• SeaLife ReefMaster RC SL515 Automatic Dive Underwater 35mm Camera

    The SEALIFE Reefmaster RC automatic dive camera is the preferred camera of divers, photographers and travelers of all stripes. Operational down to 164 feet -- beyond the limits of most sport diving -- the Reefmaster RC requires only two AA batteries and conventional 35mm film. All parts are replaceable, interchangeable and upgradeable

    • Brand: SeaLife
    • ASIN: B000063EKD
    • UPC: 077068415152

  • SeaLife ReefMaster Lens Dock to Protect Your Lens Camera Scuba Dive Diving Divers Camera Gear Authorized Dealer Full Warranty

    Use this SeaLife ReefMaster Lens Dock to secure your valuable lens! Features of this item include include: Protects and stores wide angle lens while diving Lens quickly slides in and out for instant access Quickly and easily attaches to the bottom of SeaLife cameras or flashes Durable, built to last Model #SL972 AUTHORIZED DEALER, FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY!!! Use this ReefMaster Lens Dock to help protect your valuable wide angle lens!

    • Brand: SeaLife
    • ASIN: B0026R7DXM

  • SeaLife SL511 ReefMaster RC Underwater Photo Set 35mm Camera

    • Brand: SeaLife
    • ASIN: B00004RG7E
    • UPC: 077068415114

  • Sealife 5MP DC500 Underwater Camera with 3X Optical Zoom

    Immerse yourself! Digital photography leaps from land to sea, in the sea that is. The acclaimed SL150 is a high-resolution 5 megapixel digital-camera that has a special rubber armoured body that lets you take it underwater up to 200 feet deep. And take great pictures too! SeaLife DC500 features a new "Shark Mode" for faster and sharper pictures of moving objects underwater and in sports photography on land. The Shark Mode is activated by simply pushing the camera's OK button which focuses on the intended subject. The camera will now remember that focus range and take sharp pictures with virtually no shutter lag.Underwater, in diving or snorkeling, everything moves, the diver as well as sea creatures are in constant movement. In addition to the Shark Mode, the automatic Sea exposure mode will shorten the exposure time underwater for sharper pictures. So now when you feel like diving into photography you can actually dive down and do it. And, when on land, get great pictures too! Large 2 LCD Display Pocket-size removable inner camera Rubber armored housing.

    • Brand: Reef
    • ASIN: B000A8PNLS
    • UPC: 077068411505

  • SeaLife ReefMaster RM-4K HD Wi-Fi Underwater Digital Camera with Sea Dragon 1500 LED Light includes SL942 Sea Dragon Case

    The ReefMaster RM-4K includes the ReefMaster 4K inner camera, ReefMaster underwater camera housing, wrist strap, USB cable 30"/75cm, camera pouch. With the ReefMaster RM-4K Pro 1500 Set, you get the ReefMaster RM-4K with a Sea Dragon 1500 lumen Light, a bright and wide beam that will add color and brilliance to video and still images. SeaLife introduced the new ReefMaster RM-4K Ultra Compact Underwater Camera at the DEMA (Dive Equipment & Marketing Association) tradeshow. Featuring a pocket-sized design with 14 megapixel Panasonic CMOS image sensor and ultra-high definition 4K 30fps video, its ultra compact, portable design ensures that divers and snorkelers can take the ReefMaster anywhere, from a wet environment to 130' or 40 meters underwater. The camera captures brilliant 4K video with underwater color correction. The Fisheye Lens allows a close approach to the subjects while still keeping everything in the picture.

    • Brand: SeaLife
    • ASIN: B078YDGYG4
    • UPC: 077068413547

  • Sealife Reefmaster Wide Angle Lens for Digital and 35MM Cameras Underwater Camera Sea Life Scuba Dive Diving Divers Snorkel Snorkeling Camera Products Gear Authorized Dealer Full Warranty

    This SeaLife Wide Angle Lens is a must have when you need to get everything in the shot! Features of this wonderful lens include: 24mm wide-angle lens increases the shooting angle about 50% Easily snaps on and off your SeaLife digital or film camera, even underwater Sharp focus from 2'(60cm) to infinity without any adjustments Fully-multi coated optical glass Waterproof to 200'(60m) Includes neoprene lens cover for protection Comes with attachment clip and ring Model #SL970 AUTHORIZED DEALER, FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY!!! Use this wide angle lens from SeaLife to make sure you don't cut little Mikee out of the family picture!

    • Brand: SeaLife
    • ASIN: B0026R7DOQ

  • SeaLife SCL520 ReefMaster CL 35mm Camera

    SeaLife's ReefMaster CL underwater camera can be used to a depth of 164 feet. The large shutter release lever on the outside of the Lexan housing makes the CL a snap to use for divers wearing bulky gloves. The CL's clear plastic housing is removable, allowing you to take pictures on land as well as underwater. This camera is compatible with all ReefMaster accessories.

    • Brand: SeaLife
    • ASIN: B00004TTH8
    • UPC: 077068415206

  • Sealife Small Moisture muncher 10 capsules, 1.5 grams each

    Moisture Munchers small size - keeps lens from fogging - use inside all Sealife camera housings (10 Pack)

    • Brand: SeaLife
    • ASIN: B0000DCW2V
    • UPC: 799472018759

  • New 1 Inch Pioneer Sealife ReefMaster Base Stay Screw for SeaLife Underwater Cameras and Flashes (SL-96022)

    Have you ever considered....Carrying a spare Base Stay Screw in your Save-a-Dive" kit for your SeaLife Underwater Camera System? This Base Stay Screw could simply be the answer to that important photo opportunity on your next dive trip."

    • Brand: SeaLife
    • ASIN: B006NSZGHU