• SilverStone Technology Flat Flexible Short Cable Set Designed for SilverStone Modular Power Supplies PP05-E

    The original PP05 cable set created by SilverStone in 2008 was a revelation for enthusiasts of small form factor computing. Besides being made shorter for smaller cases like its predecessor, the PP03 (launched in 2005), it also introduced the idea of a cable set in which users can keep for multiple upgrades. Silverstone's continued commitment to using the same power supply connectors ensured that PP05 purchased in 2008 are still perfectly usable in 2013 and beyond. To improve this handy set of cables further, SilverStone created the PP05-E, the next evolution in power supply cables made for small form factor. To improve compatibility and ease of installation, the PP05-E is made with more flexible cables that allows for much tighter bends than traditional cables. This eliminates component interference problems that often plaque small form factor builds. To further save precious space, PP05-E's cables are also designed in flat arrays for unprecedented flexibility. As before, the PP05-E are made to match SilverStone modular PSUs, so useful extra cables and connectors are added to help enthusiasts use as few cable as possible (dual PCI-E connector cables) or to connect with the more popular slim optical drives (mini-SATA).

    • Brand: SilverStone Technology
    • ASIN: B00H7Y3I4M
    • UPC: 844761010553

  • Silverstone Tek Sleeved Extension Power Supply Cable with 1 x 8-Pin to EPS12V 8-Pin Connector (PP07-EPS8W)

    PP07-EPS8W is an individually sleeved White extension power cable set with 1 x 8pin to EPS12V 8pin(4+4) connector that is useful for system with large case or motherboards and to also improve cable management. This is a great addition to any user that wishes to optimize airflow and appearance inside their case.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: SilverStone Technology
    • ASIN: B00B46XKK6
    • UPC: 844761009861

  • SilverStone Technology All Black Sleeved 1-to-2 Sleeved PWM Fan Splitter Cable (CPF01)

    CPF01 is a PWM fan splitter that connects 2 fans with a single motherboard PWM header. For those who require addition cooling in their systems, CPF01 will be the perfect solution for you

    • Color: CPF01
    • Brand: SilverStone Technology
    • ASIN: B00B46XKKQ
    • UPC: 014445252146

  • Silverstone Tek Internal 19-Pin USB3.0 to USB2.0 Adapter Cable (G11303050-RT)

    Use this USB3.0 to USB2.0 adapter cable to convert the 19-pin internal USB3.0 header into a 9-pin USB 2.0 Header. This will allow you to connect your 19-pin USB3.0 front I/O port to a motherboard that has USB2.0 9-pin header.

    • Brand: SilverStone Technology
    • ASIN: B00B1RM5YU
    • UPC: 844761009083

  • Silverstone Tek 300mm Ultra Thin 6Gb/s Lateral 90-Degree SATA Cables with Custom Low-Profile Connectors (CP11B-300)

    For many enthusiasts, one of the biggest letdowns while installing or upgrading graphics cards is to find out the cards blocks off SATA connectors on their motherboards. This is still a common occurrence as motherboards are made with the assumption that users with long and powerful graphics card don't need to use all SATA connectors while users with lots of SATA drives typically don't need to install long cards. SilverStone engineers, whom are used to creating no compromise products such as cases that offer world-class cooling with minimal noise, took up the challenge to design a cable that will allow SATA connectors to be used even with long graphics cards installed. After months of research and development, the CP11, a revolutionary SATA cable, was conceived. It has incredibly low connector profile that is barely taller than the SATA connector on the motherboard to clear any card that you may wish to install. CP11 also has super-thin wires designed to the limit of allowable SATA standard with high quality material for uncompromised data and bandwidth integrity. They are so thin that CP11 can be routed into the tiny gaps between SATA connectors on the motherboard! If you want to utilize SATA connectors that were originally blocked off or want to upgrade your card without sacrifi...

    • Color: CP11B-300 - Black 300mm
    • Brand: SilverStone Technology
    • UPC: 844761011383

  • Silverstone Tek Sleeved Extension Power Supply Cable with 1 x 8-Pin to PCI-E 8-Pin Connector (PP07-PCIBR)

    PP07 is an individually sleeved extension power cable set that is useful for system with large case or motherboards and to also improve cable management. This is a great addition to any user that wishes to optimize airflow and appearance inside their case.

    • Color: Black/Red
    • Brand: SilverStone Technology
    • ASIN: B00H45K3M4
    • UPC: 844761010911

  • SilverStone Technology Micro USB Cable for Most Smartphones / LG / Samsung / Reversible USB-A / Reversible Micro USB-B / 1000MM - Silver - CPU01C

    CPU01 is a Silverstone designed cable for mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices requiring USB connections. It has premium construction with Nylon braiding and textured aluminum connector housing for great feel while in use. It also has reversible USB-A to reversible micro-b connectors with durable design and high power current loading capability, making it extremely easy to use and immensely useful.

    • Color: 1000mm Silver
    • Brand: SilverStone Technology
    • ASIN: B01BMDQ4VC
    • UPC: 844761012922

  • SilverStone Technology 2.4G Wireless Remote Computer Power/Reset Switch, USB 2.0 9-pin Interface ES02-USB

    ES02 is a convenient remote switch kit designed by silverstone to wirelessly turn on / off and reset a computer. By utilizing existing standard 2.4GHz RF wireless technology, USB 2.0 internal 9 pin connector, and power / reset pin headers on a motherboard, the ES02 kit is easy to install and use within 20 meters of a connected computer. An included Y cable ensures your computer case's own power and reset buttons can be used concurrently with the ES02 if needed. Users looking for a simpler security solution than software access control will find ES02 to be a good alternative. Those with computers located in hard to reach area or has special usage scenarios will also find the ES02 to be very handy.

    • Color: ES02-USB
    • Brand: SilverStone Technology
    • ASIN: B01MQUANS8
    • UPC: 844761013967

  • Silverstone Tek Super Flexible 4-in-1 SATA Power Adapter Cable with Power Stabilizing Capacitors (CP06-E4)

    Silverstone understands the trouble and headache some have when trying to get multiple SATA devices connected. To alleviate this, Silverstone developed a new generation of SATA power connector cables called the CP06-E to succeed the breakthrough CP06. By using the latest super flexible material, the CP06-E will fit to any SATA devices easily without excessive bending and stress on connected devices, even if the gap between SATA devices are slightly different than CP06-E! Besides 4-in-1 model, a second 2-in-1 model of CP06-E with shorter gaps will also be available. This is a great solution for users using adapters such as Silverstone's own SDP08, where two 2.5" drives would need to be installed almost next to each other. Finally, just like CP06, two high quality 2200uF capacitors are also included on CP06-E to provide stable voltage to all connected devices. So if you have a lot of SATA drives in your system, the CP06-E is a must buy for improving aesthetics and drive reliability.

    • Brand: SilverStone Technology
    • ASIN: B00ENKYJB4
    • UPC: 844761010492