• Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan 3 Fan Pack with Lighting Node Pro

    The Corsair ll120 RGB PWM fan combines excellent airflow, low noise operation and 16 brilliant independent RGB LEDs, spread between two separate light loops that encircle the fan and its hub. Pair with the included Corsair lighting Node Pro to customize lighting with a wide array of vivid effects and patterns. Using an optimized 120mm fan blade and PWM control, set the speed of the fan anywhere from 600 RPM to 1, 500 RPM for precise noise and airflow adjustment. Made for those seeking excellent airflow, quiet operation, and powerful lighting, the Corsair ll120 RGB fan puts your PC back in the loop.

    • Color: LL120 RGB
    • Brand: Corsair
    • ASIN: B075VGN4M1
    • UPC: 843591032438

  • Instapark Mercury27 27-watt Compact Foldable Solar-powered Battery Charger with 12V Output for Instapark Mars20S, Powerpack Series & Wagan Power Dome Series and Dual USB Ports

    Converting virtually unlimited supply of solar power to much needed battery juice for your mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad and many, many more USB portable devices while you are on the go or there is a power outage or disaster strikes, the Instapark Mercury27 is a light and compact solar battery charger that easily fits in your messenger bag or backpack. It combines four solar panels totaling 27 watts and folds up into a pack about the same size as a fashion magazine, but only thinner and lighter. Unlike most of the solar chargers with unstable circuitry thus requiring a battery pack for power storage and charging external devices, the Mercury 27 are sophisticatedly designed and engineered and comes with dual standard USB ports for simultaneously charging your cell phones including all iPhones, tablet computers including all iPads, MP3 players, USB battery/power packs and many other USB compatible mobile devices. In addition to USB charging, the Mercury 27 also has a DC output for charging 12V batteries, the charging connector is compatible with some most popular portable 12V battery packs such as with Instapark Mars20S, PowerPack Series & Wagan Power Dome Series Battery Packs, no additional adapter needed Technical Specifications: Solar Panel Wattage: 27W Solar Pan...

    • Color: 27 Watt Kit
    • Brand: Instapark
    • ASIN: B00F05VDVU
    • UPC: 615564718478

  • Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Dual Handle Electric Twin Pack (Black +White)

    Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Dual Handle Electric twin pack (Black +White)

    • Brand: Philips
    • ASIN: B0184R4AJW
    • UPC: 075020053183

  • Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance Edition Twin Pack Fan

    The wide body, low-pitch blades of the SP120 fans Twin Pack combined with the custom housing provides outstanding static pressure and airflow through heatsinks or radiators. With rubberized corners, a quiet and reliable Advanced Hydraulic Bearing, and an included step-down resistor for even quieter operation, the SP120 truly is the strong, silent type. Customer Service / Tech support: 1-888-222-4346 opt. 1

    • Brand: Corsair
    • ASIN: B007RESFYK
    • UPC: 806293902591

  • NP F550 RAVPower Battery Charger Set for Sony NP F970, F750, F770, F960, F550, F530, F330, F570, CCD-SC55, TR516, TR716, TR818, TR910, TR917 and more (2-Pack Replacement Battery Kit, Dual Slot Charger

    Stay Charged with 2 Extra Batteries Concerned your camera battery may die right before shooting that long-awaited, unrepeatable sunset? Don't be! The RAVPower Rechargeable Battery and Charger Kit for Sony cameras comes with not one but two fully compatible replacement batteries and a dual slot charger to power them on the go. Record for Longer with Your Video Camera RAVPower Replacement Batteries feature a higher-density 2900mAh capacity that ups the 2200mAh of the original. In real life usage, this translates to up to 4 hours of video recording per battery so you'll have plenty of juice to capture life's special moments. Compatibility SONY CD-RV100/RV200/SC SERIES/SC5/SC5/SC5/E/SC55/SC55E/SC6/SC65/SC7/SC7/E/SC8/E/SC9/TR SERIES/TR1/TR11/TR1100E/TR12/TR18/TR18E/TR1E/TR2/TR200/TR205/TR215/TR2200E/TR2300/TR2300E/TR280PK/TR290PK/TR3/TR3/TR300/TR3000/TR3000E/TR3100E/TR311E/TR315/TR315E/TR317/TR3200E/TR3300/TR3300E/TR411E/TR412E/TR413/TR414/TR415E/TR416/TR417/TR417E/TR425E/TR427/TR427E/TR500/TR511E/TR512E/TR515E/TR516/TR516E/TR517/TR555/TR57/TR610/TR617/TR617E/TR618/TR618E/TR640E/TR67/TR710/TR713E/TR716/TR717E/TR718/TR718E/TR728/TR728E/TR730E/TR76/TR760E/TR810E/TR818/TR840E/TR845E/TR87/TR910/TR913E/TR917/TR918E/TR930/TR940 Secure Construction, Reliable Charging RAVPower provides eff...

    • Color: black
    • Brand: RAVPower
    • ASIN: B0761SH551
    • UPC: 635414231803

  • Fluke BP291 Li-Ion Double Capacity Battery Pack for Fluke 190-Series II ScopeMeter Test Tool, 4800 mAh Capacity

    Li-Ion double capacity battery pack. For 190-series II ScopeMeter test tool. 4800 mAh Capacity.

    • Brand: Fluke
    • ASIN: B004QX8KDQ
    • UPC: 095969580199

  • SH50/52 Replacement Heads Set of 3 Dual Precision Silver Dragon Universal Cooling Surface Blades for Philips Norelco Compatible Electric Shaver Series 5000

    Returning your electric shaver to its original smooth shave shouldn't have to be expensive. Silver Dragon Shave has worked with engineers and manufacturers to produce a universal SH50 replacement head that provides superior compatibility, economy and a fiercely smooth shave! The smooth, cool surface of the head is laser-etched with precision to provide a closer, smoother shave without the bothersome vinyl or plastic stickers that tend to bind or fall off other replacement blades. We're 100% committed to excellence and if your new replacement heads don't exceed your expectations, we'll make it right!* Important; While shavers come with their original blades lubricated, new replacement blades are shipped dry to avoid mess and contamination. Failure to lubricate the replacement heads can lead to excessive noise, vibration, heat and skin irritation. For the best care of your shaver, use a soft brush to clean the device. After installation, place a tiny drop of baby oil on each screen and allow razor to run for 10 seconds. These steps will help to ensure a properly-running razor. Seriously. It really helps! ** Please be sure of compatibility before ordering replacement blades.++ These fine and sexy blades are of 3rd party manufacture and are not made by or affiliated with Philips N...

    • Brand: Silver Dragon Shave
    • ASIN: B0736DVPFQ
    • UPC: 732773705300

  • Corsair Air Series AF120 LED Quiet Edition High Airflow Fan Twin Pack - Red

    Corsair CO-9050016-RLED LED Red Quiet Edition 120mm PC Computer Fan Twin PackSuperior cooling performance and LED illuminationCorsair Air Series LED high airflow PC case fans combine efficient, low-noise airflow with striking LED lighting. The custom-molded blades are designed for high-volume air delivery with less noise and turbulence than typical case fans. They’re translucent, with a frosted texture, so the light from the four LEDs adds a dramatic effect.Tuned for high-airflow, large volume coolingAir Series AF fan models perform best in unrestricted spaces with at least 3cm of clearance, and they’re ideal for mounting at the rear or top of your PC case as exhaust fans for your PC’s motherboard and CPU, graphics accelerators, and other components that fill the case with heat. They work equally well as unrestricted intake fans for areas like side panels or bottom intakes.For high restriction areas like hard drive cages or in other tight spaces where there’s less air volume, check out our Air Series SP models of high static pressure fans.Better performance than standard case fansAir Series AF fan models are designed to outperform standard case fans. The blades are custom-molded for optimal airflow, and they’re ultra-thin for less noise and turbulence. The sleeved beari...

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Corsair
    • ASIN: B00F6S0XJO
    • UPC: 792137802366

  • Coleman Guide Series Compact Dual Fuel Stove, Green,7.38" H x 7.38" W x 6.55" L

    • Color: Coleman Green
    • Brand: Coleman
    • ASIN: B0009PUQAU
    • UPC: 066511717806