• Bob's Red Mill Old Fashioned Regular Rolled Oats, 32-ounce (Pack of 4)

    Bob's Red Mill Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats are 100% whole grain and kiln toasted. Prepare on the stove or in the microwave for a delicously versatile and hearty bowl of oatmeal. We encourage creativity with your choice of toppings: try mascarpone cheese and berries, flax and chia seeds, a poached egg and salsa, dried fruits and nuts, or anything else your imagination can think of!

    • Brand: Bob's Red Mill
    • ASIN: B004VLVB5C
    • UPC: 190283127034

  • Bob's Red Mill Organic Rolled Oats, 32 Ounces (Pack of 4)

    Organic Regular Old Fashioned Rolled Oats make a deliciously wholesome, chewy, hot cereal that provides lasting energy all morning. This favorite breakfast cereal is a great way to start your day and add fiber to your diet. Higher in protein and healthy fats, and lower in carbohydrates than most other whole grains, they contain more soluble fiber than any other grain. Oats contain more than 20 unique polyphenols called avenanthramides, which have strong anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-itching activity. They also have the best amino acid balance of all the cereal grains.

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    • Brand: Bob's Red Mill
    • ASIN: B004VLVN6Y
    • UPC: 129600732408

  • Grain Millers regular rolled oats, 50 pound bag, not available in California

    Regular rolled oats (sometimes called old fashioned oats) are made from kilned, whole groats processed by flaking and steaming. These regular oat flakes are mostly served as a popular, hot breakfast meal. In addition, they are a primary ingredient in a number of products such as cookies, breads and granola.

    • Brand: Grain Millers
    • ASIN: B001KWB3F8
    • UPC: 037249501012

  • Augason Farms Regular Rolled Oats Emergency Food Storage 10 Pound Pail

    The Augason Farms Regular Rolled Oats make for a good hot or cold cereal that gives long lasting energy and can also be readily added to many recipes. Oats are definitely a versatile item to keep in your food storage.The Regular Rolled Oats are contained in a 4-gallon watertight pail including 108 servings and 17,280 total calories. Augason Farm's products are an excellent choice for food storage, emergencies, survival, camping and everyday use! Family owned and operated since 1972, Augason Farms believes that great taste is a tradition worth preserving. Crafted with a focus on taste and nutrition, their products are manufactured to the highest standards. Whether enjoying Augason Farm’s products for everyday meals, as an emergency food supply, or years down the road, you can be confident that Augason Farm’s long-term food storage products are guaranteed for quality and taste every time. Make the wise decision and let Augason Farms’ food essentials give you a peace of mind that's as indispensable as it is delicious. *Product good for up to 30 years when unopened. Best when stored in a cool, dry and dark place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions. Please remove and discard oxygen absorber after opening.

    • Brand: Augason Farms
    • ASIN: B00FTEWZB4
    • UPC: 078716111914

  • Organic Regular Rolled Oats (a.k.a. Old Fashioned Oats), 5 Pounds (Oatmeal Oats, Whole Rolled Oats - USDA Organic/Non-GMO/Vegan)

    Nutritious, delicious, organic Regular Rolled Oats (Oatmeal Oats, Whole Rolled Oats)- often called Old Fashioned Oats. Eat as a hot cereal or as an ingredient in your favorite recipes to add fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein.

    • Brand: Be Still Farms

  • Regular Rolled Oats - Bulk 50 Pound Bag

    Honeyville's Regular Rolled Oats are an excellent nutritional food source for emergency preparedness. Rolled oats are a rich source of soluble fiber, protein, and vitamins. These oats are mainly used to make hot cereal for breakfast, also known as oatmeal. Ideal for long-term storage, Honeyville's Regular Rolled Oats are oat groats that have been rolled into flat flakes under heavy rollers and then steamed. Honeyville Regular Rolled Oats are an ideal product for long term food storage and emergency preparedness.

    • Brand: Honeyville Farms
    • ASIN: B007KV68UI

  • Superpail Regular Rolled Oats 25 Lbs.

    With this SuperPail of regular rolled oats you can make your favorite hot cereals, cookies, cakes, cobblers and use it even as a meat extender. Each SuperPail of Regular Rolled Oats has approximately 315 1/3-cup dry servings. Each 6-gallon SuperPailTM gives you easy access to your food and holds an amount of food equal to about eight #10 cans. In addition to savings you money, SuperPailsTM are stackable, so you can save space in tight storage areas. Each durable pail is constructed of a sturdy, food-grade plastic designed for long-term storage. Every pail (except for honey) is also lined with a metalized bag to keep your food safe from mold, weevils, and other pests. An enclosed oxygen absorber keeps SuperPailTM foods fresh. After you've used all the food in a SuperPailTM, the empty buckets can be reused to store a fresh supply of grains--or for emergency toilets, to carry water, or for other needs.

    • Brand: Emergency Essentials
    • ASIN: B003SPZ3SS
    • UPC: 796959028393

  • GRAIN MILLERS Oat Rolled Reg, 25 Pound

    Grn Oat Rolled Reg. It is a high quality healthy product. This product is good for health. This product is manufactured in united states.

    • Brand: Grain Millers
    • ASIN: B001KWF4E4
    • UPC: 037249251016

  • Great River Milling Old Fashioned Regular Rolled Oats, 32 Ounce (Pack of 4)

    Great River Milling Old Fashioned Rolled Oats are created by steaming the whole oat groat and then rolling them into flakes. Consuming whole grains, such as old fashioned rolled oats, on a regular basis may help lower your cholesterol

    • Brand: Great River Organic Milling
    • ASIN: B07B4135QR
    • UPC: 684765117328