• DharmaObjects 3 Box Potala 60 Sticks Tibetan Traditional Incense

    3 Box Of Original Potala Traditional Tibetan Incense is purely hand prepared from highly flavored medicinal herbs and other precious substances. The combination of genuine scented substances makes the Potala Incense richer and superior quality than other incenses. It is totally absent of choking and camphor smell and is also non-toxic and non-habit forming. Generally the Tibetan incense is used for puja offering and purification, but it is also used as air freshener with keeps one's surrounding flavored with good scents.

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Dharmaobjects
    • UPC: 097914134686

  • Hem Dragons Blood Red Incense, 3 Boxes - (360 Sticks per order) Bulk order

    Dragon's Blood Incense is associated with love, protection, potency, and purification. Incense sticks, also known as agarbattis, are known to elevate moods. These sticks are reputed to aid meditation. However agarbattis are mainly associated with providing peace, tranquility, and of course freshness as it imbibes the essence of many traditional ingredients known to provide a soul soothing effect.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: HEM INCENSE
    • ASIN: B075TNT4X1
    • UPC: 724519458571

  • Gonesh Incense Sticks Extra Rich Collection: Rain 12 Pack (20 Sticks/pack)

    Embrace nature at every step. Bring the wonderfully fresh scent of freshly fallen rain into your space.

    • Color: NEUTRAL
    • Brand: Gonesh
    • ASIN: B017HYMJAK
    • UPC: 636160208538

  • CircuitOffice White Sage Smudge Stick 5-6" for Rituals of Prayer, Purification, And Protection

    This sage smudge stick is perfect for your rituals of prayer, purification, and protection. 5-6"

    • Color: White Sage
    • Brand: CircuitOffice
    • ASIN: B0774ZBTN8
    • UPC: 713972031940

  • Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit with Abalone Smudging Bowl & Wooden Stand -:- California White Sage Smudge Stick + Smudging Feather + Blessed Anointing Oil + Tea Light Candle + Coarse Grain Sea Salt

    The Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit ™ with Abalone Smudging Bowl & Wooden Stand is the perfect housewarming gift and time-honored way to remove negative energy from heavy environments and older homes. Our Kit ships directly from California and contains high quality all-natural ingredients, individually packaged to preserve freshness and potency. If you are new to this experience, you will love the step-by-step Picture Instructions and easy to use Traditional cleansing & blessing methods. STEP ONE: CLEANSE Feel the heaviness drifting away as you fill your home with energy cleansing smoke from the White Sage Smudge Stick. This wild crafted smudge stick is a hand-made 5" bundle of California White Sage sealed in a moisture-free bag. You will love holding your beautiful 5" Pacific Green Abalone Shell Smudging Bowl as you evenly disperse the cleansing smoke with the included 7" Smudging Feather. STEP TWO: PROTECT After clearing negative energy & attachments safeguard your home with this powerful combination of Blessed Anointing Oil and Sacred Dead Sea Salt. The Salt retains special energetic properties having been gathered directly from the Dead Sea in The Holy Land. The Blessed Oil is a multi-potent ward of protection prepared from Holy Water and Essential Oil of White Sage in...

    • Color: Natural
    • Brand: WindfallNature
    • ASIN: B00UCVVVF0
    • UPC: 792382334223

  • Premium Incense Sticks, Lavender, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose, Vanilla, Variety Gift Pack 180 Sticks, Includes a Holder in Each Box

    Hand blended and rolled in India according to ancient traditions with pure and natural ingredients, including herbs, wood gums and essential oils, it includes six boxes each box contains thirty ticks and one holder, a total of One hundred and eighty sticks and six holders

    • Color: Premium Incense Stick
    • Brand: Karma Scents
    • ASIN: B01MSJMWG8
    • UPC: 712038094707

  • Prayer (Faith That Sticks Stickers)

    These beautiful oval stickers in purple, black, and silver foil depict the classic illustration of praying hands. A good reminder to boys and girls about the importance of prayer and sacrifice, they are good resources for Sunday school and Christian classrooms. Six sheets, 12 stickers per sheet; 72 stickers per package.

    • Brand: Tyndale House Publishers
    • ASIN: 1414394373
    • UPC: 031809194379

  • Exquizite 104 Church Candles with Drip Protectors for Devotional Candlelight Vigil Service, Box of 104 Candles, Unscented White 5" H X 1/2" D, No Smoke

    BEAUTIFUL CHURCH CANDLES WITH DRIP PROTECTORS OF HIGHEST QUALITY in bulk for your candlelight service, candlelight vigil and reverse unity candle ceremony at wedding Improves devotional experience at your ceremony Burns clean, NO SMOKE! PACK SIZE of 104 unscented clean white church candles DIMENSIONS 0.5" diameter, 5" height Drip protectors are made of heavy duty paper that prevents bending and spillage. They have a shiny white finish on both sides and are 3 inches in diameter. BACKED BY OUR WARRANTY Manufacturer's warranty with every purchase! Makes a great gift as well!

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Exquizite
    • ASIN: B06XTG6HYT
    • UPC: 647627386263

  • Tibetan Handmade 5” Singing Bowl Set by ZENITA ~ With Mallet, Silk Cushion, Incense Sticks & Elephant Holder ~ Good For Yoga, Meditation & Chakra Balancing

    BUY ZENITA 5" TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS BENEFITS ✔ Increased motivation and confidence ✔ Dramatic reduction in stress and anxiety ✔ Healing of unresolved mental and emotional blocks ✔ More happiness and flow in your life ✔ Heightened mental abilities, creativity and problem solving skills ✔ Optimal focus, concentration, memory and learning ✔ Better, more restful sleep USES ✔ Meditation Practice ✔ Yoga Training ✔ Chakra Clearing ✔ Musical Instrument ✔ Sound Healing ✔ Relaxation Therapy ✔ Home Décor ✔ Karmic Gift INCLUDES ✔ Polished Wooden Mallet Striker ✔ Quality Silk Scented Cushion ✔ High-Grade Natural Incense Sticks ✔ Beautiful Elephant Shaped Incense Stick Holder ✔ How To Play Singing Bowl Video Tutorial OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS SAY: ✮ "This bowl with rest is beautiful. Perfect tone with a nice long note." - Clairese Perry ✮ "Awesome singing bowl. This is the third singing bowl I've bought, and I can honestly say that it is my favorite of the three..." - S.Oldfield ✮ "What a gorgeous Tibetan Singing Bowl. It is constructed with superior quality, better than any I've ever seen." - Happy Hour DON'T REGRET BUYING A CHEAP SMALL DUD BOWL! You get what you pay for - and the market is flooded with cheap bowls that don't even sing. Go quality...

    • Brand: Zenita
    • ASIN: B01BAL4NEQ
    • UPC: 790946029226