• AC Circuits and Power Systems in Practice

    The essential guide that combines power system fundamentals with the practical aspects of equipment design and operation in modern power systems  Written by an experienced power engineer, AC Circuits and Power Systems in Practice offers a comprehensive guide that reviews power system fundamentals and network theorems while exploring the practical aspects of equipment design and application. The author covers a wide-range of topics including basic circuit theorems, phasor diagrams, per-unit quantities and symmetrical component theory, as well as active and reactive power and their effects on network stability, voltage support and voltage collapse. Magnetic circuits, reactor and transformer design are analyzed, as is the operation of step voltage regulators. In addition, detailed introductions are provided to earthing systems in LV and MV networks, the adverse effects of harmonics on power equipment and power system protection. Finally, European and American engineering standards are presented where appropriate throughout the text, to familiarize the reader with their use and application.     This book is written as a practical power engineering text for engineering students and recent graduates. It contains more than 400 illustrations and is designed to provide the reader with ...

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  • Phase-Modulated Optical Communication Systems

    Fiber-optic communication systems have revolutionized our telecommunication infrastructures – currently, almost all telephone land-line, cellular, and internet communications must travel via some form of optical fibers. In these transmission systems, neither the phase nor frequency of the optical signal carries information – only the intensity of the signal is used. To transmit more information in a single optical carrier, the phase of the optical carrier must be explored. As a result, there is renewed interest in phase-modulated optical communications, mainly in direct-detection DPSK signals for long-haul optical communication systems. When optical amplifiers are used to maintain certain signal level among the fiber link, the system is limited by amplifier noises and fiber nonlinearities. Phase-Modulated Optical Communication Systems surveys this newly popular area, covering the following topics: - The transmitter and receiver for phase-modulated coherent lightwave systems - Method for performance analysis of phase-modulated optical signals - Direct-detection DPSK signal with fiber nonlinearities, degraded by nonlinear phase noise and intrachannel effects - Wavelength-division-multiplexed direct-detection DPSK signals - Multi-level phase-modulated optical signals, such as th...

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  • Digital Communication Systems Using SystemVue

    SystemVue (Formerly SystemView) by Agilent is a communication systems simulator with advanced capabilities for design, analysis, and implementation in DSP processors and in HDL. Digital Communication Systems Using SystemVue servers as an introduction to simulation for undergraduate students in a contemporary course, where it provides the opportunity to go beyond the lecture or the hardware laboratory. Graduate students in a rigorous first course will find the SystemVue simulation environment an adjunct to their understanding of the concepts of digital communication systems, facilitating their projects and theses. Professionals, once having had a course primarily in analog communications, will be able to acquaint themselves with modern digital communications in the SystemVue simulation environment. An extensive discussion of the precepts of digital communications is coupled with simulation models and observed results. With clear and concise descriptions this is an essential guide for anyone wishing to understand digital communication systems through simulations using SystemVue.

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  • Digital Communications with Emphasis on Data Modems: Theory, Analysis, Design, Simulation, Testing, and Applications

    This book uses a practical approach in the application of theoretical concepts to digital communications in the design of software defined radio modems. This book discusses the design, implementation and performance verification of waveforms and algorithms appropriate for digital data modulation and demodulation in modern communication systems. Using a building-block approach, the author provides an introductory to the advanced understanding of acquisition and data detection using source and executable simulation code to validate the communication system performance with respect to theory and design specifications. The author focuses on theoretical analysis, algorithm design, firmware and software designs and subsystem and system testing. This book treats system designs with a variety of channel characteristics from very low to optical frequencies. This book offers system analysis and subsystem implementation options for acquisition and data detection appropriate to the channel conditions and system specifications, and provides test methods for demonstrating system performance. This book also: Outlines fundamental system requirements and related analysis that must be established prior to a detailed subsystem design Includes many examples that highlight various analytical solutio...

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  • Advanced Digital Optical Communications, Second Edition (Optics and Photonics)

    This second edition of Digital Optical Communications provides a comprehensive treatment of the modern aspects of coherent homodyne and self-coherent reception techniques using algorithms incorporated in digital signal processing (DSP) systems and DSP-based transmitters to overcome several linear and nonlinear transmission impairments and frequency mismatching between the local oscillator and the carrier, as well as clock recovery and cycle slips. These modern transmission systems have emerged as the core technology for Tera-bits per second (bps) and Peta-bps optical Internet for the near future. Featuring extensive updates to all existing chapters, Advanced Digital Optical Communications, Second Edition: Contains new chapters on optical fiber structures and propagation, optical coherent receivers, DSP equalizer algorithms, and high-order spectral DSP receivers Examines theoretical foundations, practical case studies, and MATLAB® and Simulink® models for simulation transmissions Includes new end-of-chapter practice problems and useful appendices to supplement technical information Downloadable content available with qualifying course adoption Advanced Digital Optical Communications, Second Edition supplies a fundamental understanding of digital communication applications in o...

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  • Design And Set-Up The RC-Phase Shift Oscillator Using FET (Analog Electronics Lab Experiments Series)

    Experiment Name: Design And Set-Up The RC-Phase Shift Oscillator Using FET, and calculate the frequency of output waveform.Analog Electronics Lab Experiments Series – This series helpful to study and verify the characteristics and applications of analog components by conducting experiments.This document includes: Theory, Objective, Pin Diagram, Experiment Procedure, and Calculation.

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  • Phase-Shift Based Layered Linear Space-Time Codes: in Presence of Correlation in the Channel

    Recently, MIMO systems have been considered in wireless communication systems to increase the capacity. Linear Dispersion Codes are one group of Space-Time Codes with different design methods which are used in MIMO systems. Among them, PSBLLSTCs can provide various data rate and reliable performance in uncorrelated channels. In this book, the influence of unavoidable correlation in MIMO channels on the performance of PSBLLSTCs is studied. It is shown that by applying the optimal phase shifts among transmitted symbols in one layer or between different layers, performance degradation can be reduced. It has also been shown that the optimal phase shifts achieved for uncorrelated systems would not change in presence of correlation. In studying the performance of PSBLLSTCs, high decoding complexity of Maximum Likelihood detection was noticed. In this book, the method of Polar Sphere Decoding is exploited to simplify the decoding process and to provide the possibility of using Sphere Decoding in non-lattice configuration at the receiver side for PSBLLSTCs. It is presented that this decoding process is more than 6 times faster in comparison with ML decoding process.

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  • Modeling of Digital Communication Systems Using SIMULINK

    A comprehensive and detailed treatment of the program SIMULINK® that focuses on SIMULINK® for simulations in Digital and Wireless CommunicationsModeling of Digital Communication Systems Using SIMULINK® introduces the reader to SIMULINK®, an extension of the widely-used MATLAB modeling tool, and the use of SIMULINK® in modeling and simulating digital communication systems, including wireless communication systems. Readers will learn to model a wide selection of digital communications techniques and evaluate their performance for many important channel conditions. Modeling of Digital Communication Systems Using SIMULINK® is organized in two parts. The first addresses Simulink® models of digital communications systems using various modulation, coding, channel conditions and receiver processing techniques. The second part provides a collection of examples, including speech coding, interference cancellation, spread spectrum, adaptive signal processing, Kalman filtering and modulation and coding techniques currently implemented in mobile wireless systems. Covers case examples, progressing from basic to complex Provides applications for mobile communications, satellite communications, and fixed wireless systems that reveal the power of SIMULINK modeling Includes access to useab...

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  • Principles and Methods of Quantum Information Technologies (Lecture Notes in Physics)

    This book presents the research and development-related results of the “FIRST” Quantum Information Processing Project, which was conducted from 2010 to 2014 with the support of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation of the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan. The project supported 33 research groups and explored five areas: quantum communication, quantum metrology and sensing, coherent computing, quantum simulation, and quantum computing. The book is divided into seven main sections. Parts I through V, which consist of twenty chapters, focus on the system and architectural aspects of quantum information technologies, while Parts VI and VII, which consist of eight chapters, discuss the superconducting quantum circuit, semiconductor spin and molecular spin technologies.Readers will be introduced to new quantum computing schemes such as quantum annealing machines and coherent Ising machines, which have now arisen as alternatives to standard quantum computers and are designed to successfully address NP-hard/NP-complete combinatorial optimization problems, which are ubiquitous and relevant in our modern life. The book offers a balanced mix of theory-based and experimentation-based chapters written by leading researchers. Extensive information is provided on Quant...

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