• Pro Boat Blackjack 24-inch Catamaran Brushless: RTR RC Boat

    Key FeaturesCapable of reaching speeds of 30 MPH with optional accessoriesEquipped with a brushless 2000Kv water-cooled motor and 30A Li-Po compatible ESCIncludes 2.4GHz Pro Boat radio systemOff-set rudder system provides superb stability and keeps the Blackjack-24 glued to the waterHull mounted waterproof steering servoOne piece internal electronics trayConvenient drain plugWaterproof electronicsNeeded To CompleteHigh-performance LiPo or NiMH batteryLiPo or NiMH battery charger(4) AA batteriesOverviewWant to experience all catamaran boating can offer at full-throttle? Then look no further than the Blackjack? 24. From its deceiving size down to its distinctive trim scheme, the Blackjack 24 comes ready to be your ace in the hole and to deliver the RC boating action you crave. Equipped with a formidable 2000Kv water-cooled motor and action ready Li-Po compatible 30-amp ESC, this 24-inch catamaran is sure to turn heads with the kind of power and speed that no one will see coming. So go all in, raise the stakes and claim your bounty with the Blackjack 24 catamaran.

    • Brand: Pro Boat
    • UPC: 605482576090

  • Jet Jam 12" Pool Racer, White: RTR

    The self-righting Pro Boat Jet Jam is one of the coolest boats on the market. It's perfect for a day at the lake or an afternoon at the pool. Whether the sun is shining or rain is pouring, you can run the Jet Jam in shallow water (as little as three inches!) or in deeper areas. Everything about this boat is designed for fun. And with a jet pump and no exposed propeller, the Jet Jam offers a safe experience for everyone. It even has a rubber bumper to prevent broken hulls or damage to the side of your pool. We also added a removable cup in the front so you can play pool soccer against your friends! Just add a ping pong ball or any other floating ball. Needed to Complete Nothing! Everything you need is included in the box. What's in the box? (1) Pro Boat® Jet JamTM12-Inch RTR Pool Racer(1) Pro Boat 2.4GHz Pistol Grip Transmitter(1) Pro Boat ESC/Receiver(1) Pro Boat Servo(1) Dynamite® 7.4 1500 mAh 2S 15C Li-Ion Battery(1) Pro Boat USB Charger(1) User Manual Self-Righting The Jet Jam is a self-righting watercraft. You'll never have to worry about being stranded upside down. Safe Jet Pump With no exposed propeller the Jet Jam pump design offers a safe, worry free experience. Ready to Run The Jet Jam is ready-to-run and includes a 2.4GHz radio system, battery and USB charger (AA tran...

    • Brand: Pro Boat
    • ASIN: B0799B7CTN
    • UPC: 605482827468

  • Pro Boat Miss Geico 17-inch Catamaran Brushed: RTR RC Boat

    Key FeaturesFull RTR with battery & chargerIncludes Dynamite; charger and 6-cell 7.2V Ni-MH Speedpack™ battery with EC3™ connector2.4GHz radio systemIncludes Dynamite; 380-size motor that provides high torque and surprisingly fast speedsABS hull provides superb rigidity and durabilityBreakaway rudder system protects drivetrain in case model runs ashoreOverviewThe Pro Boat; 17-inch Miss GEICO catamaran represents the true meaning of "fun." Brought to you by a global leader in RC boating, the 17-inch Miss GEICO catamaran offers a ton of fun and is loaded with features typically found in larger, higher-priced radio control boats. Your only problem will be how to find more time to spend on the water. The Miss GEICO model comes fully ready-to-run and includes a pistol grip-style transmitter using 2.4GHz technology, a Dynamite; charger and a 7.2V Ni-MH Speedpack™ battery.In addition to its great looks and compact size, the model comes powered by Dynamite electronics, using a Dynamite 380-size motor to provide ample torque and speed. The Fwd/Rev electronic speed control also allows precise manipulation of the throttle. If you?re looking to get into radio control boating or simply looking for something to do at the lake with your free time, look to the Pro Boat line of 17-inch mode...

    • Brand: Pro Boat
    • ASIN: B013WZNRWC
    • UPC: 787551863246

  • Pro Boat Recoil 17-inch Self-Righting Deep V Brushless: RTR RC Boat

    Key Features Capable of reaching speeds of 25+mphSelf-righting hull system keeps you from going belly-up Water-cooled 2950Kv brushless motor and 30A Dynamite ESC Includes Pro Boat 2.4Ghz marine radio system Aluminum rudder with stainless trim tabs Composite molded 2 blade propeller Needed To Complete4 × AA Batteries Overview The Recoil 17 Deep-V makes pushing the limits of brushless boating easier than ever before with a revolutionary hull that will never leave you �up a creek without a paddle�. Thanks to an intuitive self-righting Deep-V system, you can push a 2950Kv brushless motor and LiPo ready 30A ESC to the edge without hesitancy. In the event you put the Recoil upside down; a self-right hull makes flipping the Deep-V over as easy as hammering the throttle down. With its outstanding package and self-righting hull, Deep-V fun has never been as easy as it is with the Pro Boat Recoil.

    • Brand: Pro Boat
    • ASIN: B00VF46CBQ
    • UPC: 716080171898

  • Pro Boat Automobile Rtr Hydroplane

    You asked for it and now it's here-the ready-to-run Pro Boat ul-19 30-Inch brushless hydroplane. Its design is ultra sleek, with no turbine housing or rear spoiler. And boy is it fast-you can cruise up to speeds of 50+ mph on 6S power Thanks to the 6 pole water-cooled motor and 120A ESC. A waterproof Spectrum 3Kg Servo lets you take corners at full speed without fear! on top of that, the ul-19, which is built to namba race specifications, comes equipped with all the aluminum running gear you need and a stainless steel turn fin. This is adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding action you won't soon forget.

    • Brand: Pro Boat
    • ASIN: B072YSVQV6
    • UPC: 605482086582

  • Pro Boat Shockwave 26-inch BL Deep-V RTR RC Boat

    Key Features Capable of reaching speeds of 30 MPH with optional accessories Equipped with a brushless 2000Kv water-cooled motor and 30A a Li-Po compatible 2.4GHz Pro Boat radio system and transmitter batteries Off-set rudder system provides superb stability and keeps the ShockWave 26 glued to the water Hull-mounted waterproof steering servo rudder servo Sealed internal electronics tray Convenient drain plug Waterproof electronics Needed To Complete2S or 3S LiPo battery LiPo battery charger(4) AA batteries Overview If you crave high-speed Deep-V boating without compromise, then the Pro Boat ShockWave Deep-V powerboat has you covered with relentless features and impressive performance characteristics. Equipped with a 2000Kv water-cooled brushless motor and LiPo compatible 30-amp ESC, the ShockWave powerboat has the water cutting power you want. Deep-V powerboats are all about precision; the ShockWave Deep-V is no exception delivering pulse-pounding turns using an authoritative servo you just don't typically find in a deep-v of its size. So shock the competition or give your friends whiplash as you streak by with the ShockWave 26 Deep-V.

    • Brand: Pro Boat
    • ASIN: B00O46M0MM
    • UPC: 605482576922

  • Pro Boat React 17-inch Self-Righting Deep-V Brushed: RTR RC Boat

    Key FeaturesCapable of reaching speeds of 19+ MPHSelf-righting hull system keeps you from going belly-upPotent 390 size brushed motorIncludes 2.4GHz marine radio systemWater-sensor prevents waterless accelerationsUSB Battery Charger1500mAh Boat BatteryComposite molded 2 blade propellerNeeded To CompleteNothing - Everything is in the box!OverviewTake to the water with the compact and convenient Pro Boat; React™ 17 Deep-V, a dynamic self-righting 17-inch Deep-V that will never leave you "up a creek without a paddle". This intuitive RTR comes out of the box equipped with impressive features that give you the edge over the competition. Thanks to a potent 390 size brushed motor under its canopy, the React 17 makes it easy to overpower your competition with speeds in excess of 19+ MPH. In the event you push the boat past its limit and go belly up, getting the React 17 back to a race-ready position is as simple as "rocking the boat" by hammering the throttle backward and forward.

    • Brand: Pro Boat
    • ASIN: B017YWF6KK
    • UPC: 605482603192

  • Pro Boat Zelos 36 Twin Catamaran BL RTR RC Boat

    The thrill of the chase has always been synonymous with the world of high-speed RC catamarans and the Zelos 36 Twin catamaran was built to give you the advantage. Thanks to a double dose of speed, the Zelos can reach pulse-pounding speeds over 60mph. By the time your competition realizes what hit them; they'll be in your wake thanks to not one, but two insanely powerful counter-rotating 2000Kv brushless motors. From tip to rudder, the Zelos is built for the long haul with a hand-laid fiberglass build that can hold up to aggressive speeds and delivers a dominating driving experience that is second to none. Get yours and experience all the diabolical competition crushing speed you crave.

    • Brand: Pro Boat
    • ASIN: B01BDIWZ3M
    • UPC: 605482611326

  • Pro Boat Stealthwake Deep-V Brushed RTR Vehicle, 23"

    The razor-sharp Stealthwake 23-inch Deep-V comes ready to blend in and turn heads at a moment's notice. The perfect addition to any arsenal, the Stealthwake 23 Deep-V is ideal when the mission calls for speed, precision, and style. Armed with an under-the-radar black matte finish and lethally efficient 550-size motor, the Stealthwake 23 Deep-V comes equipped to covertly take out your competition with speed and style they'll never see coming. No matter what the assignment calls for, the Stealthwake 23 Deep-V has you covered with an unbeatable RTR setup sure to leave the competition stupefied.

    • Brand: Pro Boat
    • ASIN: B011EA1NTQ
    • UPC: 605482596678