• TetraPond 26596 Waterfall Filter, Up to 1000-Gallon

    Quickly and easily creates beautiful waterfalls. Filters ponds up to 1000 gallons. Provides mechanical and biological filtration (bio-media sold seperately). Easy to install and blend into landscape. Rugged construction. Approximate Dimensions: 18" L x 12-1/2" W x 15" H. 11-3/4" Spillway. Use with pumps 500 to 4500 GPH. Includes adapters for 1" and 1.25" ID tubing. Has a 2-year limited mfg. warranty.

    • Brand: Tetra
    • ASIN: B0024EFZAA
    • UPC: 716184510692

  • Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Filter & Waterfall Spillway, 16-Inch Spillway

    Atlantic’s FilterFalls are not only the perfect complement to Atlantic Skimmers, they offer performance and upgradeable filtration options that every pond builder will appreciate. Massively strong, with spacious interiors that accept up to three Matala filter mats and a variety of available biomedia, these solid workhorses provide the ultimate filter solution from newly installed to even the most heavily stocked ponds and water gardens! Oasis FilterFalls - 16" - 1 1/2" Bulkhead - Biological Filter for your pond or water garden creates the conditions for beneficial bacteria to grow in your spillway. The BF1600 comes standard with a sturdy bottom grate, two Bio-Tech filter mats, a Media Bag for Bio-Tech media, support bar, and heavy-duty removable top grate. Complete with a lifetime warranty on the enclosure, your water feature will be built to last.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Atlantic Water Gardens
    • ASIN: B0056A4LXQ
    • UPC: 727429002032

  • Tetra Pond Waterfall Filter Replacement Pad For Ponds

    • Brand: Tetra Pond
    • ASIN: B002RBAT0G
    • UPC: 046798190189

  • Aquascape Pond Filter and Waterfall Spillway, Efficient Mechanical and Biological Filtration, Compact | 77020

    Aquascape Pond Waterfall Filter Filtration - Item # 77020 The Aquascape Pond Waterfall Filter is the ideal DIY solution for filtering small ponds and water features up to 1,000 gallons, including pre-formed ponds or container water gardens. The Pond Waterfall Filter provides efficient mechanical filtration, biological filtration, and crucial aeration while creating a waterfall. The compact and simple construction allows the filter to be easily incorporated into new or existing ponds by simply positioning it at the side of the pond. If desired, the Pond Waterfall Filter can be turned into a beautiful, natural-looking waterfall or disguised into the landscape using rocks or other creative landscape materials. The spillway measures 12” wide, and the extended snout and integrated drip edge effectively prevents water loss. The included filter mat provides efficient filtration, collecting finer debris as it passes through the filter. A biological filter media net is included to hold Bio Balls or other biological filter media (not included) which help keep pond water healthy. A filter support rack provides an ideal base for the filter media to sit, and the swirl chamber at the bottom of the filter slows, levels, and directs water flow to maximize filtration. The filter is compatible w...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Aquascape
    • ASIN: B078YZPM8R
    • UPC: 742575770208

  • TetraPond Water Garden Pump, Powers Waterfalls/Filters/Fountain Heads

    For 50 years, fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the Tetra name for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their home. Whether you're an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, Tetra has everything you need–-from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor. The Tetra Pond Water Garden Pump is a versatile pump that can power waterfalls, filters, and fountain heads. Create a beautiful water feature within your pond by powering it with a reliable pump. Reliable magnetic technology provides energy efficient pumping to your pond. Adapters are included: 1inch ID. This energy efficient pump comes with a 3 year limited warranty. This large pump works with 500-1000 gallons and is 1000 GPH. The higher the water is pumped above the pond surface, the less flow will result. Waterfall widths are approximately 1 in wide for every 100 GPH. For submersible use only. 12 foot power cord.

    • Brand: Tetra Pond
    • ASIN: B002RBGFA4
    • UPC: 014891435612

  • Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Filter & Waterfall Spillway, 17-inch Spillway

    Atlantic’s Waterscapes line of FilterFalls filtration spillways is available in three convenient sizes. The BF1250 FilterFalls with 17" spillway and 1 1/2" Bulkhead is ideal for small ponds and/or water gardens with a 2,000 - 3,000 GPH pump flow. Each unit includes a FIPT bulkhead fitting, media bag, filter pad, removable bottom grate, liner attachment flange and a lifetime warranty on the enclosure.

    • Brand: Atlantic Water Gardens
    • ASIN: B0018CDT3E
    • UPC: 727429002094

  • TetraPond Submersible Flat Box Filter For Ponds Up To 500 Gallons

    • Brand: Tetra Pond
    • ASIN: B0024EFYU6
    • UPC: 046798265924

  • TetraPond Pond Tubing, 1-Inch Diameter, 20-Feet Length

    Tetra 1 in ID Pond Tubing easily connects to pumps, bio-filters, UV clarifiers, waterfall filters, and other water features. Tubing will not crimp or collapse and can be buried to conceal.

    • Brand: Tetra Pond
    • ASIN: B004YK5HAK
    • UPC: 781163717669

  • Tetra Pond Filtration Fountain Kit, Includes 3 Fountain Attachments

    Tetra Pond FK5 Filtration Fountain Kit is ideal for small to mid-size preformed ponds from 50-250 gallons. Fountain assembly includes three fountain heads (frothy, spray, and bell pattern), swivel adjuster for leveling fountain heads, and diverter assembly. Submersible flat box filter keeps pond clean and reduces pump and fountain clogging. Flat box filter includes a coarse and fine pad, along with tubing and fitting for pump connection. The submersible pump pushes 325 gallons per hour at 1 foot. 12 foot cord. UL listed. 3 year limited warranty.

    • Brand: Tetra Pond
    • ASIN: B0024EE8US
    • UPC: 046798190455