• Sector 9 Nica Deck

    Our artist friend Chad White was once again kept shoreside by what he says were lagre crocs in the water. Yes, Chad we saw those monsters too ;) Fortunately when he gets spooked he nedds to exorcise those demons out of his system by drawing. So think of those empty barrels you enjoyed and thank Chad while gliding around your favorite terrain on this eco friendly creation.

    • Brand: Sector 9
    • ASIN: B00NYR039O
    • UPC: 888961675686

  • Sector 9 Lookout Longboard Deck 2017

    The vertically laminated bamboo will serve you well over time. As a board like this breaks in the flex becomes incredibly comfortable. Great for beginners, this board cruises low to the ground for comfort. Make your commute a carving dream with the Lookout.

    • Brand: Sector 9
    • ASIN: B071L27Z4M
    • UPC: 085955138022

  • Sector 9 A.V.E. Deck

    The Alternative Energy Vehicle does not compromise performance for its namesake. It features a generous kick tail, light weight bamboo construction, Pro III trucksm and the new 61mm Nineball wheels, making it ready for any sliding or grinding situation. Save a tree, ride a weed, or at least get to your next destination in style.

    • Brand: Sector 9
    • ASIN: B00NYQZV5Q
    • UPC: 888961675761

  • Sector 9 Tiffany Skateboard Deck, Assorted, 10.0 x 37.2-Inch

    CNC wheel wells compatible with adjustable truck mounting patterns. 5/8th inch drop behind front truck placement to create a pocket to lock in your foot allowing the rider to keep their footing stable and apply extra weight towards the nose

    • Color: Assorted
    • Brand: Sector 9
    • ASIN: B0087KDNHM
    • UPC: 888961646372

  • Sector 9 Carbon Flight Deck Skateboard, Blue

    The carbon Flight is constructed using 5 plies of maple sandwiched in fiberglass with carbon fiber stringers for extra stiffness and response. It's a scaled down race lineage shape better fitting the needs of the average skater. The charger II trucks are good for both free ride and downhill, but paired with the skiddles wheels you will probably spend most of your time putting it sideways leaving colors on the pavement.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Sector 9
    • ASIN: B00UHEHU1G
    • UPC: 888961680314

  • Sector 9 Meridian Deck Skateboard, Blue

    The meridian is a great intermediate drop through carving machine. If your just looking to draw out some nice carves or bust some decent slides the meridian is a great choice.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Sector 9
    • ASIN: B01EWJR7A0
    • UPC: 888961688563

  • Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout II Drop-Thru Bamboo Complete Downhill Longboard Skateboard - 9.6" x 42"

    The Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout II longboard is a classic surf inspired cruising and carving board. It has a great blend of flex and rigidity making it nice for throwing out slides and speed checks with ease. The Lookout is a pretty big board with a relatively long wheelbase so it is nice and stable. We really like this board because you don't have to go crazy fast to break into slides. It is super fun for just cruising around, doing some cross-stepping, and sliding around when you hit some decent sized hills. For a relatively inexpensive board the Lookout is a ton of fun and great for someone looking to get into longboarding!

    • Brand: Sector 9
    • ASIN: B00JSNU8D4
    • UPC: 780742767774

  • Sector 9 Swamis Deck

    This mid-sized cruiser is a comfortable sidewalk free rider. The wide 9' Mission trucks paired with 61mm Nineballs are great for sliding, and the tail is still fully capable of getting you up or down your local curbs. Gain a new sense of spiritual realization with the Swamis.

    • Brand: Sector 9
    • ASIN: B00NYR024K
    • UPC: 888961675662

  • Sector 9 Dart Deck Skateboard, Grey

    The sweet rockered platform of the dart gives a unique feel and turn to this little shredder. The cradle the mold creates makes a nice pocket for the rider to lock into making it easy to push and fun to dig into on turns. The graphic is an idealistic representation of the old saying "many hands make light work" which is often the feeling you get at the factory here at Sector 9.

    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Sector 9
    • ASIN: B019DJBAMK
    • UPC: 888961683193