• Red Flanders Poppies - 100,000 Seeds

    The Story Behind the Remembrance Poppy The spring of 1915 was the first time that warm weather began to warm up the countryside after the cold winter at war in 1914-1915. In the region around Ypres in Belgian Flanders the months of April and May 1915 were unusually warm. Farmers were ploughing their fields close up to the front lines and new life was starting to grow. One of the plants that began to grow in clusters on and around the battle zones was the red field or corn poppy (it's species name is: papaver rhoeas). It is often to be found in or on the edges of fields where grain is grown. The field poppy is an annual plant which flowers each year between about May and August. It's seeds are disseminated on the wind and can lie dormant in the ground for a long time. If the ground is disturbed from the early spring the seeds will germinate and the poppy flowers will grow. This is what happened in parts of the front lines in Belgium and France. Once the ground was disturbed by the fighting, the poppy seeds lying in the ground began to germinate and grow during the warm weather in the spring and summer months of 1915, 1916, 1917 and 1918. The field poppy was also blooming in parts of the Turkish battlefields on the Gallipoli penninsular when the ANZAC and British Forces arrived at ...

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  • Red Flanders Poppy - 50,000 Poppy Seeds

    The Red Poppies, Symbolic of WWI and WWII, came out of Flanders Field in France. They were often seen on Veterans lapels made of paper, but these are the real thing!

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  • Red Flanders Poppies - 50,000 Seeds

    the Red Poppies Symbolic of WWI and WWII came out of Flanders Field in France. They were often seen on Veterans lapels made of paper, but these are the real thing!

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  • Seed Needs Bulk Package of 100,000 Seeds, Red Poppy Corn Poppy (Papaver rhoeas) Non-GMO Seeds By

    Grow Corn Poppy or Red Poppy from fresh Papaver rhoeas wildflower seeds. Papaver rhoeas, or "Red Poppy" will produce eye popping waves of paper like flowers in a bright, red color. Poppy flowers are roughly 2 inches in diameter and are accented with a deep, dark center. Their red blooms open up over top of stems that grow 12 to 30 inches tall. The stems of Papaver plants are fitted with small little hairs growing horizontally off of the upright stem formation. Grown as an annual flowering plant, the Red Poppy, Papaver rhoeas will establish itself from seed to flower in one cycle. It grows quickly, blooms profusely through the summer months when temperatures are just right, and later dies with the first killing frost. If temperatures are warm enough through the autumn months, you may notice that your Papaver plants will flower a second time around. Papaver rhoeas is popularly seen all across America, in fields, along highways and in backyards as well. They are best grown by the masses, taking an ordinary chunk of land and turning it into a sea of beauty. They can also be grown along driveways, along the side of the house and through various areas in your yard. Simply sprinkle the seed, water and watch them flourish.

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  • BIG PACK - RED POPPY (100,000) HEAVY BLOOMER flower Seeds - Papaver rhoeas - Zones: 3-9 By MySeeds.Co

    WE OFFER BOTH PKT. & BULK SIZES ~ ~ ~ .....Papaver rhoeas Common Name: Poppy, Single Red Type: Annual. Color: Pure red Height: Under 2 ft. Bloom Time: Early and mid-season Flower: Poppy Sun/Shade: Full sun to partial shade Soil Preferences: Prefers neutral to acid soil, but is adaptable. Difficult in clay. Moisture Requirments: Adaptable to even arid conditions. Where To Grow It: All regions of North America. Zones: 3-9 Indigenous To: Europe from England to Greece and beyond

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  • 30,000+ Seeds Mixed Poppies- Red Flanders Poppy, Symbolic of WWI, Plus Shirley Poppy, and Gold, Orange, White, and Red California Poppy Seeds - Non GMO and Neonicotinoid

    30,000+ Seeds - The Red Poppies Symbolic of WWI came out of Flanders Field in Belgium. They were often seen on Veterans lapels made of paper, but these are the real thing! Shirley Poppies and several colors of California Poppies are included in the seed mix.

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  • Poppy, Flanders, 100+ Seeds, Organic, Stunning Bright Red Flower, Great Poppies

    Native to Europe. The Flanders poppy as it is now usually called, grew profusely in the trenches and craters of Europe during WWI. It was later used by French servicewomen to raise money for the families who lost men in the war. Today it is probably the world's most popular wildflower because of its brilliant and striking colors as well as it's ability to grow wild year after year. Annual likes full sun-part shade The FLANDERS Poppy in this package will grow to a mature height of about 12 to 24 inches tall These plants prefer an area of full sunlight Blooms June through September Zones 3-10 All seeds are packaged and for the current growing season TESTED FOR GERMINATION. All seeds are packaged and for the current growing season. PLEASE SEE MY OTHER SEED LISTINGS

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  • Red Flander's Poppy,

    250 Red Flander's Poppy seeds. A great value on perennial flower seeds. Brand: Naturalized Climate: Drought and cold hardy, spreads easily Plant Habit: Flowering Common Name: Poppy Plant Type: Perennial, plant it once, let it reseed Genus: Papaver

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  • American Legion Poppy Seeds - 1 gram - Annual

    Annual. John McCrae, a Canadian physician and soldier who served in World War I, immortalized the Flanders poppy, also known as corn poppy. His poem, "In Flanders Fields" spoke of these red poppies as reminders of those who had lost their lives in war. Scatter them in early spring or fall for your own personal memorial, or simply enjoy them for their glorious beauty. Deer resistant.

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