forged and will keep up with you as you bob and weave through your urban jungle. With a flip-flop hub, you can adventure around town however you'd like, be it fixed or single-speed with a freewheel. In addition to wanting your ride to be exactly what you want, we also want it to be exceptionally smooth, so we've added 43mm stars super deep-v rims with a machined braking surface. With a KMC chain, Kenda kwest commuter tires, and vp freestyle pedals, your two-wheeling Expedition is about to be like nothing you've ever experienced.

    • Color: Matte Black
    • Brand: Retrospec Bicycles
    • ASIN: B0186RYKFO
    • UPC: 815725020239

  • Chill Bikes Single Speed Commuter Fixie Bike Alloy Frame, Matte White, 53cm

    Combining speed, style, and affordability, this Chill Base bike was designed with commuters in mind. Thanks to its alloy components, you can carry your bike up stairs with unparalleled ease once you reach your apartment, work, or class. Promax front and rear brakes make for a responsive bike that you can rely on over time. Kinda 700C32C tires equip you with the control and contact you need. Choose among six eye-catching color ways and enjoy the simplicity and elegance of an urban geometry frame which creates a comfortable ride no matter how short or long. .

    • Color: Matte White - Alloy Frame
    • Brand: Chill Bikes
    • ASIN: B07123SQLR
    • UPC: 815725023872

  • Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed Commuter Bike with Foot Brake, Matte Black, 57cm-l

    Critical Cycles is at it again. We’re about to revolutionize the way you look at fixed-gears. This bicycle has all of the noteworthy features as its predecessors, including 30mm deep-V rims, a KMC chain, VP freestyle pedals, and Wanda tires. But what this bike has that its competitors don’t is a coaster brake. We’ve managed to make this silhouette even sleeker. Now with no cables, no wires, no unnecessary frills. This may be the most straightforward get-out-and-ride bike you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

    • Color: Matte Black & White
    • Brand: Critical Cycles
    • ASIN: B0184JRIJO
    • UPC: 817799019881

  • Cyclingdeal Conversion Kit Fixie Bike Single Speed Shimano Adaptor by CyclingDeal

    Single Speed Spacer Kit Compatible with all Shimano or Sram hubs Affordable Space Kit Allowing you to go Single Speed Comes in a Range of Spacer Size's Allowing to get a Perfect Chain Line Including: Compatible with 1/2" x 1/8" and 1/2" x 3/32" single speed chains Cr-Mo Steel 16 teeth Sprocket with Spacers: 2x 10mm, 1x 5mm, 4x 3mm Hub Ring Nut (lock ring): Alloy 6061 Made in Taiwan (Good quality, very solid)

    • Color: Color
    • Brand: CyclingDeal
    • ASIN: B006WRW45O
    • UPC: 744288621075