• Spectra Precision Laser LL500 Exterior Self-Leveling Laser Level With HL700 Receiver

    • Color: yellow
    • Brand: Spectra Precision Lasers / Trimble
    • ASIN: B0000DYVSM
    • UPC: 617401620029

  • Spectra Precision Lasers / Trimble HR320 Hr320 Receiver with C59 Rod Clamp

    The Spectra Precision HR320 Laser Receiver is a durable laser receiver for exterior leveling applications. Dual LCD's on the front and back display a 5 segment grade arrow that indicates grade position. Two on grade sensitivity settings (fine and coarse) gives it the ability to quickly find grade. A loud 100db speaker is designed to be heard on noisy job sites and has three adjustable speaker levels (loud, low and off). The HR320 is typically used with leveling lasers such as the LL100 and HV101. The snap in C59 rod clamp (included) allows for quick switching from rod mounted to handheld applications. It's strong, IP67 waterproof housing protects the unit against dust, moisture and accidental drops and is backed with a limited 3 year warranty.

    • Brand: Spectra Precision Lasers / Trimble
    • ASIN: B00GHO19EO
    • UPC: 692284008225

  • Spectra Precision Lasers / Trimble C50 Rod Clamp For Cr600, Hr400, Hr500

    Spectra Precision C50 Rod Clamp with quick release for use with the Spectra Precision CR600 and HR500 laser receivers.

    • Brand: Spectra Precision Lasers / Trimble
    • ASIN: B00MPQY5O4
    • UPC: 692284007303

  • Spectra Precision Lasers/Trimble LR60-MM Laser Display Receiver with NiMH and MM-1 Magnetic Mount

    The Spectra Precision LR60-MM Laser Machine Display Receiver includes the LR60 receiver, MM-1 magnetic mount, NiMH batteries, charger, and a case. The LR60 is designed to be used as a stand-alone display receiver on grading and excavating equipment including: dozers, excavators, backhoes, scrapers, and box blades. For excavators and backhoes, the LR60 laser receiver features patented Angle Compensation which automatically calculates and corrects the grade display for the angle of the dipper arm. The easy-to-use LR60 features versatile 360-degree laser reception and works with all types of rotating lasers on all types of machinery for fast, no-hassle setup. Rugged and waterproof, the LR60 receiver withstands all weather environments.

    • Brand: Spectra Precision Lasers / Trimble
    • ASIN: B0089XUXV6
    • UPC: 692284007587

  • Spectra Precision Lasers / Trimble C51 Magnetic Mount For Cr600, Hr500

    Spectra Precision C51 Magnetic Mount for use with HR500 and CR600 Receivers. It can easily be mounted on backhoes, small excavators, box blades, skid steer loaders, or nearly any machine.

    • Brand: Spectra Precision Lasers / Trimble
    • ASIN: B00MPQY8LE
    • UPC: 692284007310

  • Spectra Precision Lasers / Trimble LT56 3 Plane Laser Tool W Manual, Bracket,Target and Case

    The Spectra Precision LT56 Universal Laser Layout Tool includes the laser, a floor/ceiling target, bracket, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, battery charger and glasses in a case. The LT56 provides three 360 degree planes of laser light. A horizontal plane and 2 vertical planes 90 degrees apart provide all the reference required for a wide variety of interior applications including wall layout and installation, acoustic ceiling installation, point transfer, cabinet and chair rail installation, tile layout and horizontal and vertical alignment. The automatic self-leveling laser ensures ease of use. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries typically provide a battery life of 25 hours to 45 hours, depending on the number of laser planes used. The universal accessory allows mounting to ceiling grid, various sized tripods, columns and studs. The mount has fine vertical height and horizontal rotation adjustments for quick and easy setups. The HR220 laser receiver can be added to give the LT56 the added versatility of outdoor use and is included in the LT56-2 kit. The LT56 has been designed with a tough housing and generous over-mold to withstand the rigors of the professional construction environment. This rugged tool is specified to pass 3 foot (1 meter) drop tests.

    • Brand: Spectra Precision Lasers / Trimble
    • UPC: 692284010198

  • Spectra Precision LL100N Laser Level

    • Color: yellow
    • Brand: Spectra
    • ASIN: B001NXC5AG
    • UPC: 692284007389

  • Eveline Cosmetics Laser Precision Lifting Day and Night Cream 40+


    • Brand: Eveline Cosmetics
    • ASIN: B00IMNTO90

  • Spectra Precision Lasers/Trimble GL622N Dual-Slope Grade Laser with Hl760 Laserometer, Rod Clamp, Rc602 Remote, 10 Ah Nimh Batteries and Charger

    The Spectra Precision GL622N comes with the GL622N laser, a HL760 Laser meter, C70 rod clamp, RC602 remote control, 10 Ah NiMH batteries and a charger. The Spectra Precision GL612 Grade Laser is a rugged, automatic self-leveling laser that features grade capability of 25% and can be used in a wide variety of grading, excavating and alignment applications by general and specialty contractors. The RC602 full-function radio remote control, which offers advanced automatic features like Grade Match, PlaneLok and Automatic Axis Alignment, has an intuitive graphic display, as well as the transmitters, which is back-lit for ease of viewing. Contractors can do everything with the remote control that they can do at the laser keypad, up to 100 meters (330 ft.) away-even from the cab of a machine. The ability to make grade changes remotely can significantly reduce setup time and speed operations. The GL622N can also self-plumb in the vertical position to allow an even wider range of applications such as such as anchor bolt installation, form, tilt up and curtain wall plumbing. With its rugged design, the GL612 Grade Laser can survive a drop of up to 1 meter (3 feet) on concrete. The laser also features IP67 moisture and dust sealing to handle the tough construction environment.

    • Brand: Spectra Precision Lasers / Trimble
    • ASIN: B00MPQY5NA
    • UPC: 692284012918