• SmartCat Perch for the Ultimate Scratching Post

    This Perch for the Ultimate Scratching Post gives your cats a comfortable spot to nap, sleep or just hang out. It fits easily on the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post. The durable pad is machine washable.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: SmartCat
    • ASIN: B000XJ9PYA
    • UPC: 783327934189

  • OxGord Paws & Pals Cat Tree House, 16 x 16 x 20-Inches, Multi 2 Level, White with Scratching Post Tower, Hammock Bed And Pet Toy Ball

    The Paws & Pals Tough Deluxe Cat Playground is the best multi-level cat tree tower complete with cat house condo for privacy. Natural sisal posts and rope are the purr-fect scratching aids for your cat's claws. Featuring multiple sturdy climbing & sitting platforms and a padded top perch, Paws & Pals cat home may also includes fun, interactive toys to keep your pet entertained and active. This Brand New Heavy Duty High Quality Free-Standing features for a lounge for fun games and bed rest (Accessories may be removed for play in or out of the unit). Scratch pole is great for Small, Medium, Large, Young Kittens or Even Big Old Senior Cats.Easy assembly in just minutes with included instructions. Manufacture: Cat playground is designed, warehoused & shipped in the USA. Made in China. Fabric: Fully Polyester plush faux fur covered platforms. Care: Spot clean soiled areas with mild detergent or soap. Blot rinse and air dry.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Paws & Pals
    • ASIN: B01AOD7Q68
    • UPC: 840345105158

  • TRIXIE Pet Products Espejo Scratching Post

    The Espejo Scratching Post will give your feline ample opportunity to sharpen their claws on the durable, sisal scratching post instead of on your furniture or carpet. Spunky cats can jump, climb or perch atop the plush platform and lie in wait for unsuspecting prey to pass by or just relax and enjoy the view. Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels. One year warranty. Color: beige. Dimensions (inches): overall 15.5 x 15.5 x 27; top platform 15 x 15; post 3 inches in diameter. Weight 10 pounds.

    • Color: Espejo Scratching Post
    • Brand: TRIXIE Pet Products
    • ASIN: B000NDBLAC

  • Ultimate Cat Scratching Post | Modern Cat Tree - Tall Cat Tree for Full Stretch | Ideal Cat Scratcher WITH Soft Cosy Cat Perch Cat Bed | Elegant Cat Scratching Post for Large Cats and Kittens Alike

    Beautiful stylish elegant cat tree cat furniture both you AND your cats will love! At Art of Paws we pride ourselves on making not only our furry friends happy but also their human companions. We have combined our cats favourite occupations with stylish designs and high quality material resulting in beautiful cat scratching post humans will appreciate. OUR CAT SCRATCH POST IS EXTRA TALL at 90cm / 35.5 inches, one of the tallest standing cat scratcher posts you will ever find! This height is important for our cats health and flexibility to really give them the opportunity to stretch and extend as much as they feel they need to. OUR ART OF PAWS CAT SCRATCHER SISAL FABRIC IS HEAVY DUTY, yet softer than sisal rope, more comfortable for cats to scratch as it is a continuous surface and not bumpy like with sisal rope. The material we use is not your usual cheap sisal rope, which looks raggedy in no time or even uncoiling and falling off the post completely! THE EXTRA FEATURE your cats will appreciate, after their stretching and scratching exercise, is the cat perch bed at the top of the cat post. It has a soft wooly cushion for a cozy warm comfortable nap. It is a particularly popular napping place if placed in front of a sunny window. WE HAVE ALSO INCLUDED ENTERTAINMENT for y...

    • Brand: Art of Paws
    • ASIN: B01N7K79T0

  • AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts, Medium

    An Amazon Brand.

    • Brand: AmazonBasics
    • ASIN: B017WXWZ6Y
    • UPC: 816831016055

  • Molly and Friends "Kitty Cot" Premium Handmade One Tier Sisal Cat Scratching Post Furniture with Cradle, Model Scr/c, Beige

    This is the perfect simple piece of cat furniture. A large cradle allows big kitties (or multiple ones) to lounge and stretch out. Our all natural thick sisal rope is just what your kitty wants to dig his claws into. Our premium handmade high quality cat furniture is made from scratch right here in the U.S.A. And requires no assembly - we do all the solid building for you. Because this furniture is handmade and not "modular", you'll get the sturdiest upright post that can be climbed up, scratched at, slept in, and peered out from. A real look-out tower for your kitty(s). We use solid pine poles in our construction along with heavy duty screws and bolts to build a piece of furniture that is more furniture than scratching post. But, it is a piece of furniture meant to be scratched - just what kitty ordered. This particular unit contains one cradle plus 27-inch of all natural sisal rope for scratching. It stands 34-inch tall on a 18-inch by 18-inch base and comes in a beige color.

    • Color: beige
    • Brand: Molly and Friends
    • ASIN: B000OSIJ60
    • UPC: 010890000035

  • Animals Favorite Cat Condo Perch, Cat Tree with Scratch Post for Small Cats and Kittens (Condo Perch)

    Animals Favorite Cat Condo Perch provides endless opportunities for cats to play, explore, scratch or just relax. Your cat can sharpen her claws on the scratching posts instead of on your furniture or carpet, giving her a healthy outlet for her scratching instincts. All posts are covered in durable sisal that's made to withstand extended scratching. It's just big enough for your cat, and compact enough to fit in any room or out-of-the-way corner. This fashionable cat tree is recommended for kittens and small cats to enjoy.

    • Brand: Animals Favorite
    • ASIN: B075DNLGWC
    • UPC: 854908007179

  • Art of Paws Cat Perch | Wall Mounted Cat Post, Cat Window Perch, Horizontal Cat Scratching Post, Cat Shelf, Cat Climber | Cat Accessories Part of Cat Shelves System

    Make Your Cat the King of the Jungle Gym! 🐾 Double your furball's territory by utilizing the huge amount of empty vertical space available in your home: prime real estate for cat shelves and perches! 🐾 Satisfy your cat's natural instinct to climb up high onto a cat window perch where she feels most confident ...and entertained by the outside world! 🐾 See how excited your companion is to watch over her loved ones from a brand new cat perch perspective 🐾 Entertain kitty for hours with endless new cat exercise possibilities for scratching, climbing, jumping, and playing! Perfect For Multi-Pet Families 🐾 Every cat needs "me-time" and should have a safe elevated cat post or cat shelf to find solitude whenever needed 🐾 Territorial issues are often the difference between harmony and conflict among feline housemates, so it is important to maximize the living space available for them with cat steps and cat wall shelves 🐾 In multi-species households, kitties need a way to quickly gain elevation on feisty, floor-dwelling puppers! Beautiful and Elegant Design Made to Compliment You and Your Kitty's Lifestyle 🐾 Floating designs are guaranteed to show no unsightly brackets 🐾 Contemporary dark wood design turns your mod...

    • Color: Chocolate Brown
    • Brand: Art of Paws
    • ASIN: B076WZZMT9

  • PETMAKER Cat Scratching Posts- Adult Cat and Kitten Tree, 3 Large Scratching Poles, Carpeted Base Play Area and Perch, Furniture Scratch Deterrent by

    Help your kitty stretch their paws and claws safely with this Cat Scratching Post-3 Poles with Perch by PETMAKER. This 3-post cat scratcher helps provide protection for your couch and other furniture by giving your favorite feline a healthy and safe outlet to pursue their natural instincts using a small vertical tower design. This rope scratching post also features a carpet perch pad and 3 playful and stimulating cat toys, giving your fur baby a large scratching area, much needed relief, and hours of fun! IMPORTANT: Avoid buying counterfeit products and transacting with unauthorized sellers. Look for our logo on the packaging for every one of our products. PETMAKER is committed to providing the consumer with the absolute best price and value on all of our products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous Quality Control process. PETMAKER is a registered trademark protected by U.S. Trademark law and will be vigorously defended.

    • Brand: PETMAKER
    • ASIN: B0784GKJWC
    • UPC: 191344874461