• Dispoz-A-Scoop HealthPro for Dogs - 96 pack

    The sanitary way to pick up after you dog! Unmatched convenience and ease of use. No more messy shovels or yucky plastic bags! Simply scoop seal and throw away!

    • Brand: Dispoz-A-Scoop
    • ASIN: B0030E0EY0
    • UPC: 000433100964


    "A fresh, easy, and convenient way to pick up after your pets. These disposable waste bags have natural odor elimination from Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, plus a soft scent, made to fit the Arm & Hammer Deluxe 2 in 1 Litter Scoop. "

    • Brand: Petmate
    • ASIN: B0091F3UAW
    • UPC: 029695291203

  • Arm & Hammer 71041 Easy-Tie Waste Bags, Blue, 150-Pack

    150 blue bags (2-Pack of 75 bags)Arm and Hammer easy tie waste bagsWaste bags make clean-up quick and easyThese bags neutralize odors with activated baking soda and a fresh scentThey come in an E-Z Dispense box for quick grab and go

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Arm & Hammer
    • ASIN: B013PDJKK4
    • UPC: 024144491371

  • So Phresh Scoop & Toss Litter Bags, 8 rolls, 120 ct., Assorted

    So Phresh Scoop & Toss Litter Bags, 8 rolls, 120 ct., 15.5 IN, Assorted

    • Brand: So Phresh
    • ASIN: B0169J2ZH6
    • UPC: 800443982211

  • sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter, 36lb Bag

    sWheat Scoop is an all-natural cat litter made from naturally renewable wheat. With no harmful ingredients typically found in clay litter, it is a no-worries kind of cat litter. The natural wheat enzymes neutralize odor on contact, and wheat starches clump firmly for easy scooping. Add in that it’s 100% biodegradable, and you’ve got yourself a pretty sWheat litter for you and your furry friends.

    • Brand: sWheat Scoop
    • ASIN: B011O35AGU
    • UPC: 787748670367

  • Dispoz-A-Scoop Bags 96 Pk

    Please note that these come mail order packaging (bulk packed) and not in a retail box.

    • Color: brown
    • Brand: As Seen On TV
    • ASIN: B0009YWF14
    • UPC: 004331009640

  • NEATER PET BRANDS - Neater Scooper and 60 Count Refill Bag Bundle - Cat Litter Sifter Scoop System with Extra Waste Bags (Tan)

    Neater Scooper & 60 Count Refill Bags Bundle Neater Scooper Cat Litter Scoop helps keep your litter box clean and fresh. This unique design includes a scooper with convenient waste bin attached to it for simple filling. A trap door automatically opens and closes while you deposit waste, leaving behind no spilled litter. Just sift, lift and toss the waste bag. When you are finished, just put in a fresh Neater Scooper refill waste bag. This listing also includes a 60 count scooper refill bag bungle. The refill bags are individually dispensed like tissues from a tissue box and also have easy tie handles. Scooper dimensions are 5.9 x 5.6 x 11.7 inches Comes with the Neater Scooper and 60 count scooper refill bags bundle Made in the USA Waste bin conveniently doubles as a caddy to store the scoop! Litter scoop & waste bag system combined into one. Designed for quick sifting with less dust. Just squeeze bin to detach scoop. Scoop can be placed upside down in bin for storage.

    • Color: Tan
    • ASIN: B07DXD7FWT
    • UPC: 814516021462

  • ASOTV Dispoz-A-Scoop Bags 250 Pk

    Cleaning up pet litter has never been easier. Scoop waste into this convenient bag (using the metal edge), press unit against the ground to seal, and the waste is ready for proper disposal. Useful when walking your pet, cleaning up your yard, or traveling. Dispoz-A-Scoop is completely sanitary and features a patented, self-sealing closure to ensure clean, odor-free disposal. Compact enough to fit in a pocket or purse. No touch, no odors, no problem! Disposable scoopers are 99% biodegradable. Scooper (6" L x 4-3/4" W) is large enough to use for larger dogs. In cases where waste might be more than average, two bags can be used. The Dispoz-A-Scoop bags have an airtight, waterproof seal, so if the bag gets wet, durability is not affected. Finally a hassle free, environmentally friendly solution to pet pollution! Made in the U.S.A. Please note that these come mail order packaging (bulk packed) and not in a retail box.

    • Color: brown
    • Brand: ASOTV
    • ASIN: B078PMGH7M
    • UPC: 638827072803

  • BOS Amazing Odor Sealing Cat Litter Disposal Bags - Durable and Unscented (90 Bags) [Size: M, Color: Light Blue]

    We are a Japanese manufacturing company which makes various types of high-performance plastic bags. BOS has been developed utilizing the technology cultivated the development process to collect intestinal waste for healthcare application. BOS using unrivaled, odor-sealing technology developed over time, is recommended with our utmost confidence. We started selling BOS in 2013 in Japan, BOS has become the #1 top rated bag in several categories on Amazon Japan and is highly regarded based on customer reviews. Starting April 2015, BOS is available only on Amazon.com to those outside Japan. Try these bags for yourself and experience the benefits of their amazing odor sealing performance! The bags are available in a range of sizes from XXS to L. *We have a variety of bag sizes, colors and package designs to suit your every need, but all of the bag odor sealing performances are the same. **While BOS's odor-sealing ability is great, we can not guarantee total odor sealing. Some odor may still be detected when the bags are disposed of and sealed in trash cans or pails.

    • Brand: BOS
    • ASIN: B06Y3TSCVW