• REDBARN NATURALS 3pk - Red Barn Bully Rings

    3pk - Red Barn Bully Rings

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  • (3 Pack) Redbarn Bully Rings, 9 Rings Total

    All natural muscles roasted in their own juices * Highly palatable - this treat becomes chewy when wet * Helps keep teeth clean and provides hours of long lasting enjoyment * Consumable fully digestible treat. Comes in a pack of 3.

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  • Bully Stick Rings for Dogs (10 Pack) - Natural Bulk Dog Dental Treats & Healthy Chew, Best Thick Low-odor Pizzle Stix, Free Range & Grass Fed Beef

    Bully Stick Rings are a tasty variation to our traditional straight bully sticks. Dogs seem to find the round shape especially appealing, and with all the health benefits, there is no reason not to let your pooch try these out. Try tossing the treat like a frisbee, rolling it like a tire, or play some tug of war. However you choose to play, your dog will be begging for more! Just like the rest of our bully sticks, these rings are entirely natural and contain absolutely no preservatives or artificial additives. We take the time to shape them into circles before slow roasting them in their own juices to create the tastiest dog treat possible. Additionally, these dog chews help promote dental hygiene by cleaning off plaque and tartar. By using our greatest bully sticks to make these, we are ensuring you a high quality product that is sure to be a hit with your dogs. Rest assured, we only purchase free-range and grass-fed cattle from USDA and FDA-approved facilities for our dog treats and dog chews.

    • Brand: Pawstruck
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  • Red Barn Pet Products Chew-A-Bulls Ring Beef 20ct (20 x 1ct)

    Tasty chews made from ground bully sticks, Red Barn Pet Products Chew-A-Bulls Ring Beef 20ct (20 x 1ct) contain some natural ingredients to support your dog's skin and joint health. They also help maintain a healthy smile by gently scraping harmful plaque from their teeth.

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  • Redbarn Bully Coated Chew-A-Bull Ring Beef, 1 Piece, Good for all sizes

    Redburn chew-a-bulls are a mixture of potatoes and real Redburn bully sticks covered with a delectable coating to help tempt picky eaters. Chicken cartilage, a natural source of chondroitin, vitamin e, and salmon oil all work to help support dog’s joint health needs. Redburn chew-a-bulls also promote good dental health by helping to scrape harmful plaque from teeth. Try our beef coating today!.

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    3pk - Redbarn Bully Rings Redbarn Bully Rings is a highly palatable chew treat for your pooch. These bully rings are made with natural beef tendons that are shaped into a ring. Not only will the bully sticks keep your dog busy for hours, it will also clean your dogs teeth by rubbing away the plaque and tarter. Redbarn Bully Rings Natural beef muscles Fully digestible 100% natural A Closer Look: Natural beef muscle is smoked, shaped into a ring and roasted. This nutritious snack is a source of protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and glucosamine for your dog. Made Specially for: Small and medium sized dogs Free of: Wheat, gluten and soy Size: 10 (L) x 5 (W) x 2 (H)

    • Brand: Redbarn
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    For dogs who want to try something a little different, Redbarn Bully Stick Rings are the way to go! Made of 100 percent, natural beef puzzle, these delicious chews offer a fun challenge to keep dogs happy and busy for hours on end. The unique ring shape helps to naturally scrape their teeth from plaque and tartar buildup, keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy for future chewing endeavors.

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  • 5" Junior Bully Sticks for Dogs & Puppies (20 Ct) Natural Beef Odorless Jr. Esophagus Gullet Treats | Aids Joint Health & Cleans Teeth | Free-Range Grass-Fed Cattle | Mini Thin Bladder Chew Steer Stix

    Just like our regular straight bully sticks, our Junior Bully Treat Sticks are exclusively made of the finest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. Free of any artificial additives, hormones, and chemicals, these jr. bully stick chews are truly natural to provide your pup with the best healthy dog treat in the world. We source 'em from real cattle, then slowly oven-roast 'em in their own juices to give your pooch a mouthful of flavor with every bite. All that chewing really does your dog a world of good and has been shown to reduce anxiety. It helps to naturally clean her teeth of nasty plaque and tartar buildup, keeping her teeth and gums in tip-top shape for future chewing endeavors. Plus, the beef esophagus is low in fat and high in protein to help your pup grow big and strong without packing on extra weight. Our Junior Bully Treat Sticks are perfect for smaller dogs and puppies, or for a quick snack! Larger dogs will like them too, but they won't be as longlasting for big breeds. They are made entirely of natural, thick beef esophagi. This provides a flavorful low-odor stick that even picky dogs love. As an added bonus, each stick is high in chondroitin which promotes healthy joints! Dog dental care is important! These 100% natural dog dental treats encourage chewing which ...

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    • Brand: Pawstruck
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  • Naturals Bully Rings

    These natural beef muscles are roasted in own natural juices. Highly palatable, this treat becomes chewy when wet, helps keep teeth clean and provides hours of long lasting enjoyment.

    • Brand: REDBARN
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    • UPC: 785184251034