• GreenPro Echinodorus Bleheri | Amazon Sword Paniculatus Potted Live Aquarium Plants for Aquatic Freshwater Fish Tank

    - You get 1 Echinodorus Bleheri potted plant. The photo is a sample from our stock.- Approximately size is 8-12 inches height. - It's wonderful for aquarium community.- Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorb nutrients from water that are derived from fish waste.- Your plants are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    • Brand: GreenPro
    • ASIN: B01HLFIFB2

  • Maslin 100 PCS Perennial Gladiolus Flower Seeds Garden Aerobic Potted Plants Sword Lily Flowers - (Color: 1)

    Descriptions:Maslin 100 PCS Perennial Gladiolus Flower Seeds  Garden Aerobic Potted Plants Sword Lily Flowers  Specifications:Germination time : 5-7 D

    • Color: 1
    • Brand: Maslin Best Seeds
    • ASIN: B07FK2MH9K

  • Potted Kleiner Bar Sword - Beginner Tropical Live Aquarium Plant

    The Kleiner Bar Sword is a hybrid between Echinodorus barthii and Echinodorus uruguayensis, which gives the adult leaves their red coloration. If the conditions are not ideal, the plant grows more slowly, a bit smaller, and the deep red coloration of the leaves will turn more rust in color. This species is amphibious and will grow either submersed or partially submersed. Requiring little attention after the initial planting, the Kleiner Bar Sword is a great plant for beginners. The Kleiner Bar Sword requires moderate to high lighting, approximately 3 watts per gallon provided by full spectrum (5000-7000K) bulbs. The Kleiner Bar Sword propagates by rhizomes or adventitious shoots that grow off of leaves. A prolific plant under most circumstances, the development of a new leaf once a week is not uncommon.

    • Brand: Aquarium Plants Discounts
    • ASIN: B013B0PTS8
    • UPC: 791518507517

  • Potted Amazon Sword Plant - Beginner Tropical Live Aquarium Freshwater Plant

    You get 1 potted Amazon Sword - 5-7 inches tall. This plant does not require much maintenance and will root well.

    • Brand: Aquarium Plants Discounts
    • ASIN: B013AZV6BS
    • UPC: 791518507494

  • Hot Selling Gimax 100 PCS Perennial Gladiolus Flower Seeds Garden Aerobic Potted Plants Sword Lily Flowers - (Color: 1)

    Descriptions:Gimax 100 PCS Perennial Gladiolus Flower Seeds  Garden Aerobic Potted Plants Sword Lily Flowers  Specifications:Germination time : 5-7 DaysGermination temperature : 15-20℃Weight : 0.02 kgApplications: Farm, Balcony, Roof, Garden, Patio, etc.How to Grow Gladiolus Flower Seed?1, Fill a pot with a moistened seed-starting potting mixture. These mixtures usually consist of peat, perlite and other non-soil mediums.2, Sow 8~10 seeds per pot, placing it on the surface of the potting mixture. Cover the seed with a thin layer of soil no more than 1/8 inch.3, Fill a shallow tray with 1 to 2 inches of water. Set the pot in the water and allow the potting mix to absorb the moisture until the soil surface becomes wet. Empty the remaining water from the tray.4, Cover the pot with a plastic bag to help retain soil moisture during sprouting. Set the pot in a warm, 75 to 80 degree F room to germinate.Tips:Soaked in warm water for 8 hours before planting will be better if the seeds is over 0.5mm.Because the seeds are in dormant state and need to absorb enough water to germination.Package includes:1 x 100 PCS Gimax Gladiolus Flower Seeds

    • Color: 1
    • ASIN: B07FBMS9LL

  • Potted Narrow Leaf Sword Aquarium Live Plant

    The Chain Sword - Narrow Leaf or Pygmy Chain Sword is the smallest species of the Alismataceae family. Its narrow, linear, grass-like leaves make it an excellent foreground plant, growing to heights of 3-5 inches. Under ideal conditions it will create a thick foreground carpet through runners. Nutrient rich, sandy substrate, iron, and bright light is preferred for carpet growth. Green color in medium or indirect light; reddish green in brighter light. Propagate by cutting runners at roots to detach from mother plant when they are approximately half the size of the parent plant. May also produce seeds for cultivation and adventitious shoots for propagation.

    • Brand: Aquarium Plants Discounts
    • ASIN: B013B17W82
    • UPC: 791518507531

  • Allstate 16" Artificial Spring Sword Fern in Decorative Cement Pot

    This artificial spring sword fern features life-like greenery accented with twigs to create a full look. Plant is non-removable from pot. Comes in a weighted pot. Recommended for indoor use only - if using outdoors place under a covered area Dimensions: 16"H x 8"W x 4.5"D. Material(s): plastic/foam/cement

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Allstate
    • ASIN: B01D3V2S8O
    • UPC: 093422913164

  • Sterling Silver FLOWER In POT Potted Plant Charm Pendant - lp2543 Jewelry Making Supply Pendant Bracelet DIY Crafting by Wholesale Charms

    Sterling Silver FLOWER In POT Potted Plant Charm Pendant - lp2543 from thousands of antique bronze, antique sliver, glass jewelry making charms on my store, buy the more the cheaper. Just search on my store. You can choose more at a time. DIY Crafting, charms design can make your craft more beautiful. Great addition to your charm and pendant beading supplies.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Wholesale Charms
    • ASIN: B07BLWN4ZX
    • UPC: 741817750541

  • Mainam Echinodorus Martii Major Ruffled Amazon Sword Potted Freshwater Easy Live Aquarium Plant Decorations

    WELCOME TO MAINAM AQUATIC PLANT We are specialize in aquatic plants. With our experience, We have a plenty selection of live aquarium plants, premium quality, reasonable price and fantastic service. We use high technology, facility and equipment to maintain the water conditions to ensure that our live plants will be in optimum health. Echinodorus Martii Major (Ruffle Sword plants) have been a long-time staple for planted tank geeks. Their long, thick ruffle-textured leaves have beautiful striations that catch the eye, even in the back or mid-ground of your tank. Their bright green color makes an arresting contrast with red colored plants. They are easy to keep and a great option for beginners. Ruffle sword plants can grow rather huge, so they need to be pruned regularly. They can be great plants for large size tanks and will grow either submersed or emersed. In their native habitat of Central and South America they are typically found growing submersed along river banks and streams. With a nutrient rich substrate these plants will tolerate most lighting conditions, but moderate to high lighting is ideal. CO2 injection is not necessary, but will help the plant grow faster.

    • Brand: Mainam
    • ASIN: B07CR53JTR