• Wedding Silk Invitation Box

    These beautifully hand crafted invitation boxes are ideal to take your event to new level. Surprise your guests with these flat boxes. It is covered in high quality Faux silk, or you can add even more luxury and choose from 100% Thai silk or Dupioni silk. It is also padded inside and out. The boxes are designed to speak of high class sophistication, and the slim design does this perfectly. The lid has two doors and opens in the middle with a discreet ribbon. When you reach the inside, there are all kinds of nooks and crannies to explore. From the sturdy pockets on the inside of each door, to the ribbon that holds your invitation in place on the bottom of the box, this box surprises around every corner. This design comes in a soft pink, that your guests will adore. The softness of the color will add a bit of femininity. It also comes in a chocolate color, which oozes elegance and sophistication. The seriousness of your event will be evident when you decide on this earthy color. Your event will definitely stand out when you use either of these colors. These boxes are very versatile and has a variety of uses other than holding the invitation to your big day. It can be used in an office to store notepapers, with a pen or two, or the soft pink box can add some elegance in a bedroom, w...

    • Color: Chocolate brown or pink
    • Brand: Silk Wedding Invitation Boxes
    • ASIN: B00ZFIVI76

  • Shenglong Lot 5000 PCS Peach Color Silk Rose Petals Wedding Flower Decoration

    Silk rose petals are ideal for using on weddings, buffets, cakes , and anywhere a lush splash of life is needed. You can decorate almost anything with these -picture frames, invitations, gift baskets, favor boxes, bags, and much more. These silk rose petals can be reused over and again, so be sure to collect them up after your event and use at your next celebration or share them with loved ones as a memento.

    • Color: Pink
    • ASIN: B013B9T3RW
    • UPC: 602766006465

  • Elegant Wedding Silk Invitation Folder

    Imagine an elegant starlet on the red carpet, dressed to thrill in a little black number, and to add a bit of class and sparkle, diamonds and pearls. This is exactly the thoughts that run through your mind, when you hold this little black number in your hands. And the award winning event you are planning will have the perfect start in this stunningly elegant folder. The hand crafted quality of this folder flows from the padded exterior to the practical interior. It is covered with only the finest quality silk and made to last using only the best materials. The sophistication of this folder is timeless, and will bring charm to any occasion. The folder opens up in the middle with a double door design. In the front, you will find a black silk band adding dimension and style. Holding the doors together is a high class, pearl and diamant' clasp, on your choice of gold or silver plated metal. On the inside of each of the doors, there is a silk pocket, perfect to keep a personal note, or the address of, or directions to the venue of your grand affair. Your invitation card is held conveniently in place by discreet silk corners in the centre of the folder. These clever compartments, makes it the perfect gift, that keeps giving. Your guests can use it in the office or at home. It is beauti...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Silk Wedding Invitation Boxes
    • ASIN: B00ZFIUF2K

  • Silk Wedding Invitation Box Gray with Red Silk Band

    There is no better way to add a touch of elegance to your event than with this striking silk box. Gorgeously hand crafted with painstaking care given to fine details, your event will hold an air of sophisticated style that guests would absolutely relish. This classic design comes in a stunning gray silk emboldened with a lavish finish of a bold wine red wide silk band that wraps around the complete box. You can choose to leave this plain or have it embroidered for that personal touch. A fabulous idea would be to include your initials and the date of your special day, helping to instil a memorable ambience to your event. At first sight, the padded exterior gives a hint of plush extravagance and opening the hinged lid reveals that the inside perpetuates this theme in the most luxurious way. The hinge on one side of the lid is discreet and serves to hold it upright when opened. A simple and elegant ribbon runs along the cushioned base, serving as a secure holder for your invitation. Be inspired with color and use cards of contrasting color to the silk for a memorable effect. Matching your invitation card to the color of the silk band is another idea that would absolutely charm guests. They would be further delighted to find many uses for the stylish silk box once they have returned ...

    • Color: Gray with red silk band, more colors available
    • Brand: Silk Wedding Invitation Boxes
    • ASIN: B00ZFJ4B74

  • Ling's moment Artificial Flowers Silk Rose Petals 200PCS Flower Girl Scatter Petals for Wedding Party Aisle Centerpieces Table Confetti Home Decorations (200, Combo 8 - Coral/Ivory/Peach/Champagne)

    These rose petals are 100% HANDMADE with premium Satin fabric, they are the best option to replace natural ones. They are singed to prevent fraying and each of them is approx. 1.2 inches. You can use these satin rose petals to scatter around table centerpieces or to decorate the wedding cake. You can fill favor boxes and invitations to surprise your guests and most importantly you can invite your special guests to participate in the wedding toss and throw them to you filled with their love and special wishes for you. --------------------------------------------------------------- This is the approx. quantity of petals that you will need for a wedding: 1 Flower girl 200 petals 1 table: 100 petals (sprinkling)200 petals (lots) Petals for tossing 30 petals for guest. ----Aisle runner 10 ft length:-------Border 6" scattered 200 petals light coverage 400 petals moderate 1000 petals dense 2,000 petals These petals are ideal for weddings, baby shower or sweet 16, to celebrate Anniversary or to decorate at home. Indeed you are going to fall in love with them!

    • Color: Combo 8 - Coral/Ivory/Peach/Champagne
    • Brand: Ling's moment
    • ASIN: B07C2S3FZD

  • Luscious Purple Silk Wedding Invitation Box With Double Padded Lid And Shimmering Brooch

    Embrace the world of timeless elegance and present the invitation to your next formal event in this fantastic silk invitation box. The purple color is bold and provides warm, rich tones that are further enhanced by the crystal embellishment in the center of the lid. Make a lasting impression with your guests, who are sure to be mesmerized by the overall effect. The removable lid has double padding, making for a doubly plush feel to the gleaming purple silken covering. Although simplistic in nature, the elegant hand crafted design is glamorized by the addition of the striking crystal brooch that resides in the center of the lid. Open the box to reveal an interior that is lusciously lined in purple silk as well. The base is deep and cushioned as well, perpetuating the softness of the outside. This is where you will place your main invitation and a beautiful ribbon in light purple is tied in a bow to keep your card beautifully in place. The bow adds a splash of playful youth to the encompassing sophisticated chic of the design that makes this silken box ideal for special birthday occasions or weddings of young couples. Bestow this glorious invitation box as a unique memento of your occasion and guests will be utterly enchanted. Leave a box at each place setting to brighten your tabl...

    • Color: Purple
    • Brand: Silk Wedding Invitation Boxes
    • ASIN: B00ZFJ58DA

  • Silk Invitation Box - Wedding Favor Box with Screen

    Nothing surpasses the impact of meticulous handmade craftsmanship, and with this silk box it?s plain to see why. The stunning gate fold style is accentuated by a gorgeous button closure, while the fine silk is brought to life by screen print in a fashionable floral design. Blending the classic, timeless silk with trim that is more current creates an impression that is avant-garde and long lasting. Luxurious padding lines the interior as well as the outside, giving it a lavish finish all round. The floral screen is made from non toxic rubber tree print and provides a spirited touch to an otherwise classically simple look. Undoing the pretty button allows you to open the gate fold to reveal a small pocket on the inside of each flap. These are ideal for storage of little note cards or RSVP?s. The cushioned base has a ribbon holder attached to it, which holds your invitation firmly in place. Overall, the effect is one of quality and sublime enchantment! Receiving the unusually styled box as a favor would be thrilling for guests, who would also be able to make use of it in several ways. It would make a stunning trinket box for valuable pieces that deserve to be shown off in classical style. Whether placed in the sanctuary of a bedroom or displayed in the forefront of the home, the sur...

    • Color: Most colors available
    • Brand: Silk Wedding Invitation Boxes
    • ASIN: B00ZATOFI4

  • Elegant Silver Silk Wedding Invitation Box With Ornate Luxury Clasp

    Forever starts with an invitation. Get inspired by the stars and reach the heights you want by bringing only perfection to your grand and wondrous affair, with unique and elegant announcements of your wedding. Offering a delicate balance of luxury and style, this invitation definitely exceeds what passes for the wow-factor in a modern wedding. For the classic style, a sensuous white faux silk is surrounded by a rich pearl-white ribbon and all is then adorned by an over-the-top ornate luxurious brooch bursting with translucent tones. You will love our luscious invitations that are made by hand with a passion for the art. High quality silk engulfs the entirety of the inside of each box making for a crafty concealment of hinges, yet keeping it easy to open and close. To hold your cards in place, your invitation boxes come with an ingenious slender and stylish ribbon holder within the underlay of the lid, for your personal hand written letter or invitation pads. The ribbon holders can be altered to your liking or can be changed to a letter pocket if you so desire. If you are prefer other embellishments, adapt the box to your own personality. Make unexpected and over-the-top creations to blend with your event, by choosing from our selection of ribbons and assorted extras. We have a fa...

    • Color: Silver, cream ribbon
    • Brand: Silk Wedding Invitation Boxes
    • ASIN: B00ZFIQ7LI

  • Silk Wedding Invitation Box In Ivory In Gate Fold Style With Ornate Clasp

    Bestow an unforgettable air of exclusivity to your formal function with this stunning invitation box. High quality faux silk absolutely gleams in the warm, inviting color of ivory and the delicate details come together in a show of handmade artistry that will leave guests enamoured. An impression of chic sophistication is achieved through the stylish gate fold design. Soft to the touch and easy on the eye, the look and feel of this silken box is what makes it a must-have. Luxuriously padded on the outside, the plush sensation is enhanced by a broad ribbon embellishment that is adorned with a large pearl brooch encrusted with A-grade crystals that is perfectly placed right where the two doors of the gate fold meet. There is no better way to achieve a sense of timeless elegance accentuated with a dash of glitz! You don?t have to remove the brooch to open the box, lift the doors and make the acquaintance of a gorgeously styled interior. The base of the box is also lavishly padded, creating a lush resting place for your invitation card. Each corner of the base is detailed with silk pockets to keep your invitation in place in a way that is functional and also elegant. Inside each door of the gate fold you will find a silk pocket. These serve as storage for items like RSVPs, menu cards...

    • Color: Ivory, more colors available
    • Brand: Silk Wedding Invitation Boxes