• The Digital Helix: Transforming Your Organization's DNA to Thrive in the Digital Age

    Wall Street Journal Bestseller AMAZON BEST SELLER IN STRATEGIC PLANNING AMAZON BEST SELLER IN ORGANIZATIONAL LEARNING AMAZON BEST SELLER IN SYSTEMS & PLANNING   Thrive in the Digital Age Digital transformations are everywhere: business to business, business to consumer, and even government to citizens. Digital transformation promises a bridge to a digital future, where organizations can thrive with more fluid business models and processes. Less than 20% of organizations are getting digital transformations right, but these digitally transformed organizations can deliver twice as fast as other organizations, cut OPEX by over 30%, and have seen a near-immediate doubling in brand value. The power to act faster and do it better than before sits at the heart of truly digitally transformed organizations. In The Digital Helix, authors Michael Gale and Chris Aarons explain the specifics of digitally transforming your organization— from the role of the digital-explorer leader in using information to empower the organization to move better and faster to shifts in sales, marketing, communications and leadership, product development, and service and support. The Digital Helix is a practical guide to bringing all the key functions together and includes guidance on developing ...

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  • The White Man's Indian: Images of the American Indian from Columbus to the Present

    "A compelling and definitive history...of racist preconceptions in white behavior toward native Americans."—Leo Marx, The New York Times Book ReviewColumbus called them "Indians" because his geography was faulty. But that name and, more important, the images it has come to suggest have endured for five centuries, not only obscuring the true identity of the original Americans but serving as an ideological weapon in their subjugation. Now, in this brilliant and deeply disturbing reinterpretation of the American past, Robert Berkhofer has written an impressively documented account of the self-serving stereotypes Europeans and white Americans have concocted about the "Indian": Noble Savage or bloodthirsty redskin, he was deemed inferior in the light of western, Christian civilization and manipulated to its benefit. A thought-provoking and revelatory study of the absolute, seemingly ineradicable pervasiveness of white racism, The White Man's Indian is a truly important book which penetrates to the very heart of our understanding of ourselves. "A splendid inquiry into, and analysis of, the process whereby white adventurers and the white middle class fabricated the Indian to their own advantage. It deserves a wide and thoughtful readership."—Chronicle of Higher Education

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  • Born Free

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  • Dark Age Ahead

    In this indispensable book, urban visionary Jane Jacobs argues that as agrarianism gives way to a technology-based future, we’re at risk of cultural collapse. Jacobs—renowned author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities and The Economy of Cities—pinpoints five pillars of our culture that are in serious decay: community and family; higher education; the effective practice of science; taxation, and government; and the self-regulation of the learned professions. The corrosion of these pillars, Jacobs argues, is linked to societal ills such as environmental crisis, racism, and the growing gulf between rich and poor. But this is a hopeful book as well as a warning. Drawing on a vast frame of reference—from fifteenth-century Chinese shipbuilding to Ireland’s cultural rebirth—Jacobs suggests how the cycles of decay can be arrested and our way of life renewed. Invigorating and accessible, Dark Age Ahead is not only the crowning achievement of Jane Jacobs’ career, but one of the most important works of our time.

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  • The Politics of Dispossession: The Struggle for Palestinian Self-Determination, 1969-1994

    Ever since the appearance of his groundbreaking The Question of Palestine, Edward Said has been America's most outspoken advocate for Palestinian self-determination. As these collected essays amply prove, he is also our most intelligent and bracingly heretical writer on affairs involving not only Palestinians but also the Arab and Muslim worlds and their tortuous relations with the West.In The Politics of Dispossession Said traces his people's struggle for statehood through twenty-five years of exile, from the PLO's bloody 1970 exile from Jordan through the debacle of the Gulf War and the ambiguous 1994 peace accord with Israel. As frank as he is about his personal involvement in that struggle, Said is equally unsparing in his demolition of Arab icons and American shibboleths. Stylish, impassioned, and informed by a magisterial knowledge of history and literature, The Politics of Dispossession is a masterly synthesis of scholarship and polemic that has the power to redefine the debate over the Middle East.

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  • Everything and the Kitchen Sink: Remodel Your Kitchen without Losing Your Mind

    As Americans hunger for home improvement, Lowe's and Home Depot have risen to the status of weekend hotspots. Home-design shows like Trading Spaces are flourishing up and down the television dial, mirroring the national nesting craze. And the most-remodeled room in the nest is the kitchen. While remodeling can be a stressful experience, Everything and the Kitchen Sink demystifies the kitchen design and remodeling process with a humorous, down-to-earth, and candid approach that lets readers know exactly what they're in for-and how to triumph. Savvy homeowners really need to be involved in every step of a kitchen remodel, whether they're leaving the labor to the pros or rolling up their sleeves to tackle the project solo. Planning and foresight are crucial to a successful and (relatively) painless remodeling project. Researching design options, hiring contractors, budgeting, making smart purchases, cutting costs, financing, surviving the chaos of installations, and effective problem-solving are explained in straightforward, user-friendly detail. While learning how to successfully navigate the process, readers will also explore hundreds of exciting and innovative ideas for creating a dream kitchen at any price point. Floor plans, diagrams, and beautiful four-color and black-and-whit...

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  • Women with Attention Deficit Disorder: Embracing Disorganization at Home and in the Workplace

    Offers proof that ADD affects as many women as men and shows women how to detect its symptoms, what special challenges they will face, what to expect from treatment, and how to live with the ailment. Original. 25,000 first printing. Tour. IP.

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  • Pandora's Legions

    After peacefully and complacently expanding for centuries, the Centran Empire comes face to face with their first major obstacle, the stubborn and warlike inhabitants of Earth, and decides to use Earth warriors to pacify difficult planets throughout the galaxy, but they soon discover a new problem--the humans could end up running the Central Empire itself. Original.

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  • Rogue Clone

    Lt. Wayson Harris is one of thousands of clones born and bred to be the ultimate soldiers. But unlike the others, Harris is an outlawed model—one with independent thoughts and an addiction to violence.Presumed dead after his troops were massacred, Harris—who blames the U.A. for the slaughter—has gone AWOL as a bounty hunter. Still, it’s hard for a clone to overcome his conditioning, and Harris finds himself drawn back into the U.A.'s service by his mentor and creator, Fleet Admiral Bryce Klyber.Now, with separatists rebelling throughout the galaxy, the fate of the U.A. depends on Admiral Klyber’s plans for the Doctrinaire—the largest, most powerful battleship ever constructed. But there are those who would do anything to stop Klyber, and Harris must decide whether he should fight against them…or work for them.

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