• Tamiya Models Russian Selfpropelled Gun SU76M 1/35 Military Land Vehicle Model Building Kits

    1/35 scale. SU-76M Russian Self-Propelled Gun. Tamiya. The SU-76 was a Soviet self-propelled gun used during and after World War II. The SU-76 was based on a lengthened and widened version of the T-70 light tank chassis. Kit has multi-part upper and lower hull with exterior detail, open top fighting compartment with highly detailed interior, three-full figures (Commander, gunner and loader), front armor plate, fenders with bolt detail, one-piece 76.2mm gun features detailed (mantlet, breech, recoil mechanism, recuperator, controls, operation handles and more), six (6) shells and racks, magazines and racks, antenna, rear panel with bench seat, separate drivers hinged hatch, separately molded on-vehicle equipment including (storage tool boxes, radio and much more), Gaz-203 engine with detailed exhaust system, detailed suspension (road wheels, sprockets, track links and lengths), string for tow cable, clear parts (head lights, vision port and periscope). Decals and markings for two (2) tanks: 11th Guards Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion, East Prussia 1944 and Unknown Unit, Karl horst district, Berlin 1945.

    • Brand: Tamiya Models
    • ASIN: B01CN7MP7S

  • Zvezda 1/35 Russian MSTA-S 152mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Gun Tank ZVE3630

    1/35 Zvezda Models Russian 152mm self-propelled Howitzer MSTA-S Plastic Kit

    • Brand: Zvezda
    • ASIN: B071JRP9H9

  • Trumpeter Russian 2S19 Self-Propelled Howitz Model Kit, 152mm

    The 2S19 "Msta-S" is a self-propelled 152 mm howitzer designed by Russia, which entered service in 1989 as the successor to the 2S3. The vehicle is based on the T-72 tank hull, but use the T-80's wheels. Kit consists of over 1000 parts, refined detail, multi-slide moulded turret and lower hull, photo etch parts, individual track links. Decals and painting guide for (2) vehicles.

    • Brand: Trumpeter
    • UPC: 696748433097

  • Trumpeter 1/35 Russian ASU85 Airborne Self-Propelled Gun Mod 1970 Tank

    The ASU-85 is a Soviet airborne self-propelled gun of the Cold War. It was designed on the PT-76 tank chassis, and armed with an 85mm gun. Soviet Airborne Forces used the ASU-85 in airborne operations. Its primary role was light infantry support, with limited antitank capability. This plastic model kit is an accurate representation of the military vehicle.

    • Brand: Trumpeter
    • ASIN: B005LTIW6E

  • Tamiya Models JSU-152 Russian Heavy Self-Propelled Gun

    Long serving (WWII -1970s) Soviet self-propelled ML-20S 152mm howitzer built into a modified JS-2 heavy tank chassis - nicknamed 'Zveroboy' (beast killer) for its ability to destroy Tiger I and Panther tanks. Kit features excellent exterior detail on hull, superstructure and suspension (with suspension arm alignment jig); realistic cast metal texture on mantlet, steel plates and other surfaces; choice of vinyl track lengths or link-and-length track (with sag jig); multi-part road wheels, return rollers and sprockets; optional position crew hatches; gun barrel pivots in azimuth and elevation; cylindrical fuel tanks; separately molded on-vehicle equipment; photo-etch grilles; nylon cord tow cable; crew (3/4 figure loader and 1/2 figure commander); and intricate commander's DShK machine gun. Decals and painting reference for 4 Red Army vehicles from unknown units: No 600, Konigsberg, April 1945; No 115, Berlin, May 1945; No 43, Berlin, May 1945 and 'MOCKBA' (Moscow), Poland, January 1945.

    • Brand: Tamiya Models
    • ASIN: B002P67AI2
    • UPC: 611517840807

  • Trumpeter Russian 2S1 Self-Propelled Howitzer (1/35 Scale)

    The 2S1, also known as Gvozdika, is a Soviet 122-mm self-propelled howitzer and entered service with the Soviet Army in the early 1970s. It is fully amphibious with very little preparation and once afloat is propelled by its tracks. A variety of wider tracks are also available to allow the 2S1 to operate in snow or swamp conditions. It is NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protected and has infra-red night-vision capability. Kit consists of over 960 parts on 22 spruces including photo-etched details.

    • Brand: Trumpeter
    • ASIN: B00AWQ3U6S

  • BRONCO MODELS 48004 1/48 Russian Self-Propelled Gun SU-152 (KV-14)

    The SU-152 was a Soviet self-propelled heavy howitzer used during World War II. It mounted a 152 mm gun-howitzer on the chassis of a KV-1S heavy tank. Later production used an IS tank chassis and was re-designated ISU-152. Because of its adopted role as an impromptu heavy tank destroyer, capable of knocking out the heaviest German armoured vehicles—Tiger and Panther tanks, and Elefant tank destroyers—it was nicknamed Zveroboy which roughly translates to "one who fights beasts/animals".

    • Brand: Bronco Models
    • ASIN: B00L2XVGMK

  • Unimax Forces of Valor 1:72 Russian Self- Propelled Gun SU-172 Real World Battle Hardened Machine Series

    Unimax Forces of Valor 1:72 Russian Self- Propelled Gun SU-172 Real World Battle Hardened Machine Series

    • ASIN: B000HJ802Y
    • UPC: 018876850414