• Made By Me Glow in the Dark Powerballs by Horizon Group USA

    This kit from Made By Me provides everything your child needs to start, decorate and personalize their very Glow In The Dark Power Balls. Your child will have the opportunity to be more creative than you ever imagined. Their power balls will be one-of-a-kind . The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions that will allow them to make 21 different projects and makes assembling the glow in the dark power balls and absolute breeze. Let their imagination shine with their one-of-a-kind power balls. Makes a great gift for anyone who is creative and it is perfect as a solo project or as a group activity for birthday parties, sleepovers and any other fun get-togethers. Made by Me is a collection of classic craft and activity kits that promote creativity and personalization among children. Made by Me products provide opportunities for quality family time, while also encouraging independent play and artistic exploration for children.

    • Brand: Made By Me
    • ASIN: B00JYCPX4I
    • UPC: 765940521601

  • ALEX Toys Craft Glow In The Dark Bouncy Ball Bonanza

    ALEX Toys Craft Glow-In-The-Dark Bouncy Ball Bonanza lets you create up to 18 bouncy balls including glow in the dark ones! Making these bouncy balls is easy: just pour in layers of colored powder and soak in water. This makes for an fast project with easy cleanup. Includes 3 molds, 16 packets of ball-making powder, 2 packets of glow-in-the-dark ball-making powder and easy instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

    • Brand: ALEX Toys
    • UPC: 787799452202

  • Scientific Explorer Ball Blast Bouncers

    Scientific Explorer Ball Blast Bouncers lets young scientists layer, soak and bounce! Mix chemicals and pour into one of 3 different shaped molds to create a bouncing toy. Layer your colors to create a one-of-a-kind ball. The kit includes 3 ball molds, 9 packets of ball powder (0.4 oz. polyvinyl alcohol, glycerin, butylated hydroxytoluene) and easy instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older

    • Brand: Scientific Explorer
    • ASIN: B004LKWOPO
    • UPC: 783719792489

  • Make your own Bouncy balls - craft kit makes 12 balls(6 kits, each kit makes 2 balls)

    Make your own Bouncy balls - craft kit makes 12 balls(6 kits, each kit makes 2 balls)

    • Color: Assorted
    • Brand: unknown
    • ASIN: B002W4KXDQ
    • UPC: 097138632432

  • Galt Toys Inc Bouncy Balls

    Kids can love using Galt's Bouncy Balls to make their own multicolored - every one is different. Just layer the glow-in-the-dark crystals in one of the included molds, add water, and wait a few minutes. Voila - you have your own unique ball to toss and bounce. The kit makes 2 large or 8 small bouncy balls. Contents: 8 packets of crystals, 2 ball molds and instruction guide. Suitable for children 8 and over. Just one of Galt's fabulous make-and-do activity kits - perfect for rainy days, quiet time, car trips and plane travel. Galt Toys are designed to meet each stage of a child’s development and encourage learning through play. All Galt products meet the American, Canadian, British and European safety standards. Galt began as a schoolbook seller in 1836, and is now a brand leader in quality developmental and creative products for children.

    • Brand: Galt Toys, Inc.
    • ASIN: B0026MEW36

  • Copernicus DIY Super-Duper Ball Kit

    Make 6 vibrant, multi-colored, high-bouncing balls! Just mix and layer the colors in the ball mold. Instructions included.

    • Brand: Copernicus
    • ASIN: B001BLGZKG
    • UPC: 655400000206

  • Scientific Explorer Mold n' Glow Mega Ball

    Scientific Explorer Mold n’ Glow Mega Ball lets you make a giant bouncy ball that glows in the dark! Layer in 9 different colors then soak in water to set. Includes a giant 2.75 in. ball mold, 6 packets of ball powder (0.4 oz. polyvinyl alcohol, glycerin, and butylated hydroxytoluene), 3 packets of glow in the dark powder (0.4 oz. polyvinyl alcohol, glycerin, butylated hydroxytoluene, and zinc sulfide), re-sealable bag and easy instructions. Recommended for age 6 and up.

    • Brand: Scientific Explorer
    • UPC: 731346095329

  • The Orb Factory Limited Curiosity Kits Pulsar Powerballs

    Create 5 Pulsar Powerball's that bounce and soar to amazing heights. Contents1 large Pulsar Powerball's mold1 small Pulsar Powerball's mold2 Pulsar Powerball's lights8 bags of colorful crystals3 re-sealable storage bags Illustrated instructions Curiosity Kits has been encouraging children to explore the world around them. Blending both science and arts children are required to think both critically and creatively as they create amazing educational art projects.

    • Brand: The Orb Factory
    • ASIN: B009PVA9DI
    • UPC: 885565677689

  • Color Zone Power Balls "Makes 10 Colorful Bouncing Balls! by Horizon

    Color Zone Power Balls 'Makes 10 Colorful Bouncing Balls" Fun & Easy to Make. Includes Everything You Need, *1 Round Ball Mold *1 Crazy Shaped Ball Mold * 10 Packets Of Bouncing Ball Crystals Net WT 0.35 oz (9.92g) each* Easy-to-Follow Instructions

    • ASIN: B006NNJHC0
    • UPC: 787799169773