• Reaching for the Sky: One Hundred Defining Moments from the Royal Air Force 1918-2018

    The Royal Air Force, founded in the final months of World War I, will mark its centennial in 2018. Reaching for the Sky tells the story of the RAF, from its founding to the present day. Full of information about the planes and pilots of the RAF, this book includes information on the first aces, the fastest speeds ever encountered in battle, which pilot flew the most sorties, the heaviest bombs deployed in combat, the number of aircraft in the sky during the battle of Britain, and more. ​All this is uncovered in a range of informative and detailed entries spanning the century: biographies, fun facts, and myth-busters. Reaching for the Sky is illustrated throughout, with both infographics and photographs of the RAF in action, and will make a perfect gift for aerial enthusiasts and military historians alike.

    • ASIN: 1911604457

  • Badges and Uniforms Of The Royal Air Force

    Throughout the relatively short yet highly distinguished history of theRoyal Air Force there has been a tendency for the men and women of the Service to be overshadowed by the glamour of the aircraft.Nonetheless it is surprising that there has never before been a complete record of the uniforms and badges of the RAF and its predecessor, the Royal Flying Corps. Malcolm Hobart and Pen and Sword Books have cooperated to rectify this serious omission with this superbly colour illustrated and comprehensive collector's guide. Badges of rank and trade are all depicted not only for the flying arms but for ground staff. This valuable addition to our Collector series also covers the RAF Reserves and Auxiliary Service, Air Training Corps and the Royal Observer Corps.

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  • The RAF Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot's Kitbag: Uniforms & Equipment from the Summer of 1940 and the Human Stories Behind Them

    The scenes are familiar ones; the young ‘Brylcream Boys’ sat at dispersal waiting for the haunting call of ‘Scramble’, lounging in their shirt sleeves and fur-lined boots, their leather flying helmets lying limp by their side. But what did the RAF fighter pilots of the Battle of Britain really wear, and what vital items would their kitbags have held?The casual air of the dashing pilots of Fighter Command in the Spitfire Summer of 1940 conceals a necessarily professional approach to their task of holding Hitler’s Luftwaffe at bay. Therefore, each item of clothing and equipment they wore and carried had a role and a function, be it for warmth and comfort, communication, or for fighting and survival.All the objects that an RAF fighter pilot was issued during the Battle of Britain are explored in this book in high-definition color photographs, showing everything from the differing uniforms, to headgear, personal weapons, gloves, goggles, parachute packs and the essential Mae West life jacket. Each item is fully described and its purpose and use explained.Relive Britain’s finest hour as never before – through the actually clothing and accouterments of ‘The Few.'

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  • British WW2 Royal Air Force RAF PILOTS WINGS Padded Uniform Breast Patch

    British Royal Air Force Pilots Padded Wings as issued to World War Two pilots. Embroidered on a navy blue padded backing.

    • Color: Navy Blue
    • Brand: Epic Militaria
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  • The Royal Air Force 1939–45 (Men-at-Arms)

    During the middle years of the Second World War the Royal Air Force constituted the only section of the British armed forces in Europe which was routinely on the offensive. Its aircraft and operations have been voluminously dealt with by historians; but its uniform and flying clothing have received only moderate attention. In this fine addition to the Osprey series, Andrew Cormack explores the fascinating history of the uniforms of the RAF throughout the Second World War, in a text accompanied by numerous contemporary photographs and eight full page colour plates by Ron Volstad.

    • Brand: Brand: Osprey Publishing
    • ASIN: 0850459664

  • Royal Naval Air Service Pilot 1914–18 (Warrior)

    Osprey's survey of the Royal Naval Air Service pilot during World War I (1914-1918). In 1914 the Naval Wing of the Royal Flying Corps was subsumed into the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). With the bulk of the Royal Flying Corps engaged in France, the aircraft and seaplane pilots of the RNAS protected Britain from the deadly and terrifying Zeppelin menace. In 1915 the RNAS sent aircraft to support the operations in the Dardanelles, and also gave increasing support to the Royal Flying Corps units engaged on the Western Front, conducting reconnaissance, intelligence gathering and artillery spotting, bombing raids, and aerial combat with German pilots. This book explores all of these fascinating areas, and charts the pioneering role of the RNAS in military aviation.

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  • Mens This is My Air Force Retirement Uniform | Air Force Retired XL Royal Blue

    This is My Air Force Retirement Uniform T-Shirt makes a great gift to Air Force retired USAF veteran!

    • Color: Royal Blue
    • Brand: New Veteran Tees
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  • Uniform Trade: On a Ship

    Nathan has a thing for guys in uniform, and tonight he's about to catch his sexiest stud yet! He's in the Marines, playing a Reacharound Game you'll have to read about to believe. He wasn't expecting this trip across the ocean to go like this! He is in for his most incredible tale of Uniform Trade yet!

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  • Wings of Empire: The Forgotten Wars of the Royal Air Force, 1919-1939

    At the end of the First World War, British power in the colonies was at an all-time low. That was until a ragtag band of visionaries, including Winston Churchill and T.E. Lawrence, proposed that the aeroplane, the wonder weapon of the age, could save the empire. Using the radical strategy of air control, the RAF tried to subdue vast swathes of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Wings of Empire is a compelling account of the colonial air campaigns that saw a generation of young airmen take to the skies to battle against warlords, jihadists and hostile tribes. For the first time ever, this book chronicles the full story of the RAF's most extraordinary conflict.

    • Brand: The History Press
    • ASIN: 075096507X