• CORSAIR RMx Series, RM750x, 750 Watt, Fully Modular Power Supply, 80+ Gold Certified

    CORSAIR RM750x series power supplies are built with the highest quality components to deliver 80 PLUS Gold efficient power to your PC. Using only Japanese 105 DegreeC capacitors, users can depend on an RM750x PSUs' long life and reliability, backed by a ten-year warranty. Zero RPM Mode means an RM750x series PSU is virtually silent at low and medium loads, and even at maximum power, a low noise fan ensures quiet operation. Fully modular cables make PC builds and upgrades easy, as you only need to install the cables your system requires. Quiet, efficient and dependable, an RM750x PSU has everything you need to power your high-performance PC for years to come. Tech Support # 1-888-222-4346 opt #1 PC for years to come.

    • Brand: Corsair
    • ASIN: B079HGN5QS
    • UPC: 843591034968

  • CableMod ModMesh C-Series RMi & RMx Cable Kit (Black/White)

    After months of development with input from the modding and PC enthusiast community, this premium cable kit features our new ModMesh cable sleeving, and is a full replacement cable set compatible with Corsair RMi & RMx power supplies. These cables are a joy to build with, featuring vivid color, superb pliability, and excellent durability. They are also 100% heatshrink-free for a clean and professional look. As full replacement cables, these don't add extra length to your existing cables which means less cable length to manage. Featuring a new array of luscious colors, CableMod cables are the perfect way to cap off the perfect PC build. As a special bonus, a set of CableMod ModMesh Cable Combs is even included to get your build started off right! Here's what you get inside the box: 1 x 24 Pin ATX Cable (600mm) 2 x 4+4 Pin EPS Cable (700mm) 2 x Dual 6+2 Pin PCI-e Cable (750mm) 2 x 6+2 Pin PCI-e Cable (600mm) 1 x Quad SATA Power Cable (850mm) 1 x Quad SATA Power Cable (700mm) 2 x Dual SATA Power Cable (500mm) 1 x Triple 4-Pin Molex Cable (750mm) 2 x Dual 4-Pin Molex Cable (500mm) 1 x Molex to Floppy Adapter (100mm) Included Cable Combs: 2 x 24 Pin Cable Comb (ModMesh) 4 x 8 Pin Cable Comb (ModMesh) 2 x 6 Pin Cable Comb (ModMesh)

    • Color: Black / White
    • Brand: CableMod
    • ASIN: B0734BJBJ8
    • UPC: 716894285453

  • CableMod PRO ModMesh C-Series RMi & RMx Cable Kit (Light Blue)

    PRO cables. PRO results. The CableMod PRO Series represents the next-generation of CableMod cables engineered for the discerning PC enthusiast and modder. Designed to be a replacement cable set for Corsair® RMi & RMx power supplies, and featuring our vibrant and durable ModMesh sleeving, these cables deliver the robustness and craftsmanship for builds where only the best will do. The CableMod PRO Series begins with extra-thick wires for a fuller, more robust look by reducing the gap between each individual wire. Each cable is also constructed to completely eliminate merged terminals on the component side, which means that only clean, untangled wires are visible for an unmatched professional look. To accentuate the look even further, the main cables each come pre-installed with matching premium closed cable combs. New hybrid cable combs are also thoughtfully included for the 4+4 pin EPS cable. These new combs combined with our community-developed color pattern and selection results in a bold, fresh aesthetic that will amplify the look of any build. Like all CableMod products, the CableMod PRO Series is crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Our famous ModMesh sleeving for superb vibrancy and excellent durability. The minimally-applied heatshrink has been thoughtfully loc...

    • Color: Light Blue
    • Brand: CableMod
    • ASIN: B0799FNS2Q
    • UPC: 716894289864

  • CableMod C-Series RMi & RMx Cable Kit (White)

    Made from premium materials and crafted with the utmost care, CableMod cables can turn even the most ordinary systems into works of art. Made with input from the modding and PC enthusiast community, this premium cable kit is full replacement set compatible with Corsair® RMi & RMx power supplies. Featuring our signature ModFlex™ sleeving, these cables not only look great, but are extremely flexible and easy to work with.New to the Corsair RMi and RMx power supplies are small capacitors on the 24-pin ATX, 4+4 pin EPS, and PCI-e cables that enhance voltage regulation and ripple suppression. CableMod smartly places these components on the cables so that they are hidden behind your motherboard tray, maintaining a clean and heatshrink-free look for your rig. What's more, CableMod uses high-quality, 100% solid-state capacitors for peak performance and reliability.Compared to sleeved extensions, these cable kits don't add extra unnecessary length to your cables, which means less cable to manage inside your build. Available in a wide range of colors, you're sure to find a CableMod set that's perfect for your rig.Here's what you get inside the box: 1 x 24 Pin ATX Cable (600mm) 2 x 4+4 Pin EPS Cable (700mm) 2 x Dual 6+2 Pin PCI-e Cable (750mm) 2 x 6+2 Pin PCI-e Cable (600mm) 1 x Quad SAT...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: CableMod
    • ASIN: B072WG8NWH
    • UPC: 716894284562

  • CableMod ModFlex Cable Comb Kit - Transparent (C-Series RMi & RMx Basic)

    Bring your build to a new level of perfection with CableMod Cable Combs. Designed specifically for use with C-Series RMi & RMx ModFlex™ cables, these combs help keep your cables from twisting for a cleaner, more organized look.Precision molded with ABS plastic, these cable combs snap easily into place, and are durable enough to last through several builds. The carefully rounded edges prevent damage to cable sleeving, and the transparent color makes them blend into the background, allowing the color of your cables to shine through.As one of the most requested accessories from CableMod fans around the world, CableMod Cable Combs are the perfect complement to any build with CableMod cables.Here's what you get inside:2 x 28 pin Cable Combs - Transparent• 4 x 8 pin Cable Combs - Transparent• 2 x 6 pin Cable Combs - Transparent

    • Brand: CableMod
    • ASIN: B0732C73FL
    • UPC: 716894284807

  • BitFenix ALCHEMY 2.0 PSU CABLE KIT for Corsair Power Supply AXi/HXi/HX,RM/Rmi/RMx/CS-M/TX-M/CX-M, for BitFenix Power Supply Whisper M , CSR-SERIES - Black/White (BFX-ALC-CSRKW-RP)

    Alchemy2.0 Modular Cable. Introduction of Alchemy sleeved cables allowed many end users customized their computers. Now, BitFenix is ready to help ease modding with Alchemy 2.0 Sleeved Cable Kit. With input from some of the world's most prolific case modders, BitFenix Alchemy Modular Multileveled Cables offer a premium ultra-dense weave and a unique multileveled construction for an unparalleled look. These premium cables feature precision molded connectors and come in a variety of colors and cable types, enabling modders to transform normal PCs into objects of wonderment. Compatibility: AXi Series: AX1500i, AX1200i, AX860i, AX760i,HXi Series: HX1200i, HX1000i, HX850i, HX750i,HX Series: HX1200, HX1000, HX850, HX750,RM Series: RM1000, RM850, RM750, RM650, RM550, RM450,RMi Series: RM1000i, RM850i, RM750i, RM650i,RMx Series: RM1000x, RM850x, RM750x, RM650x, RM550x,CS-M Series: CS850M, CS750M, CS650M, CS550M,TX-M Series: TX850M, TX750M, TX650M, TX550M,CX-M Series: CX750M, CX600M, CX500M, CX430M,Bitfenix Whisper M Series: BWG850M, BWG750M, BWG650M, BWG550M, BWG450M.

    • Color: Black-white
    • Brand: BitFenix
    • UPC: 886027013298

  • Corsair PSU 1000W RMx series, CP-9020094-EU

    • ASIN: B015Q7F5AQ
    • UPC: 843591050876