• Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring Rolls, 1/8-Inch x 4 x 6-Feet, Black

    The ³Diamond-Plate² is designed after the classic metal diamond-pattern design. This is a regular pattern of raised diamonds that imbue the industrial aesthetic. Our rubber floor mats are made to floor and protect surfaces just like their metallic forefathers. But with rubber runners, the end-user has the benefits of a forgiving surface that will absorb impact and shock at ultra-affordable costs. Rubber protector mats help safeguard floors and the equipment on top of the floors. Unlike metal, rubber matting will not ding, dent or permanently damage either the floors or the equipment when materials are dropped onto it. Used on stairs and catwalks in industrial settings, the added texture reduces the risk of slipping. For this reason ³Diamond-Plate² rubber floor mats are frequently used on the interior of vehicles or trailers. The ease of installation makes this product an even more popular choice amongst cost-conscious consumers, since the use of adhesives and installers is not needed. This rubber matting is made from 100% synthetic rubber and that allows it to be used in outdoor walkways without worry. Being offered in 8 varied lengths minimizes product loss (due to cutting) and installation costs. Buy one of these rubber floor mats for their superior functionality and enjoy ...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Rubber-Cal
    • ASIN: B005SUIX4W
    • UPC: 845605034438

  • ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat, EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, 24 Square Feet, Grey (Includes 6 tiles)

    The ProSource Exercise Puzzle Mat creates a comfortable, durable surface for workouts and exercise equipment while protecting your floors. Dense EVA foam absorbs impact and noise during workouts and provides a soft surface for exercises like push-ups and crunches. Easy-to-assemble interlocking pieces cover 24 square feet with end borders for a clean, finished look. Each tile is ½” thick from the highest point of the texture. It comes in three color options and is great for garages, fitness rooms, gyms, CrossFit, children’s play areas, and other hard floors. The material used for the tiles contains no phthalates. Care: Apply a combination of warm water and household or dish soap with a soft cloth or towel, and rub gently to wash. For tougher stains, use a mild laundry detergent solution. Air dry or wipe with a dry cloth. Warranty ProSource is confident our high quality products, which is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all products for manufacturer defects, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: ProSource
    • ASIN: B00K2TWXD6
    • UPC: 810244021385

  • G-Floor Garage/Shop Floor Coverings - 7 1/2ft. x 17ft., Ribbed Design, Midnight Black, Model# GF717MB

    G-Floor garage/shop floor coverings help keep your floors looking like new. Sturdy 100% PVC construction reduces dust and debris and withstands most contaminants found in garage or work environments. Durable non-slip coverings are easy to install, won't absorb oil or antifreeze and clean easily with soap and water. Coverings hide cracks and stains on old floors, protect new floors and provide cushioning, anti-fatigue benefits and insulation. U.S.A. Grade: Automotive residential, Coverage: 127.5 Square foot, Material Thickness (mils): 55, Material Thickness (in.): 0.055, Pattern Design: Ribbed Channel, Color: Midnight Black, Material Type: PVC, Dimensions L x W (ft.): 17 x 7 1/2

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Better Life Technology
    • ASIN: B000N4YWH0
    • UPC: 736608100384

  • Rubber-Cal Tuff-N-Lastic Rubber Flooring Runners, 1/8-Inch x 4 x 15-Feet, Black

    Rubber-Cal's "Tuff-N-Elastic" is an 1/8-inch thick and 48 Inch wide rolled rubber flooring. This rubber runner mat offers versatility, slip-resistance and floor protection to commercial and residential settings. This rubber flooring roll is available in 8 lengths to meet the needs of most long pathways. With a pebble top surface, this anti-slip mat provides traction to areas that are prone to having slippery surfaces. Floors that see excess moisture are easily turned into safe surfaces with this affordable rubber runner mat. Coupled with its resistance to water, it helps to create a safety floor that benefits locations with constant rainfall or snow. When used indoors, this floor protector mat can help keep your tile or marble floors anti-slip even when water has been tracked into the interior of your home or business. This will also prevent water from damaging your indoor flooring and having to invest in costly repairs. Moreover, "Tuff-N-Elastic" is a cost-effective and quickly installed flooring for basement or garage floor areas. Made from durable reclaimed rubber, this rubber runner mat is a DIY installation in spaces that require water resistance and floor protection. With the large number of lengths that are available, this flooring option allows you to be an efficient cons...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Rubber-Cal
    • ASIN: B005SUJ0KI
    • UPC: 845605034568

  • We Sell Mats Foam Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Exercise Gym Floor Square Trade Show Tiles (Charcoal Grey, 104 SQFT (26 Tiles + Borders))

    Our interlocking foam tiles are made from premium EVA foam. Similar to a flip flop, the EVA foam provides a durable soft floor surface for exercise rooms, gyms, weight rooms, trade shows, martial arts and more. All EVA tiles are soft and resilient but not sponge like. There are several colors to choose from so feel free to mix and match. Borders are included.

    • Color: Charcoal Gray
    • Brand: We Sell Mats
    • ASIN: B012E7LUXM
    • UPC: 815014015069

  • Rubber-Cal Coin Grip Metallic PVC Flooring, Silver, 2.5mm x 4' x 10'

    "Coin-Grip Metallic" flooring is designed to be safe and long lasting with a visual appeal of its own. This PVC flooring roll comes in both silver and beige with a shiny finish, giving it a metallic look. Both colors provide a unique aesthetic to your facility. Its coin-textured surface gives this flooring some modern appeal, while still looking industrial. This coin top texture also provides traction in order to prevent slips and injuries. According to the National Safety Council, deaths and injuries in the work place cost $142.2 billion and 120 million work days in 2014. "Coin-Grip Metallic" flooring will make your facility a safer and more efficient place by preventing slips and falls. Not only safe, but also durable, "Coin-Grip Metallic" has longevity. Made out of PVC, it is chemically stable and is strong enough to protect existing surfaces from most physical abrasions. Its durability enables it to handle heavy oncoming foot traffic, making it popular for use in gyms, as industrial machinery padding, and for boat decks. PVC also has light oil resistance, making it popular for use among garages and industrial workplaces where common spillages occur. Not only capable of being used for multiple applications, this flooring is easy to install. Simply use double-sided tape for tem...

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Rubber-Cal
    • ASIN: B015T8OC7O
    • UPC: 845605072621

  • Rubber-Cal 03-165-2MM-BK-06 Coin-Grip Flooring and Rolling Mat, Black, 2mm x 4 x 6-Feet

    2mm thick Coin-Grip roll rubber flooring is contemporary looking flooring that features coin-floor protrusions on the surface. The ''stud'' surface texture enhances this rubber runner's slip resistance by offering increased traction, extremely important for commercial environments. Combined with the inherent grip of rubber, the coin-shaped protrusions reduce the chances of slip-and-fall accidents and injuries making for a non-slip floor surface. This water-proof floor is an excellent solution for areas subject to constant traffic, extra dirt and grime. Due to its outstanding anti-slip protection, Coin-Grip rubber flooring is preferred over carpeting, wood floors, or laminate as basement floor covering We also suggest these rubber rolls for commercial gym floors, garage floors, as anti-slip flooring, in elevators, and even as a van floor liner. Composed of a blend of SBR and PVC, Coin-Grip roll rubber flooring is a highly mobile product that excels as a temporary runner or spot-placed mat. The fabric-textured subsurface reduces the likelihood of the mat skidding on many floor sub-surfaces. for more demanding applications, Coin-Grip can be more permanently affixed to a surface with an industrial grade double-sided tape. Whether you are looking for a slip-resistant runner or just a ...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Rubber-Cal
    • ASIN: B008VIO1IU
    • UPC: 845605061052

  • Rubber-Cal Recycled Floor Mat, Black, 3/8-Inch x 4 x 10-Feet

    Rubber-Cal's Recycled Rolled Rubber Flooring is sold in two thicknesses: a quarter-inch thick and a three-eight-inch thick. This rubber surfacing is ideal for a variety of applications, like: gym mats, athletic flooring, outdoor mats, flooring for a garage, basement flooring, kennel flooring, or trailer flooring. This product is made of 100-Percent recycled rubber in the United States of America. This flooring is affordable, durable, and completely made from rubber tires and products discarded in the US. Rubber tires are made from highly durable and resilient raw materials. As a result these rubber floors benefit from the quality ingredients from which they are made. In addition recycled rubber is an excellent substance when trying to reduce sound, limit vibration, and digest pounding from industrial machinery or fitness gear. This highly versatile product can be used in home, industrial or even high-traffic commercial applications. The 3/8-inch thickness offers great cushion for walking, jogging, or comforting people or pets. This rubber mat is also slip-resistant and offers safety in moist and slippery environments. This product is sold in lengths from 3-feet to 10-feet and that makes installation easy and simple. The need for on-site cuts, wastage, and labor are minimized. Thi...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Rubber-Cal
    • ASIN: B001V9JKRI
    • UPC: 845605032038

  • Erie Tools 3x5 Black Rubber Drainage Floor Mat 36" x 60" Anti-Fatigue Anti-slip

    Erie Tools® 3x5 Black Rubber Drainage Floor Mat 36" x 60" Anti-Fatigue Anti-slipErie Tools® 3 ft. x 5 ft. (36 in. x 60 in.) black rubber drainage floor mat. Heavy-duty, anti-fatigue, floor mat for use in kitchen, bar, garage, gym, shop, etc.Specifications:Overall Dimensions: 3 ft. x 5 ft. (36 in. x 60 in.)Made of synthetic rubber.Large hole design provides excellent drainage.Ideal for kitchens, bars, and wet areas.Large holes trap debris.For use in garage, gym, shop, ramps, boat dock, walkway, etc.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Unknown
    • ASIN: B014Q32932