• Scriptural Lessons From the Civil War

    If you are one of the many Americans fascinated by the American Civil War, but feel that there is nothing new under the sun concerning that epic time, think again. In these pages you will find a wealth of stories of incredible courage, extraordinary perseverance, and heartwarming affection and humor. These stories of the personalities and events from the Civil War are carefully chosen to appeal to both the well-acquainted as well as the novice. The book includes spiritual lessons for us today, using practical applications and insights from the Holy Scriptures, based on intriguing stories of those who lived through our nation's greatest trial. My hope is that these stories, written in a highly readable, short-chapter devotional style, will not only provide Civil War lovers with hours of reading enjoyment but wisdom and hope in the midst of our own trials each of us face in these difficult times.

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  • Scriptural Organization of the Churches of Christ: Together But Apart

    This book was originally used for the World Bible Study. The lessons in it are set for the beginner or new christian

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  • Beach Teacher: Scriptural Lessons From the Shore

    Bestselling author Alex Basile brings Christianity to the shore and distills for the reader the rich Christian symbolism found in sand, sea, and sun. From meditations on the Jesus fish to contemplating the de profundis of Divine Love, Basile walks with the reader through a rich interweaving of sign, meaning, and spirit.

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  • Lessons I've Learned: A Scriptural Perspective

    Life in this present time can be difficult and unpredictable. Some days may be uneventful, but others may present situations that leave us feeling distracted and overwhelmed. However, within our life experiences, whether good or bad, there are often valuable lessons to be learned from the situations and people we encounter. In Lessons I’ve Learned: A Scriptural Perspective, the author weaves her personal experiences into practical life lessons related to topics such as the importance of maintaining intimacy with God, the evil of prejudice, forgiveness, honor in the family, friendship, virtuous living and more. The book offers readers a rich selection of scriptures that speak to God’s guidance for living in His will, as well as assurances on His promises of love, healing, protection, and hope for an abundant, peace-filled life.

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  • Make Your Voice Heard in Heaven: How to Pray with Power

    Based on the keynote message that so moved government leaders at the 2017 National Prayer Breakfast, U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black’s Make Your Voice Heard in Heaven shows us how to pray prayers that God will hear.Now more than ever, we are fighting for our voices to be heard on earth. We march, we tweet, we advocate on behalf of the voiceless, calling those in power to listen and come alongside us.Sometimes it feels as if we’re never going to be heard and nothing will ever change.Known for his powerful prayers, Chaplain Black challenges us, individually and collectively, to make ourselves heard in a way that really changes things—by calling upon the one who holds ultimate power. Through personal story and practical insight, Make Your Voice Heard in Heaven helps us learn to pray in a way that releases God’s power and unleashes His blessing.

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  • Early Readers Bible

    Children love the feeling of accomplishment they get from doing things by themselves: getting dressed, tying their shoes … and especially reading! That's why boys and girls get so excited about The Early Reader's Bible: the Bible that beginning readers can read all on their own. The Early Reader's Bible Features: - 64 easy-to-read Bible stories, based on standard public school word lists - Colorful illustrations, stimulating questions, and real-life applications to increase children's understanding of God's Word - List of 250 basic words used in public school early reader books - List of over 200 new words including Bible vocabulary with fewer than five new words introduced in each story. Help your child learn to associate the words "I can" with reading and loving Scripture -- and with the child-friendly, best-selling Early Readers Bible.

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